Babies: 6 - 9 Months

My 6month old isnt eating well

My son is 6months and Im very worried about him. He has struggled from birth with silent reflux and milk intolerance. Once we finally got his reflux under control and changed his forumla (all around the 3month mark) he started eating alittle better. But things have been getting worse. Just last month we had finally gotten him up to 5.5oz per feeding. He was getting about 32oz a day plus 2-4oz of baby food. And now we are lucky if he finishes 3oz of forumla and gets 28oz a day without baby food. And he does like to snack/nibble on his bottle but it doesnt matter how long we stretch him between feeds, it doesnt work. One of the reasons he is not eating well is because of teething. Which we try to manage as best we can. But another concern is that we started him on Nexium about a month ago instead of Zantac (we felt like the zantac wasnt working much anymore) and I think though his reflux is better, his appetite is decreasing. Has anyone else experienced this?! He has always been very low in percentiles, as of last week he is up to the 13th % but Im worried he will never eat more, or starting dropping weight if this continues. His Dr doesnt seem concerned because he is following his own curve. Ive tried everything, faster nipple, stretching out feeding times, and Im not sure what else to do. How can I get him eating better? Should I stop the Nexium? Is it an appetite suppressant? 
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