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Symptoms of the Week - 2/25


Re: Symptoms of the Week - 2/25

  • @nessanicolle It sounds like one to me! Blood always in the mucus is usually a sign as well. But it sounds like you have some pretty serious blockage in your sinus cavities. 
  • @hakele it's awful! Been beyond miserable. Is that something an ob/gyn will be able to check out?
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  • For those still struggling with constipation (🙋🏻‍♀️) my sister recommended miralax to me. After taking colace daily and still only going a little every three or four days, she told me that “colace is for the mush, miralax is for the push” 😂 I put a capful in my morning coffee, can’t taste it, and have been a daily pooper since. You’re welcome 😉 
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  • I don’t poop for a good 1.5-2 weeks so after 1.5 weeks I have to take miralax. I put it in my smoothie or protein chocolate milk. Not a daily pooper but it clears me out and I can’t leave the house all day 😂
  • I am sooo tired. I really thought the extreme fatigue would have been lifted but man I am barely making it through a day these days!!! I'm about to take a nap now (SAHM perks). I wonder if it could be related to winter/gloomy weather. I'm so hoping it warms up in the next few weeks. At least enough to go on a walk without freezing!

    @ameliabedelia-2 I have no real answers, but I am right there with your on the emotions!!! Crying at ridiculous things, snapping at my kids and husband, etc. It does make you feel like crap when you don't even know why you reacted that way. My DH is really good about either politely ignoring me, telling me I'm being crazy in a nice tone of voice (not yelling back at me), or just laughing at me. I usually can take the hint and calm down. Making sure I get even 30 min of alone time has been helpful for me too!
  • My body was just so miserable last night. 
    I went and soaked in a not warm enough tub (I let it fill too long and it cooled it down a little too much, oops!) That took some of the pressure off of my back for the evening so I could relax. Everything just hurts right now. 
    And this damn heartburn. GAH! 
  • @hakele I'm with you on the heartburn.. the last two days has been killing me.. haven't even ate anything that I think would cause it! time for some more pepcid.. ugh 

  • @ccmama3 I'm with you on the fatigue! I have been attributing it to the winter that never ends more than pregnancy. It's not the extreme fatigue I was feeling in the first tri, but more of a downer/mild depression. I desperately need some warm weather so I can recharge in the outdoors! 
  • @ccmama3 and @cindler I’m more tired than the first tri 😩
  • @cindler I considered that too as I've battled SAD before. I think I'm going to bring it up to my provider at my next appt. I also researched that it could be anemia? But I am pretty sure I had recent blood work that was normal. Also... my 13 month old doesn't sleep through the night and wakes up early. So could be that too :lol: either way hope we get a break before our babes arrive!
    @mama_bear19 yeah, I'd say it's just as bad as first tri for me. Hope you catch a break soon!
  • @ccmama3 I hope the same for you!
  • Anyone else getting lightning crotch yet? I didn't have it this early last time, but Dibbun keeps kicking me with his strong little feet RIGHT in the nerves and it hurts.
  • key33key33 member
    @foodislove - Oh no not already! I’ve had some infrequent random shooting pains when LO moves but not the lightning crotch yet. 

    I’ve had lots of indegestion over the last week, mainly after eating dinner.  Nothing like tasting your food for a couple hours after eating it. 
  • @foodislove, is that what that is?! She found that spot yesterday and it was a really unexpected jolt. 
  • Lightning crotch! 🤣. So...is this a kick to the V? I’ve sure had some painful kicks I believe were aimed that way...
    This is news to me that the kicking can regularly hurt! My mom said it didn’t hurt her (5 kids)...but her memory may be all rose-colored by now... Not looking forward to bigger, stronger legs, then! 😵 
  • hakelehakele member
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    Ugh... FML. 
    I again awoke at 4 am and puked my guts out with the extreme pain and acid reflux. At least I know what it is this time, but jeez. I didn’t even touch anything spicy! 

    Also, if the doc tells you to get Maalox, it is important to know that they stopped making it, which is why you can’t find it! Ha! So we grabbed Mylanta instead (and by we, I mean my husband got it at 5 am at Walmart. I feel so bad to do this to him a second weekend in a row.) 
  • @hakele @expatmom39 Yeah, that sounds about right for lightning crotch. As the little ones get bigger, instead of kicking they just start to press against it constantly. *weep* 
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