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Randoms - Week of 3/11

Post your random thoughts/comments/discussions here!  :) 
Me: 31  DH: 35
Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
TTC #1: June 2015
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TTC #2: December 2018
Mirena out 12/5/18
BFP: 2/26/19 | EDD: 11/7/19

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Re: Randoms - Week of 3/11

  • What are you guys up to this week? 

    I have tomorrow off for my son's birthday. I think we're going to take him to an indoor play place and lunch. I'm not feeling so great so I'm hoping I can power through it all.
  • @creamcheeseplease happy almost birthday to your son! Hope you feel well enough tomorrow to power through, but a play place sounds like an awesome way for a kid to celebrate his birthday, and get out all his energy! 

    Ive got a wedding coming up on Saturday and I’m low-key freaking out about it. I’m a bridesmaid and all my girlfriends who are also in the bridal party know we’re trying and know my love of wine. There’s no way they won’t notice when I don’t have mimosas with everyone. My one friend even told me after the bridal shower back in January that she’s going to notice if I’m not drinking so she’s going to have hawk eyes on me.  The bride made a prediction that three of her bridesmaids would be pregnant for the wedding and I’ve made that come true (2 others are 20 & 22 weeks). Also I have been soooo nauseous since Sunday so it’s going to be fun... lol 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • aww @kopp5988 I hope you're able to get through the wedding! That is tough. What are you taking for your nausea? Have you tried any ginger candies and stuff? The drinking is really hard. I'd probably take the mimosa and maybe pour some of it out in the restroom? Or maybe you can make your own and sneakily do it with sparkling cider? I know that is getting probably too complicated haha. Honestly early pregnancy is so tough.
  • @creamcheeseplease I haven’t tried taking anything. Any other flavors besides ginger that you know of to help? I hate ginger unfortunately, although who knows maybe pregnant me won’t. I thought about bringing sparkling cider to mix with the OJ to trick people but idk how I’d get away with pouring it with no one noticing. I’m not sure the set up of the room were getting ready in at the hotel and if there’s a bathroom attached or not. I may just have to spill the beans and swear them to secrecy, we’ll see.
  • @kopp5988 yeah, bringing your own cider could get too complicated. Maybe no one will say anything to you, unless that would make you more uncomfortable.. I went to a brewery a couple weeks ago right after I just found out and I am positive my friends all noticed I wasn't drinking, but no one said anything to me. I am sure they talked about it behind my back like we always do, haha. I'm so guilty of that so I don't mind. As far as other flavors, lemon helps me sometimes too. Try some lemon candies, sour candies, or lemonade. I also never do ginger anything except while pregnant. I was using preggie pops (which have a lot of flavors like lemon, lime etc) and some ginger drops while my nausea was still mild and they helped, but now mine has really ramped up and nothing seems to be working, I'm just in a constant state of nausea. 
  • mvc003mvc003 member
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    @kopp5988 hehe weddings are so hard! I just had one this weekend and I just banked on the fact that everyone else was drunk so they wouldn't notice me. My BIL, who is a former bartender, noticed I was drank multiple sparkling waters and called it. It'll be much harder to hide in a bridesmaids group though :) Might as well swear them all to secrecy! hehe

  • @creamcheeseplease I hope you are feeling well enough tomorrow to enjoy your son's birthday! 

    @kopp5988 Peppermint always helps me. I eat a lot of peppermint Altoids when I feel nauseated (although maybe that's a little too close to ginger). Also, I second the preggie pops or sour candy @creamcheeseplease suggested! Have you all tried the sea bands? I used them when I was pregnant with my son, and they seemed to help, but it might have been all psychological! They're really ugly, so I had to hide them under long sleeves too, which probably won't help at the wedding! Good luck!

    @mvc003 That's so funny about your BIL. I'm not sure any of my family members are that perceptive!
  • @creamcheeseplease have fun celebrating your son's Birthday!

    @kopp5988 oh man that's going to be tough to hide.

    My MIL will be home for the weekend (she works OOT) and will notice I'm not drinking so we've decided to tell our parents this weekend but we'll wait until 2nd tri to tell everyone else. I'm excited and nervous to tell family. 
  • @creamcheeseplease I just ordered a bunch of stuff from amazon with one day shipping! Got the preggie pops and another brand plus some fizzy drink, maybe I can put that in my OJ for double duty of trickery and anti-nausea lol.  But yes constant state of nausea over here too. I have found snacking on baby carrots helped me the past two days but only while eating them and for like a half hour after.

    @mvc003 I hope you BIL kept it quiet! 

    @abbsters-2 if the preggie pops don’t work I’ll try peppermint next!  I got one flavor that raspberry ginger and hoping the raspberry will mask the ginger enough. Sea bands will be my last resort because I don’t want someone at work to see it.
  • Last time I never found anything that really helped with my nausea last pregnancy. It hit exactly at 7 weeks, so I'm hoping I have a few more weeks before it kicks in this time as well!

    Because we did IVF and I'm an open book about our infertility journey, so many people knew we were cycling. So quite a few people (immediate family and a handful of friends) already know about this pregnancy. I have a girls night with a few friends Saturday, and one of them already knows. The other 2 surely will by the end of the night.
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  • mvc003mvc003 member
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    You guys I am going crazy over here waiting until my first appointment on April 1st!!! It is way too much time to be left alone with Google and my thoughts. I seriously want to time jump. It's been so hard for me to focus at work. 

    I have 2 friends visiting from out of town this week and have no idea how I'm going to hide it. Especially since I've been really crabby and tired...I just hope I'm nice to them lol. 
  • I tried the sea bands last time and they didn't work for me. Nothing worked for my nausea. I couldn't take anything with B6 because I was nursing my 18 month old. I'm still nursing her so unless my milk dries up and she weans I won't be able to take anything again. I'm hoping I just have a mild/med case of MS instead of actually vomiting. 

    I have already had a full day with the kids. We did school, planted our flowers, I bathed them all, fed them all a big lunch, and then put them all down for a nap. Now I'm watching some Grey's and eating cookies. 
  • I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I know dental x-rays are totally fine but... Dental x-rays are totally fine, right?
  • @emlettuce my OB told me last time they were okay but my dentist wouldn’t do it in first tri. So just let your dentist know and they’ll let you know what their policy is. But dental work is fine and I unfortunately had to have a root canal once I got into second tri last time. 😕
  • @emlettuce if you tell them you're pregnant they won't do the xrays. Unnecessary xrays should be avoided. I say unnecessary because dental xrays can wait. I'm waiting until after the baby is born to get my xrays. They can do everything else though.

    I have never spoken to my OB about getting dental xrays so I'm not sure what their opinion would be. I'm sure every OB's opinion would differ somewhat depending on how comfortable they were with it. 
  • @emlettuce I worked in dental for a good handful of years. All the dentists I worked for would not take xrays if you tell them you're pregnant or even if you think you may be pregnant. I've only had one instance where they absolutely had to do xrays and it had to be approved by the OBs office. 
    If you need anesthetic during any procedure, your obs office should give them a list of approved anesthetics that can be used. I felt like I was getting written correspondence all the time when I worked in dental lol.
  • @justaplainbagel @emeraldcity1214 @creamcheeseplease when I told the tech I was pregnant she said it was up to me if I wanted X-rays. I decided not to just to be safe and because it's super uncomfortable for my tiny mouth. But no cavities! :sweat_smile:
  • DH just left to go out of town until Sunday. So I have to actually cook dinner. I have no clue what to fix right now. I really don't want to eat out either. That's such a FWP. 🤦‍♀️
  • @emeraldcity1214 my go to when I don’t feel like actually cooking is pasta 
  • @kopp5988 I made spaghetti 😂 it's easy to make and gives me enough time to get the kids to bed early. They didn't have a nap so they are barely keeping it together. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 haha nice! Great minds  ;)
  • Anyone else on PIO? I'm going to be so glad when I can be done with it (around 9-10 weeks). I've been lucky to not get any awful knots, but I am running out of non-bruised real estate lol
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  • Help..... no energy....any one else crashing around 2 pm in the afternoon? Honestly, I eat lunch and then an hour or so later I just crashhh.....I am exhausted. Might have somehting to do with chasing around DS5 and DS3. Going to try to take a nap now. 
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  • KurtniKurtni member
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    @xilovemybabiesx yes! Fatigue has been my only real symptom. Afternoons are the worst. My 2yo has a 7:30 bedtime and I usually take a shower and pass out by 8.  I do remember this getting better in second tri for me last time. Hoping that’s the case again. 
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  • @Kurtni I remember being tired with my first two pregnancies but never THIS tired. My mom just told me I left her oven on after I cooked lunch! It’s been on for over 3 hours now! I left her house and forgot about it! Ughhh. Need to get my head outta my ass....
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  • It sounds weird but... the only thing helping to curb my nausea right now is peppermint essential oil! You just put a drop on your hands and inhale it. Its surprisingly effective!

    @xilovemybabiesx the exhaustion is no joke right now! I get off work at 430 and yesterday I accidentally took a nap from like,  5 to 8. I felt really guilty not getting anything accomplished all night 😖
  • @xilovemybabiesx this was me today around 2 as well! The 230 crash is real. 
  • @emlettuce I just lol'ed at 'I ain't mad.' Donuts sound amazing! My body is totally in bring on the carbs mode!
  • @emlettuce yummmm donuts, I had a killer blueberry muffin yesterday, fine substitute for pie.

    I took advantage of my decreased nausea and the 70 degree temperature yesterday and got in a 7 mile run after work. Felt so good, even though I was a little tired, but I didn’t know when I’d feel that not-nauseous again and wanted to feel a bit like my old self again. 
  • MH and I can't decide whether to tell our family the big news after our first OB appointment (around 9 weeks), or after12 weeks.  Right now I'm at 6 weeks, 4 days.

    This is our first, and we are so excited to share!  On MH side, it will be the first grandchild!  My sister has 2 kids, so they'll get a new cousin!  What has everyone decided or done in the past as far as sharing news?  I appreciate the input!  :)
  • mmmm now I want donuts too! 

    @kopp5988 7 miles, wow that's great! I wish I was in 7 mile shape right now. I'm hoping for 2-3 today. It should be 60! 
  • kopp5988kopp5988 member
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    @doglover87 I’m 6w4d today too :) We told my parents at 5w4d because they were visiting us and I love wine way too much to not have any all weekend without them being suspicious. It’s their first grandchild (I’m an only child). I told them it’s still very early and haven’t even had my first us to confirm viability yet. I’m glad I told them. Everyone else, including MH’s parents were going tell when I’m just about 12 weeks (I’ll be one or two days shy) because that’s Easter weekend and we’re going to go visit them and my parents. Well also tell our extended family that weekend if we see them. Haven’t decided on friends yet, but some may find out tonight/tomorrow because I’m a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and may not be able to hide not drinking. 

    @creamcheeseplease hopefully you can get out there and enjoy a run in the nice weather! It was my first 7 miler in a while after being out of running most of 2018 with an injury but I’m trying to slowly ramp up for a half in May. 
  • @doglover87 we are telling our parents this weekend ( I'm 4weeks 4days today) but won't share with anyone else until at least after our first appt at 8 weeks but ideally I'd like to wait until 10-12 weeks. 
  • @doglover87 I'm with you on not being sure when to announce. I'm thinking about telling MH's parents on Easter when I'll be 10 weeks. The real issue is my family since they all live a few hours away and we have to decide if we're making a trip or just doing it over FaceTime. I'm kinda leaning towards this is FaceTime since this is my second and my parent's 10th grandchild overall, so this whole baby thing is old news. :tongue: The real complication is *TW my sister in law suffered a loss last month and has been really struggling and I want to be sensitive to her while still being excited
  • @doglover87 Way to go on the run! I took some time off running during my IVFcycle and hope to ease back in again after my first u/s. I miss it so much! I'm training for a half at the end of April, but fully prepared to walk most of it at this point. Its just going to be for funsies and not time.

    As for sharing, we told our parents the day we found out. But we did IVF and they knew about that, so they were anxiously waiting for news as much as we were. Now at 5 weeks, way more people know right now than I intended but I was super open about our fertility journey so that comes with the territory. I'm also of the mindset that a baby is a celebration for us, so sharing is such a personal decision and to each their own on what is decided.
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  • babyc23babyc23 member
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    @gumby22c I am counting down the days until I am done with PIO! Definitely not as bad as I was anticipating but not something I want to do for fun 😂 I think I’ll be done on April 21.. so far away!
  • @babyc23 I think I'm done around then as well. It does seem so far away!

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  • I'm 6 wks 3 days with my first. I am so tired and feel nauseous (but not sick) and just don't feel like doing anything! I was extremely active before and worry I'm not doing enough now. I did go on a walk yesterday for an hour and the day before for 30 minutes but thst was it! I'm also freaked out about thought of loss and don't want to experience no symptoms as that'll make me so nervous!!
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