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Baby kicks stopped ?

At 18 weeks - for 3 days I felt the baby moving so much ! All three days ! Now , a little over a week later, I haven’t felt anything since. Is this normal ? I have my anatomy scan on Friday but I just want to see if this is normal ? First time pregnancy with anterior placenta too 

Re: Baby kicks stopped ?

  • @kaague0719 Very normal at this stage. I didn't feel constant, daily movement until past 25 weeks with my first. I'm only feeling this one move a little bit every few days or so.
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  • Completely normal at this stage. Baby is pretty small and has a good bit of room. 
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  • Glad to hear it's normal too! I felt baby around 16 weeks and I didn't expect it to be consistent then. But then I started feeling it more and more. Sunday I felt some stronger kicks. Then yesterday I felt almost nothing. My first two were anterior placentas also. Not sure if this one is or not.
  • That happened for me, too. I had loads of movement in week 18... week 19. Nada for at least 4 days. I think baby just was in a different spot where I couldn't feel. Of course, the last two days, baby dance party has recommenced. 
  • I'm 22+1 today and I still go days at a time where I feel virtually nothing. I have an anterior placenta again and with DD I didn't feel consistent movement until closer to 26 weeks. I'm expecting the same this time around. 
  • Also my OB has told me that at this stage in the game, it's not unusual for them to enter very long stretches of sleeping because so much is going on growth wise. 
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