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Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Hey ladies,

A few weeks ago I started getting intense pain in my lower back and it shoots down into one of my legs. I can’t put any pressure on that leg, roll over in bed without screaming, and can barely walk without pain. I thought this was all normal until all my symptoms match up with PGP symptoms. I’m 30 weeks and also dealing with gestational diabetes. I thought this pain was normal so I never said anything to my doctor. I work 40hrs a week at a desk, I’m alone at the desk and it’s a very busy environment. Sometimes I can’t even go to the bathroom or eat my lunch because it’s so busy. 
With all this being said, I’d really like to be signed off work early but have been reading horror stories about women whose doctors wouldn’t take them off. I sent my OBGYN a message about what’s happening and am having anxiety over what they’ll say. I’m worried they’ll say pregnancy isn’t a disability and I’ll have to keep suffering. :(( any ladies been through this?

Re: Pelvic Girdle Pain?

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    You need to speak up for yourself at work if you are not being allowed lunch and bathroom breaks. That is illegal, not to mention unhealthy for you and baby. As for the pain it sounds like a pinched sciatic nerve and seeing a chiropractor might be beneficial. If you are screaming in pain on a regular basis, it’s worth at least mentioning to your doc who might be able to help you get relief. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself.
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    I 100% agree with PP.  Its unhealthy,  but sorry if there is anything of concern you mention it to your doctor - whether YOU think its "normal" or not. 

    You may not be in this situation if you had spoken up at previous appointment.  I'm not sure why you are anxious of your doctors response - if your work conditions are that bad then reevaluate what is more important: you and baby? Continuing to work in illegal work setting? Are you planning on going back? Etc.  You are working in an ILLEGAL AND UNHEALTHY ENVIRONMENT!  No lunch while you have gestational diabetes?  

    You have a voice use it.  Yes, your doctor may say that it's normal pregnancy pains, then you ask what can I do to make my work life (explain your work life to him) and personal life easier?  What recommendations because I am miserable! That's a part of life and not a horror story, sorry.   

    Tell your boss that you need your lunch and the ability to use the restroom.  Unwilling to cooperate? Report them! Sorry but they cant run illegal labor.

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    I have a similar problem. I have pain in the SI, hips, glutes, thighs, and pelvic area. It hurts to sit too long, stand too long, walk, roll over in bed, get up from a seated position, etc. I feel better in the AM and worse at night. I went to PT, which didn't really help. A belt kind of helped, but not really. I have a long commute and that irritates it. I would like to take some time off work to see if it calms down. I called in sick for a few days because I couldn't even get to work it was so painful. It's hard to communicate this to the doctor. I don't think they understand how painful it really can be. I feel your frustration.
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