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Crazy/bad dreams during pregnancy!

This will be my third pregnancy and I remember having crazy dreams with my first two. But... I had one last night that rocked my world! I dreamed of having a boy at a strange hospital where they just pushed me out as soon as the baby was born. No nursing or anything. Then I get home and the baby is fast asleep and I got worried so I tried to nurse him and he was too weak. It was terrifying. I had no diapers, no wipes, no formula(just in case) and I was so worried he wouldn’t make it. It was so awful. :( anyone else have crazy or bad dreams? I’m 6.5 weeks lol. I just couldnt believe I was so unprepared!! Haha I’d love to hear others’ dreams if you had them! 

Re: Crazy/bad dreams during pregnancy!

  • I have been having insanely VIVID dreams and some are really scary or just straight up weird!!!!! I don’t remember them being this clear or crazy! (I’m on pregnancy #2)

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  • Last week I dreamt that I had the baby and went to nurse it...and it was a gigantic alien worm. Yikes.
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  • I have always been a person to have VIVID dreams even before pregnancy and this is my 3rd child and yes the dreams are super VIVID and every single night lol scary ones weird ones sad ones lol it’s so crazy 
  • GIRL yes, my dreams have been straight up terrifying. Like, I don't know how my brain is coming up with such scary stuff terrifying. I told my fiance as soon as I fall asleep I basically feel like I'm in a thriller movie for the rest of the night. You are NOT alone, lol. 
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