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Too matchy for sib set?

DD is Claire. Clark is a very important family name and I’ve always wanted to use it. But I’m worried that Claire and Clark is too matchy. Thoughts? 

Too matchy for sib set? 61 votes

Yes, too matchy
62% 38 votes
No, go for it!
37% 23 votes

Re: Too matchy for sib set?

  • Way too matchy, IMO, and I'm one that doesnt care if names "go together" or not.

    I would use it as a middle name. 
  • I voted too matchy but I do really like it. 
  • I say no because the name is important to you, I am a sibling from a matchy sibset Clara and Clay and being grown adults I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter at all.
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