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Well's happened. I met a great guy, fell in love, learned how to cohabitate 2 pairs of cats, got married, and started TTC. Husband has ED so we knew we'd have challenges. He's 44, I'm 39. After almost a year we finally decided it was time to get help. Today was my first appointment with the fertility doctor (Dr. V) and she thinks IVF is the way to go due to the ED and our ages. I do still have to go through all the testing to be sure, and those appointments are fast coming. She did express concern over my recurring clot in my leg and needs me to get testing for that as well as it will likely mean being managed differently than the standard pregnancy and I will have to work with a high risk doc (going to anyway based on age) and work with fetal medicine to develop a plan (whatever that means). I'm good with plans - it's LITERALLY what I do for a living. I need help on what to expect! I know I'm getting all sorts of blood work done, including a panel on recurrent miscarriage due to the loss I had in 2010 before I met my husband. Dr. V thinks that might have been a clotting thing as well. This is going to be a journey for sure. 

What can I expect??

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  • Hi and welcome. First, I'm sorry for your previous loss and that you find yourself here. The IVF process can seem overwhelming, so totally normal if you initially feel that way. This board is full of tips, information, support, etc. So feel free to ask lots of questions. I highly suggest getting a calendar specifically dedicated to your IVF stuff where you can keep track of your appointments, medications, tests, etc. Keeping a calendar will help you stay more sane and not get overwhelmed with everything. Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) during pregnancy means you'll just be monitored more closely and have more appointments/ultrasounds. Also, feel free to join a monthly IVF thread for your month's cycle. We discuss lots on there too. I wish you success with your cycle! 
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    IVF #1 - March 2016
    Retrieval #1 - April 2016
    FET #1 - May 2016 - BFP!!! DS - Born January 2017
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    FET #2 - January 2018 - BFN  
    No more embryos left; switched to a new RE
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    IVF/Retrieval #3 - March 2019
    FET #3 - April 2019 - BFP!!! - DD: Born December 2019
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    FET #4 - October 2021 - BFP!!! - Due June 2022

  • @kloe818 welcome! I will also have to see an MFM doc if and when I get pregnant bc I have the opposite problem as you (slightly low platelets). I think it just means more frequent monitoring and meds if the monitoring shows any issues. I’m not sure if this helps, but I did not find the cycle of IVF to be that bad physically. I think the stress of not knowing how i would respond and what the outcome would be was the worst part for me personally. The IVF stim cycle itself is ~12 days. 
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  • Hello! I'm also doing my first round of IVF. A dedicated IVF calendar is a good idea @Tulips29, I think I probably need to do that as well. Best of luck with everything! 
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