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TTGP Grad Check-In w/o 3/7

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This is a check-in for those that were active in TTGP board before moving over here. Feel free to answer the questions or just make general conversation.

What's going on this week? 

How far along are you?

Anyone have an appointment this week?




GTKY: If you had a sudden windfall of $1M, what would you do with the money?

Re: TTGP Grad Check-In w/o 3/7

  • @sorarose Water has been not tasting great lately, so DH bought me some La Croix and I've been enjoying it. I really like the cran-raspberry, key lime and tangerine flavors!  <3
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  • Hi friends!!

    @stephanie123456 I feel you on SoCal real estate! 😎 

    @elle-0409 TBH, I didn’t/haven’t changed any cleaning products. I just try not to inhale them and keep everything well ventilated. Any kind of gloves would be great, but in terms of nasty chemicals (which you don’t even have at home so I dunno why i’m even mentioning it) nitrile gloves will work best for most solvents/acids/bases.  And maybe I also cleaned a little less than normal. 

    @galentine SPILL YOUR BEANS!! How are you planning on telling everyone?!?

    @prpl11butterfly You are so sweet to want to help out your parents like that!

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    #2 EDD: 09.2019

  • @prpl11butterfly, I'm so glad your RE appointment went well yesterday!! ❤ And LOL to being impressionable about food, I feel the same way.

    @elle-0409, oh no! Sorry for the speeding ticket! And cleaning, you say?? Uhhhh to be honest I have barely cleaned at all since I got knocked up. 1st tri is kicking my butt, I don't know how you are even thinking about cleaning! When I have felt up to it, I have just used my normal products, Method cleaner, pledge, windex, etc. Like Lillywonderland said, i just try to keep things well ventilated (as well as one can during a polar vortex 😐)

    @stephanie123456, I'm glad you mentioned NIPT. It's been on my mind too, I think we should start an Oct-wide NIPT discussion. Are you going to find out the sex with the NIPT?

    @sorarose, hugs for being in a funk. I feel a little that way too. I am SO happy and grateful to be pregnant, but I was not prepared for the mental aspect of feeling sick 24-7. It takes a mental toll as much as a physical one. Hang in there! ❤ Also, I went through a phase too when water made me nauseous. Luckily it passed quickly, but in the meantime, I drank crystal lite, flavored water, and 7up. Hope it passes quickly for you too!

    @lillywonderland, AHHHH! Ok, I can spill the beans!! LOL. We are getting together with my parents and siblings and their kids this weekend just to hang out and eat dinner. I am planning to give my parents a framed photo of the ultrasound, and the frame reads "coming soon" below the photo. My parents are going to be SO surprised and very excited! I have so many feels just thinking about telling them ❤😭

  • @galentine That is the sweetest idea ever! I'm sure your parents will cherish that framed photo for a long time. I was so nervous when I told my parents the first time I was pregnant. My husband secretly videoed me telling them and my voice is so shaky. PS. Try to secretly video your parents opening your gift. You'll have their shocked reactions forever. (Maybe this is a job for DH as you'll want to witness their reactions face to face rather than on screen--fun to look back on this moment though!)
  • @galentine Yes! I think we should definitely start one. And yes, if we do the NIPT testing, then we would definitely find out the gender. The next question would be if we just looked ourselves or did a gender reveal...?
    TTC #1: September 2013, BFP 01/01/14, DS 09/14
    TTC #2: October 2018, BFP 02/02/19, EDD 10/14/19

  • @galentine & @stephanie123456 I just had my NIPT blood work done this morning.  Now we wait for the results.  It’s going to be a long 10-12 business days.  Just keeping our fingers crossed that everything is okay.  Whole new level of anxiety.
    We are finding out the sex and plan on just looking at it ourselves.  Nothing aginst gender reveals, it’s just not “us”.  

    To keep ourselfs occupied we are taking a poll between our family and friends that know on if they think it’s a boy or girl.  
  • @stephanie123456, this has been a debate between my husband and me. I always thought I'd want to know the sex ASAP, and now I'm not so sure. I still want to know, but I'm debating waiting until the anatomy scan to find out sex. I just don't feel ready to know yet! My H on the other hand, is so ready to know. 😊 We are doing the NIPT either way, so I need to decide if I'm going to ask them to redact the sex from the paperwork or not. (Is that even a thing? No clue.)

    @emily1052, yay for NIPT bloodwork today and finding out soon!
  • I started the NIPT thread!
  • Man, TB app didn't work for me for a couple days so I've been gone forever. Hey ladies!

    @galentine congrats on the nausea subsiding, I hear that's totally normal at this point. That announcement sounds cute, FX that it went well~
    @prpl11butterfly yay, so happy that your appointment went well
    @elle-0409 how fast was it over the limit? There's a margin of error so it might be worth contesting
    @stephanie123456 ah I'm in that same cycle with the Doppler not being able to find the HB yet, can't wait until further into the pregnancy
    @sorarose I hope you feel better soon, it's kind of nice that your first appointment will be further along to see more
    @nnaelilak wow that's really nice of your MIL
    @lillywonderland I meant to mention this to you after my first appt, I wish I listened to your first messages about slight symptoms being okay more. It would've saved me anxiety for sure since Jelly Bean was just fine (I half way convinced myself otherwise to guard my heart at the appt)

    What's going on this week? Baby became a fetus this week, also I hope to not get a call from my doctor since no news is good news for all of the blood screening results.

    How far along are you? 9+6

    Anyone have an appointment this week? Nope, but I had my first this past Tuesday and it was amazing. Hopefully it'll be easy enough to wait for the next one early April.

    Cravings/Symptoms? Nothing really, I used to let that worry me but now that the appointment went well I'll just assume that this is normal.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Each day makes it a day closer to being able to find a HB on a home Doppler, that would be amazing

    Questions? Nada

    GTKY: If you had a sudden windfall of $1M, what would you do with the money? Ugh wouldn't that be great. Buy investment properties in the South with half and keep the other half to make life easier (pay down debts, go on vacations, etc.), but keep working.
  • Hi all! Sorry it’s hard to comment on mobile but I’ve been reading everyone’s responses so exciting! 

    What's going on this week? 
    I have my last appointment with the RE on Friday when I will graduate 

    How far along are you?
    7w today 

    Anyone have an appointment this week?
    i had one on Wednesday. We got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Baby was measuring perfectly on time and HR was 124. Such an amazing experience of course I bawled my eyes out 

    Ugh no. I’ve been feeling pretty nauseas lately and the thought of food makes me nauseas but I’ve been feeling better thankfully. That’s mainly the reason I haven’t been participating more on here! 

    Just so thankful and grateful I can’t put it into words 


    GTKY: If you had a sudden windfall of $1M, what would you do with the money?
    gees I don’t even know! That would be amazing I’d have to think about that one 
  • @marbellie I don't like to brag too often because I know how terrible MILs can be, but mine is absolutely incredible. She's a second mom to me. She's supportive and smart and kind and always there for us. She's often the person I call when I have good or bad news and my husband doesn't answer the phone. I feel so, so lucky to have her 💚

  • @marbellie, just an FYI regarding your "no news is good news" regarding your bloodwork: my sister was just telling me a story about how her doctor said the same thing (basically, I'll only call if it's bad news), but then apparently the nurse had other ideas and called even to deliver good news. So of course when she saw the phone number, she freaked out thinking it was bad news. Obviously this is unlikely to happen to you too, but I thought I'd pass along the story just in case!

    @nnaelilak, you MIL sounds so sweet!

    @beachbunnyxo123, so glad your appointment went well and you got to see baby's heartbeat! ❤
  • @nnaelilak aw that's fantastic! I feel really lucky with my in laws as well but they live out of state so it's not the same unfortunately
    @beachbunnyxo123 congrats! I hope your nausea subsides soon
    @galentine haha, I would have to virtually smack that poor unsuspecting worker if they called and worried me
  • So my fridge decided that DH, me and the floor needed to be cleaned and the stupid water dispenser decided to stay stuck and spray water all over our kitchen. DH had to pull the fridge from the wall and turn off water to get it to stop. And Samsung says it will be an out of warranty repair 😡🤦🏼‍♀️

    But rave, I found LO’s heartbeat on my Doppler right after so that kind of made up for it. It was a little higher than I expected but it was unmistakable.
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  • I'm here to say farewell to you lovely ladies. Wish everyone an uneventful pregnancy!!


    Had my first official appointment today at 7w1d. Still just an empty gestational sac measuring a day ahead. They won't call it yet because it doesn't meet some threshold. Did hcg today and again on Thursday in hopes we can proceed. Mostly upset that my body couldn't take care of this naturally and I have been suffering with symptoms despite it being a blighted ovum. Still technically being pregnant sucks. Buried my sorrows in sushi for lunch and a Greek salad for dinner. 

  • @sorarose, I'm so sorry. Sending hugs and thinking of you ❤❤
  • @sorarose I am so sorry. Take care of yourself. When your ready, the TTCAL ladies are amazing 
  • I’m so sorry @sorarose sending lots of healing thoughts 💚
  • @sorarose Lurking this thread and just wanted to say I’m so sorry. Sending hugs. 
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  • @sorarose I'm so so sorry
  • @sorarose I’m so sorry for your loss
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  • @sorarose I am so sorry. Please be gentle with yourself. <3
    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
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  • @sorarose I'm so sorry 💚 please take care of yourself. Sending love and light 💚 
  • @sorarose so sorry for your loss, please take care 
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