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Weekly Check-in W/O 2/25 (all due dates)

Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days:


Baby is the size of a(n):

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GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? 

Re: Weekly Check-in W/O 2/25 (all due dates)

  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/18, 10+6

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM (DS is 21mo)

    Baby is the size of a(n): baby sea turtle shell

    Upcoming Appointments: Next week 

    How are you feeling?: Great! (Apologies to everyone for how I’m feeling - I know I’m annoying).

    Rants/Raves: Not much to report. We had a great staycation last week - got a bunch done at our house and now we’re back to the grind. Working really gets in the way of living sometimes, amirite?!?

    Questions: Nah.

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Family vacations? We love to travel, and although it has slowed down a bit since the arrival of DS I’m confident we’ll still be able to trek the globe with kiddos in tow. We love experiencing new cultures and food and want to share our love of all of that with our kids.

    Also, I can’t want to bring home baby #2 in the same outfit that DS came home in. 🥰
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/26, 9+5

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM+, this is my 4th pregnancy.  DH and I each have a 5yo DD from a previous marriage, we have a 2YO DD together, and (**trigger**) we have a DD in heaven, Nov of last year.

    Baby is the size of a(n): southern pecan

    Upcoming Appointments: Goodness, it feels like SO many over the next couple weeks.  We had an u/s yesterday and baby looked fab and measured right on target.  I go back on Monday for NIPT bloodwork, but no associated appt. I think that's all I've got for this coming week!

    How are you feeling?: SO.MUCH.TIRED. I don't even sleep that poorly which makes it that much more irritating that I wake up feeling SO intensely exhausted and like I've been hit by a Mack truck. My back and hips have been pretty sore. But nausea-wise, overall, acceptable.  Still eating all the things.

    Rants/Raves: Rant: SO MANY APPOINTMENTS! Literally have to go to the office for bloodwork one day, then back two weeks later for an ultrasound (NT), then back three days later for OB visit.  In the interim two weeks between NIPT and appts, I have a visit with MFM at the hospital, and three days after that, a follow up on MFM appt at OB.

    Questions: Nada!

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Oh I love this question. I can't wait to read everyone's answers to get ideas! We are slacking on traditions and really looking to come up with a few good ones.  We do all the 'usual' stuff. @lillywonderland I love your tradition of having LO wear the same outfit home!!
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  • @lillywonderland family traveling adventures sound amazing!! I've done very little traveling and never been outside the country so that is something I would like to do once my children are older so we can all experience it together! 

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/12 11+5

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM, DS will be 2.5 in May

    Baby is the size of a(n): A lime

    Upcoming Appointments: Today! I am so incredibly nervous. *TW* this is right around the time growth/heartbeat stopped in my last pregnancy so I am a ball of nerves today and have been having the worst dreams and thoughts creeping in. *End TW* 

    How are you feeling?: Horrible! My morning sickness has gotten so much worse lately and I am feeling pretty miserable. Work is so busy too which is making things even more challenging. 

    Rants/Raves: Gotta rave about H. He has been great picking up the slack at home so I can rest more. Dinner for DS, play time, bed time, dinner for us, cleaning, he's been amazing and I am so thankful for him. 

    Questions: Nah

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Babywearing! It is seriously one of my favorite things and I can't wait to get to start it right away with this LO. I didn't start wearing DS until he was about 5 months old so this will be nice for bonding and snuggle time (oh yeah, and getting things done around the house!).
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/15 11 weeks 2 days

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM, DD will be 3 at the end of June

    Baby is the size of a(n): Poker Chip or a Lime (which don't seem like the same size to me? Idk)

    Upcoming Appointments: I shared this in PGAL but I'll share here too! Finally had our appointment today! Its been a very long month waiting, Good Update! Heard the heartbeat at 164 <3 didn't get to see the baby (our ultrasound is Monday at the hospital for the 12 week scan). but after a few (stressful) minutes she found the heartbeat on the doppler. And apparently the last bloodwork they did that they told me all came back great, was on me, to see if I were a carrier for any genetic diseases, NOT on the baby. (The Progenity) Did everyone else already know this and I'm just dense? So I still have to wait for the 12 week blood work next week to ensure all is well with the baby. Idk if they didn't explain that well or if I just didn't pay close enough attention. Or if pregnancy brain is just all too real this time. But - I am breathing a bit easier today knowing that my lil babes <3 is healthy & going strong!!

    How are you feeling? I am feeling relieved after today's heartbeat. TW: We had a loss at 8.5 weeks in the Fall of 2018 so to make it passed that point & know things are progressing was a very happy moment for me). END TW. Morning sickness (really all day nausea) has really let up recently and it only comes sparingly, though I am SUPER HUNGRY all the time. 

    Rants/Raves: I don't have much - just really excited to be getting out of the first tri!! 

    Questions: STMS- how far along are you waiting until to tell your older kids? I don't think my DD is going to be excited about it. When we've floated the idea in the past she's said "No, its Mommy, Daddy, and ME, thats it!"... so I'm not anticipating an excited response. 

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? So many! Summers at the beach with cousins, family vacations to Aruba, matching Christmas Jammies :) 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 11 weeks 2 days


    Baby is the size of a(n): Lime

    Upcoming Appointments: March 5 for my 12 week appointment. Also will be doing bloodwork that day. I don't really expect much at this appt. Although I *may* get to hear the HB on the doppler. But I don't want to get my hopes up.

    How are you feeling?: I've been fairly stressed lately with a scare I had last week, and finishing up my reflexology schoolwork. I am getting my hours in with practice sessions on people, and I am finding it extremely difficult to have sessions after working all day. I am just too exhausted, and my evenings are the worst time for me. My nausea gets really bad and my energy is so. damn. low.

    BUT we are starting to tell family this week! We are having supper with my SIL and BIL tonight and will be telling them. I am hoping to get my 2.5 year old nephew to tell them he is going to be a big cousin! FX he will cooperate! Haha

    Rants/Raves: Rant: Working during the first trimester. WHY?!?! It's torture!

    Rave: I've been able to see my little babe wiggling and kicking twice in the past 2 weeks!  <3

    Questions: I don't think I am going to be able to tell my parents face to face that we are expecting. Has anyone else had to tell their news via video message before? Any advice?

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? DH and I started the tradition of taking silly photos for our Christmas cards. I can't wait to add the LO to them! I also want to take lots of family camping trips and go quadding with the family often in the summer.

    @zuuls_mom I am SO excited to learn all about baby wearing! I am always on the go and I can't wait to take the babe with me.
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 10w4d (edd 9.13)

    FTM/STM/STM+: 3rd kid!

    Baby is the size of a(n): brussels sprout

    Upcoming Appointments: Not for another 4 weeks :(

    How are you feeling?: I seem to have gotten energy back this week, which I am happy about! But my PGAL brain goes to worst-case scenario. I know this makes no sense, I still have plenty of other symptoms (boob pain, uterine twinges, food cravings, occasional nausea, emotional, etc.), but maaaaan, I'm just ready to be a little further along where I'm not in constant worry.

    Rants/Raves: Work. I'm having a hard time focusing lately and staying engaged. I just want to be at home in my bed, lol. This eternal winter we're in sure isn't helping.

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Travel, for sure. We have always been big travelers, and this little one will start things off with a trip to California in November while I am still on maternity leave! My H's cousin is getting married there, so we are going and will make a bit of a vacation out of it while we are there.
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days:  Sept 21 or  26th still need to verify with Dr if he is adjusting due to US showing I was further along.  Doesn't matter though since it's just 5 days.

    Baby is the size of a(n): idk

    Upcoming Appointments:Not until 12 weeks

    How are you feeling?: So sleepy.  Also if I stop the unisom/b6 I get a migraine within 24 hours so I guess I will just be sleepy

    Rants/Raves: Told the big kids.  They are super excited and so sweet right now.  But I did task them with keeping it a secret until end of March to announce to family at daughters bday so we will see how that goes. 

    Questions: nada

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? My love for everything Disney lol!
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 12 weeks

    FTM/STM/STM+: stm+

    Baby is the size of a(n): plum

    Upcoming Appointments: had one yesterday so not for another month now

    How are you feeling?: Great. Super hungry but great otherwise

    Rants/Raves: Feeling better after appt and finally starting to accept this may really be happening

    Questions: Nope

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? I'm a Disney lover too so definitely everything and anything related 

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    @zuuls_mom hoping for a great appointment for you today! I'm wondering if I'll be more into baby wearing this time - I did it a bit with DS but got a late start at it (spent the first three months postpartum pretty confined to the couch) and spent a lot of time holding him without wearing him. With a toddler running around I can see having hands free will be pretty important.

    @MsBeachNJ so glad to hear about your appointment! Seems so easy to get mixed up on what the bloodwork is for - I can imagine a lot of ways they could explain it that wouldn't be clear, and I wouldn't have known from the name of the test.

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/6, 12w4d

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM, 18 mo DS

    Baby is the size of a(n): plum

    Upcoming Appointments: Thursday - OB , then NT ultrasound, then NIPT blood draw

    How are you feeling?: Better, kind of. Really tired, but only seem to be throwing up in the evening the last couple days - a huge improvement over the past few weeks! My back hurts, which is new.

    Rants/Raves: Still falling behind on things, and there have been a few family things recently/ongoing that have been sad/stressful.

    Questions: Not really

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? I really want to bake and cook with my kids, which is something DH did a lot of as a kid but I didn't. DS isn't old enough yet to do more than wave spoons around, but I'm excited to get him involved with some simple stuff when he is.
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    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: Sept 17 / 11+0

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM (DS is 4.5)

    Baby is the size of a(n): profiterole (the Parisian bakery size comparisons are making me so hungry for treats!)

    Upcoming Appointments: I has my first appointment last week (yay!), but since I'm "geriatric" (I'm 37) I am booked in for a NT ultrasound on Friday, and I'm not sad about getting another look at baby!

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good other than having a bad cold right now. 

    Rants/Raves: We leave for vacation this weekend and will finally see both of our parents and tell them about the baby! It will also be great to escape the -30 temps for a few weeks. DS is also so excited about the baby that he stood up in front of his preschool class and shared the news, which I thought was really cute.  

    Questions: none today

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one?

    We always visit the place we got married on our anniversary, and it will be so great to bring another kid along next year. We also haven't done any adventure travelling since DS was born, and hoping to maybe do a bit of that next year when I'm off. We're really hoping to go back to Iceland soon. I was a pretty nervous first time mom last time, and I'm hoping this time to be more relaxed and enjoy my time at home more.

    @lillywonderland I'm also excited to bring LO home is the sleeper we brought DS home in.

    @zuuls_mom hoping your appointment goes so great today!

    @MsBeachNJ  we told DS after our first appointment last week, but we had been getting him used to the idea for the past few weeks. He was not interested in being a big brother until we told him all the things that he can do, that the baby wouldn't be able to (eat ice cream, go to school, play games, watch movies, etc). Now he's really excited.
  • @lillywonderland That's awesome that you're feeling great! Congrats! Soak it in!

    @zuuls_mom I'm so sorry for your nerves today and for your loss. I'm crossing my fingers like crazy that everything goes perfectly today. Please let us know!!

    @MsBeachNJ We're waiting to tell the kids until we're at a point that we're OK with the whole world knowing - because once our 4-year-old knows, the world will know! 

    @kaceyallan We just had to tell DHs parents on a video call a few nights ago. They live several hours away and we told my parents when they were in town at 6 weeks. We were supposed to get together with his parents the next weekend but it fell through and nothing in working out to get together. We finally decided to video call because we didn't want to wait SO much longer than my parents. It was a cute call and they didn't seem to mind at all. We apologized that it wasn't in person and just emphasized that we didn't want to make them wait longer. It was fine, but they're pretty laid back to begin with.

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9w2d - 9/29

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM+, 2 boys already 2y & 4y

    Baby is the size of a(n): grape

    Upcoming Appointments: 3/20 - 12 wk appt

    How are you feeling?: TIIIIIRED. All the tired. And all the sick. My 4-year-old is a petri dish in preschool so the whole family has been sick for a while. 

    Rants/Raves: The house is such a mess. There is SO much that needs attention and I'm just not up for doing anything - for a few weeks now. So it's really piling up and I'm dreading having to face it at some point.  I just want to sleep all the time and even though I get paid annual leave and sick leave at my job I don't have enough to cover my maternity leave so any day that I take off right now is (lots of) money out of our pocket after the babe is born. That's the worst.

    Questions: Even though I have two kids I can never remember anything about timing in pregnancy. I'm curious when we'll start feeling movement. I know it's not for a while now but I also know it's sooner for subsequent pregnancies. Anyone remember?

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Oh man, there are so many. There are a set of lullabies my mother used to sing to me as a kid that I sing to my boys over and over. I'm excited to share those. Babywearing, for sure, our family dinners at the table every night, bed-sharing and everything fun we do as a family I'm excited to include the new little one!
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  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/9; 12w2d


    Baby is the size of a(n): lime or plum

    Upcoming Appointments: Had one last week; next one's not til 3/19

    How are you feeling?: Great symptoms-wise and more relaxed now

    Rants/Raves: The husband and I were gifted tickets to a Broadway show in DC this weekend. We don't travel downtown much and theater tickets aren't something that we'd usually spring on for ourselves, so I'm really looking forward to it!

    Questions: Nope

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Not really a tradition I guess, but both H and I love to cook and cook dinner together most nights (other than this whole early pregnancy thing getting in my way). I'm excited to get our baby in the kitchen early, and can't wait til he/she is old enough to start "helping". I hope we don't have too much of a picky eater on our hands!
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/20, 10w4d

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM (5 yo DS)

    Baby is the size of a(n): strawberry/ LEGO man weighs a much as a quarter according to the bump app

    Upcoming Appointments: first appointment is Thursday 

    How are you feeling?: good aside from being incredibly tired. 

    Rants/Raves: nothing pregnancy related right now. I’m super annoyed that I got called in to work this morning at 4 freaking AM to scan some testicles to “rule out torsion”. This guy was not in enough pain to have testicular torsion. And why did he decide to come to the ER at 4 AM because his balls hurt? He said it’s been a freaking month. Go to your doctor!


    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? 
    Mainly the traditions we have with our son. I can’t really think of any right now. Mainly doing things as a family, typical holiday things like Easter egg hunts, pumpkin patches, putting the Christmas tree up together. 
  • @zuuls_mom I love babywearing too! I didn’t start with DS until he was 3 months so I’m excited to start early and I’m hoping it will help with sleep and bonding to start from the beginning. And I’m glad you’re appointment went well today, that’s great news!

    @kiddiesandkitties I am so tired too! I really need that second tri energy. 

    @MsBeachNJ we told our son at 7 weeks. He’s 5 and he’s been asking for a sibling, so he was excited. It was cute. 

    @supermom34482 I’ve been super hungry too. So different from my last pregnancy when I didn’t want to eat anything at all. 

    @SA0012 yes, our house is a mess. I’m too tired to clean and working all the time and MH is busy with school and work. I need some energy to get it put back in order. I had a bit Saturday but it was short lived. 

  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/25, 9+7


    Baby is the size of a(n): watchface... these are so weird!

    Upcoming Appointments: just got back from my first group appt to learn about how to deal with things that come up during pregnancy (one of five groups my OB has us do). Next 1:1 appt is in two weeks for the 12 wk ultrasound and sequential screen.

    How are you feeling?: EXHAUSTED because I can't stay asleep through the night. My nausea has lightened up, which makes me a little nervous but I guess everyone's different?

    Rants: I haven't had many mood swings thus far but I'm SO tired that tonight I was a little short with my husband and then instantly burst into tears because I felt bad. Then he apologized to me, which made me cry more lol...

    Raves: Cottage cheese for breakfast this week completes me.

    Questions: none today!

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Taking the little one to the zoo. Also all the Disney... movies... parks... all the things.
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 10 weeks/Sept 25

    FTM/STM/STM+: STM+ (9 yo bonus daughter, 20m DS)

    Baby is the size of a(n): kumquat 

    Upcoming Appointments: Monday for a follow up IS to check the SCH

    How are you feeling?: mostly tired but good

    Rants/Raves: I really need to remember to eat. Vomiting has picked up but only when I haven’t eaten in a long time. My job sucks for breaks and lunches (you can do it whenever you want but it’s so busy I just forget)

    Questions: None

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? 
    We love Christmas and we give a family book a day leading up Christmas starting December 1. I love seeing them look for the book and then read it right away! 
    Me: 30   DH:31 
    Married 9/2010
    TTC 10/2013
    RE Help from 10/2014-10/2016 (11 failed IUIs, a corrective surgery, and a donor embryo cycle)
    9/2016-transferred two donor embies
    BFP 9/29/26 EDD June 11
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  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days:

    Due September 7th with twins



    Baby is the size of a(n):

    Apparently baby is the size of a KitKat. Now I just want to eat a KitKat bar.

    Upcoming Appointments:

    Next appointment is March 18th and then our anatomy scan on April 9th

    How are you feeling?:

    Really wishing the nausea will go away. But the 2nd tri libido boost has definitely hit. 


    I was looking at the birth center for this new OB, and I am in love! They have much more open rooms and even allow women to labor in the tub. Plus the offer / allow for more natural pain management techniques. My old OB delivery ward was dark and tiny. And you weren't allowed to get out of the bed.


    Anyone else's doctor do only 2 ultrasounds for the entire pregnancy (even with twins)? My insurance changed last year so I had to move to a new OB practice and its just so weird to me. With DD I was high risk, so I did have alot more US and appointments than normal. I just was sort of shocked they only do the 6-8 week dating US and the AS at this new OB clinic. I know it's just PGAL brain, but I keep worrying we will go in for the AS to find there was a vanishing twin or other bad news.

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? 

    Gardening together. DD loves the garden and would even crawl around and pick cucumbers and tomatoes off the vine to eat at 7 months last year. It was so much fun to be able to share my love of growing things with her.
  • @cammie0526 I love your cooking plans! Have you ever heard of Baby Led Weaning? (Even though it sounds like it, it doesn't actually have anything to do with nursing or actual weaning.) It's a way to introduce babies to solids in a way that is SO COOL. Both of our boys have awesome palettes and will eat ANYTHING. In full disclosure, my 4-year-old currently doesn't eat mushrooms but he'll try them again every few weeks and says, "Well, I don't like them today. But maybe I will another day." It's also a way to be able to incorporate whatever adult meal you guys are making for yourselves into your baby's diet instead of making something separate for them every night like chicken nuggets or hot dogs. We seriously feel like it was one of the best decisions we've made with the kids and can't rave about it enough. I know solids seems like such a long ways away but I was really glad we read the book ahead of time so we were prepared and looking forward to it for a while. I don't mean to sound pushy if this isn't up your alley, just ignore me :) 

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  • @kmitchy 9+7 is 10! ;) 
    I'm over here going, no, 9+7 is 16!!  Pregnancy brain is real this morning.
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 10 weeks, 3 days


    Baby is the size of a(n): Cardinal tetra fish 

    Upcoming Appointments: Monthly midwife yesterday (2/26), Maternal Fetal Specialist Thursday 3/7 

    Everything went well at my appointment yesterday. Went over everything in detail. I am Rh- so we have to deal with that. Nugget's HB is 167.

    How are you feeling?: Intermittent nausea instead of 24 hour nausea. Still have random food aversions. Still dealing with this stupid cold that will just not quit. 

    Rants/Raves: Rant: I got a random insta message from a family friend. Apparently my aunt and cousin (I am extremely close to them) let it slip about me being KU. Family friend is also KU but I am still annoyed by this. Rave: I heard the nugget's HB yesterday which was great and reassuring.

    Questions: Any other FTMs making the switch to maternity jeans now? I put the rubber band in my jean button today. I couldn't stand it anymore.

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Our entire family goes on vacation once a year to a beach house in NC. It's my mom's side of the family, usually 10-12 of us but that doesn't include the growing amount of kids. It has been so nice seeing my niece and nephews grow up going to the house every year and hanging out for a week. I can't wait for our LO to have that. 
  • @cmdesigner I bought one pair of maternity jeans. I just couldn't handle my regular pants anymore. They are amazing! I also bought the belly band to extend the life of some of my current pants.

    Your family vacation sounds amazing, and reminds me of growing up at the lake with all of my cousins!
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
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    @kiddiesandkitties and @RedBreast35 thank you! I thought it was super weird too, but I hit 10 today so yesterday my little counter was showing 9+7. Haha I thought who am I to question pregnancy things (FTM)... Math must be in a different dimension for fetuses...

    @JNR6510 my OB is the same. They plan on one US for 12wks and one for 20wks as long as everything is going well. They have us do five group appts/classes though and at the later ones I guess they have a nurse there to check heartbeat without US. I was also wondering if it's normal since I had some vision of an US at every major appt.
  • @cmdesigner Haha that sounds perfect! I am hoping to tell my parents this weekend, and I expect fairly similar reactions to your parents.  :)
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • @lillywonderland It just isn't going to work out to tell them in person. They live a little ways away, but because of the course I am in I am stuck in my city until the end of March. And they run a business themselves and don't get away to visit me often. We are telling my in laws this weekend because they will be here visiting and we don't want to wait a month to tell my parents in person. My FIL cannot keep a secret and they live close to my parents and run into them often. So it runs a big risk to wait. 
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • @kaceyallan Ah, I see. I’m sorry you can’t tell them in person, but FaceTime is nearly as good! You still get to see their reaction! 

    @LJMoon6 Good luck to YH!! I hope he nails the interview/whatever process they use and they beg for him to be the new supervisor!! Also, agree 1000% on the US being way behind on work/life balance. I’m lucky that I got to keep my seniority at my new company and therefore all the PTO benefits I had (I had ~18mo between time at the “same” company - my old company got sold right before I got laid off). 
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    @SA0012 @lillywonderland BLW here too. So easy, so fun and yes, sitting down to steak and potatoes with your baby is nice  :) :
  • @JNR6510 hello twin mom buddy! 

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 10w2 or Sept 23?

    FTM/STM/STM+: FTM with Twins

    Baby is the size of a(n): Golden Snitch (super geek)

    Upcoming Appointments: US today

    How are you feeling?: I vary between great and wretched. Think I finally got the drugs adjusted enough to let me eat all the things that sound amazing right now. 

    Rants/Raves: I'm so done with winter and cold. I'm over it. I want warm, sunny days, so I can sit outside!

    Questions: uhhh

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? 
    So many things. We are big into Disney and geek life. Dinner is always together sitting down. Gardening in good weather, reading together. Halloween!

  • @LJMoon6 I think the unisom and b6 are actually preventing the headaches.  With my son I had a migraine most days through like week 30.  This pregnancy was starting out that way but I started taking the unisom/b6 for nausea and the headaches went away.  I just hate taking this stuff all the time so I was trying to stop. 
    @lillywonderland They big kids were so happy! My son wrote persuasive pieces last year in kindergarten on how he wants a baby brother or just a baby in  general.  He is beaming now!  His first response was "can I watch it be born" followed by "you need to eat and feed that baby"
  • @lillywonderland work totally gets in the way! I love the same going home outfit.  I think we will pick a gender neutral one so we can do the same with our future kiddos!

    @kiddiesandkitties I feel you on the appointments!! So many and so little time . I'm hoping it let's up after 12 wk but idk since I'm a ftm.

    @SA0012 We are in the same situation...same due date and I have no maternity leave since I've only been here for 3 months :( but there's so much to do at homebefore the baby comes and idk how we are going to do it all and keep up with work . I'm working ot to try to save some leave but I'm so tired....

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9.29, 9 wks 3 days 

    FTM/STM/STM+: ftm

    Baby is the size of a(n): grape

    Upcoming Appointments: I have a pre natal next Fri followed by an appt with the lab for a 10 wk ultrasound. Then nipt testing on March 26. And just 2 wks ago I spent 4 hrs at the hospital for my first prenatal, then an ultrasound and blood work...then went back the next day for genetic blood testing (it was too late in the day the day before to get that blood drawn)

    How are you feeling?: idk how I'm still feeling anything bc I'm so tired. And hungry. And tired. And more hungry...

    Rants/Raves: I was forced to tell my boss yesterday before I was ready due to scheduling conflicts. She took it well which relieved stress on my end. I asked her not to say anything but I swear my coworkers know. They keep talking about pregnancy.  Maybe I'm just overthinking.

    Questions: do the appointments slow down at all? Trying to save leave for when the baby is born which is hard with so many appointments.

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? Vacations. Holidays. All kinds of stuff!
  • @lillywonderland I was just thinking about how I can't wait to have 2.0 wear the same pj's in the hospital as 1.0 wore. It makes my heart melt just thinking about it.
    @Kaceyallan This time I wasn't able to tell my mom face to face and we haven't been able to get any type of video chat to work. I told her over the phone, and she was still just as excited. I also told her that's not how I wanted to do it, but I don't know when I'll see her again and couldn't wait any longer.
    @JNR6510 DS loved gardening with me last year too, but he was 12 months. He always stole the tomatoes to eat and picked the dill to put in his basket.
    @kmitchymy timer has been doing that too and it has been cracking me up!

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/24, 10 weeks


    Baby is the size of a(n): Strawberry

    Upcoming Appointments: First real appointment in 1 week!

    How are you feeling?: I have been feeling alittle better! If my boobs weren't so pregnant and my nausea completely went away, I would be worried.

    Rants/Raves: DH has been amazing with the extra parenting. Also, DS hasn't been a fan of lettuce, but I have an Aerogarden with lettuce in it currently. When I go to pick it, he pulls up the step stool and mows down what I don't want. It is adorable. But do you think he ate the stuff I put on his plate for lunch? NOPE.  :D

    Questions: Nope

    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one?  Camping and gardening. We use to tent camp way more often and I really want to get back into that.
  • ternsetcternsetc member
    edited February 2019
    @nightdreamr13 I'm sure appointment frequency depends on a lot of variables but irc they are monthly until third trimester and then every two weeks, and I think I was in weekly close to term (week 36 or 37 on). That sucks about your leave situation. The US is so backward about maternity/paternity leave.
    @kaceyallan we live a long way from all our family and no one does facetime, so I told the family I usually talk to on the phone over the phone, and the family I usually text with over text. It wasn't a big deal to me or them that it wasn't in person because of the distance. I'd think your parents would understand you not wanting to wait until you see them next!
    @LJMoon6 I hope YH gets that job!! Good luck for his interview! And yay for that paternity leave!
    @lillywonderland DS loves pizza, he'd love that I'm sure!
    @cammie0526 DS is 18 mo and we didn't do baby led weaning (leaned really hard on purees at first and tried to make the flavors really varied), but he loves to eat the same stuff we eat now as long as he sees we're eating it with him. I won't claim he's an adventurous eater (his favorite foods are blueberries, clementines, peas, pasta, pizza, and chicken nuggets - there's never leftovers with those), but I can count on one hand the foods he rejects (he's always hated sweet potatoes and avocados, I keep trying, he keeps spitting out anything they're in :D ). 
  • @SA0012 I'm off to google that now! It sounds great and totally up my alley!
  • septoctkidsseptoctkids member
    edited March 2019
    @SA0012 we did BLW with our son too. I’m so glad we did it. I think the best part about it is being forced to stop the hustle and bustle of life and sit down and enjoy meals as a family. So many of our family members thought we were crazy giving our baby regular foods even though the baby had no teeth. So it took a little preparing to get past the judging but once we explained the benefits they stopped commenting.

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 11 weeks + 5 days 


    Baby is the size of a(n): lime and could fit on Reese’s cup (I love the daily fun facts on the bump. They didn’t have that my first time around.. just the fruit/ veggie update.

    Upcoming Appointments: not til 3/18

    How are you feeling?: I have good days and not so good days. It seems like the nausea is slowly getting better and then it hits again 

    Rants/Raves: nervous to tell HR I’m pregnant again. I’m on leave still with my son. I want to meet with them sooner than later to get it over with! 


    GTKY: What tradition are you most excited to start or continue with your little one? I love all kinds of traditions. This isn’t really a tradition per say more of our nightly routine but I’m most excited about reading to my new little one with my son. My favorite time of day is unwinding with my son while we read stories. Also looking forward to bringing both kids up to our camp. 

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