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Symptoms of the Week - 2/25

How is everyone feeling this week?

Re: Symptoms of the Week - 2/25

  • Finally feeling baby move! Little tapping movements in the exact same spot in my lower belly :love: Unfortunately I've also gotten stinging pains in the center of my hips, usually the left. I really hope my sciatica isn't coming back :/ I'm also never mixing chipotle salsa and Goya guacamole again--I swear I burped for ten hours and got no relief until I lay down :confounded:
    Does anyone else have ringing ears? My left ear seems to ring more than usual for no reason.
  • Ughhhhhhhhhhhh............ round ligament pain!  :'(

    @hestia14 - That is odd about the ringing ears. None here. When I was pregnant with DD, I had constant eyelid twitches. Pregnancy is weird.
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  • RLP has hit me hard this week. I'm already waddling because it hurts so bad. :(
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  • @hestia14 I have hip pain too, like deep in the center of each hip. Feels like I got hit with a baseball bat. I wake up with super sore hips and as the day goes on it slowly wears off. 

    Ive been dealing with heartburn but my Dr told me to try Pecid and I’m finally getting the relief I’ve been looking for! Other than the heartburn and the hips I feel ok. My anxiety is getting a little crazy the closer we get to my AS next week. Just want to make sure everything is growing properly! Still not feeling any movmembt but only 18w5d but know it will happen eventually. 
  • I actually feel good. And my pregnancy pillow got here today so all of my problems will magically disappear, right? Lol 
  • I’m so thirsty today! 
  • +1 on the heartburn 🤢🔥☄ it's so bad I want to puke and the zantac is doing nothing. Need to call my OB for other options. 
  • Anyone else still puking all the time? The morning sickness went away my last pregnancy by around 14-15 weeks. 😏
  • RLP is settling down compared to last two weeks. Started going out for walks too since the doctor said getting blood pumping helps that full, crampy feeling under the uterus. She called it “vascular congestion”- so I’m working a walk into my schedule and working standing a little more- doc said sitting for long periods makes it worse. For those with sciatica it’s the same advice about less sitting (I had terrible sciatica from running years ago). Had my first heartburn yesterday...weird! No snacks before a walk now I guess! PM Headaches fixed with PM switch from water to Gatorade and eating a banana- thanks again, doc!
  • @indulgentgypsy How much zantac are you taking per day? 

    Dealing with a lot of bloating since getting home, and hip/RLP issues are making me cranky af. And I'm so so so hungry all the time. I feel like I'm putting on so much damn weight. :/
  • Ok yall - embarassing, but I'm SO gassy at the end of the day. Like it builds up through the day and just is ridiculous by dinner-time. Every. Single. Day. No matter what I eat. Is this normal or is baby girl killing my GI tract???  :D  :D 
  • Same with the heartburn.  I can't believe how bad it is sometimes, and it doesn't seem to matter what I eat (or don't eat).  Zantac was helping, but lately not as much as it was a few weeks ago.
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    Same here with ramped up RLP but also just general tenderness and dull pain stretching up from my pubic bone to my belly button. Anyone else? Owww.
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  • @leendenny you just made me feel better about the tenderness. I am still gonna ask my doc on Friday when I see her but the tenderness seems exacerbated when i have to do a #2 and it’s annoying.
  • @leendenny and @leylea89 I’m feeling tenderness and tightness along that line now. I think it is stretching as my space has run out. 
  • @indulgentgypsy Already, damn. That is so so rough, I hope the docs have given you something more to help.

    Been having issues with my blood sugar/pressure dropping suddenly, despite doing my best to snack and drink lots of water. Anyone else finding themselves suddenly critical with a need to sit/lay down and eat something ASAP?
  • @foodislove lol this thread reminded me I needed to call my OB. I just called and my nurse said I can actually take the 150mg up to 2x a day, and since it is working for me for around 12 hours or so, that might actually work :) I may actually get some relief now!!!! :)
  • My heartburn has finally started to calm down. It was real bad 14 weeks to about 20 weeks. No symptoms to crazy but I think Ive had Braxton Hicks a couple of times. 
    I work at retirement community doing sales so I sit at a desk all day. My dr also recommended for me to walk to ease my back pain. I get 3 to 5 miles a day just walking around my building and that seems to really be helping... a lot. 
    Sleeping is getting slightly better, still using the restroom throughout the night but not as much.
  • So I got a new one this week... every single time I walk, my back/SI clicks. It’s not painful, just super annoying! I’ve tried pinpointing where it’s coming from, and I’m not sure if it’s the left SI joint, somewhere in my lumbar, or more in my hips... it’s just super weird. I kinda want my coworker to do a quick MRI on my back to see if anything is up (and maybe see baby too), but not sure if I’m at that point yet. 
  • Anyone else still constipated? Like I’m not even uncomfortable, my body just seems uninterested in that particular function...
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 +1 for the constipation. Our bodies are just soaking up all the nutrients and taking their sweet time doing so! I take a colace nightly to help. I still go about once every couple of days. 
  • @greeneyedgirl12 +1 for me, too. I’ve been taking magnesium every day to help keep things moving. I have IBS-C so I’m pretty familiar with constipation. I have really bad bouts of it when I get stressed and with seasonal allergies of all things. But the magnesium helps a lot! Usually it keeps me from being constipated at all, but I’m still struggling a little the last two weeks. 
  • @foodislove I get a blood pressure/sugar drop every day between 2-3 pm. Feels like my batteries die!
    Doc says to switch from water to Gatorade or Pedialyte for the rest of the day and eat a banana. She said straight water literally dilutes your blood and the salts and things in those drinks helps you retain water and maintain blood pressure better.
    I googled and it seems straight up salty food could help too- but might be too much salt if you’re not careful. 
    I was having PM migraines from the daily drop...and not since trying the Gatorade/banana regimen. Sugary, but it’s working! Hope you feel better! 
  • @acgx I have been so gassy this whole pregnancy. I love the chewable gas x, and the generic Kroger brand. Must be chewable, they help a lot.
  • @hakele I have CFC too, has magnesium every day returned the consistency to normal at all? I only take it occasionally right now. I was enjoying about 3 weeks of somewhat normalcy earlier in the pregnancy due to all food upsetting my digestive tract and now it's back to like.. the worst of C. 
  • Anyone else getting a constant stabby-ish pain in the bottom right/left of their abdomen right above their hip for like 6-12h at a time. DH insists it’s nothing to worry about, cuz if I poke around it, it’s muscle and fat, no uterus to be found, but it hurts and it’s starting to freak me out...
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  • @mamanbebe it has helped a lot! I didn’t take it last night after my morning at the hospital and eating/feeling like garbage all day with mostly pedialyte and crackers and bagels as sustenance. And there’s was a difference.  
    TMI Warning. 
    My poop turned into little balls this morning even though I really had mostly liquid yesterday. Otherwise, they are more normal consistency. I missed it a few other times and same story. 
    My doctor said it was great to take throughout pregnancy. I got the powder drink form from Garden of Life. The lemon Raspberry is really good. I just drink it before bed every night. Also helps with falling asleep. 
    Hubs also tried it, but he had some reaction to it. It made him itchy and gave him insomnia which we read was a possible, but rare, side effect. 

    @greeneyedgirl12 Sounds like the spot of your round ligament. But that is a long time for that pain to last. I’d discuss it with your doctor. Can you email them? That’s my favorite way to ask random questions of my office. 
  • @hakele Thank you for sharing! I have the same powder in a different flavor, I'm definitely going to start trying it daily. For a while I thought pregnancy had actually cured the C because it wasn't so bad during the first few weeks and then it was mostly resolved. Now it's back to the worst of it and I hate that feeling of nothing moving along, esp when it seems like food sits in my stomach forever to begin with.

  • @hakele I think it is RLP. My perception of how it would feel was apparently wrong, despite reading threads and asking others about it... just didn’t think it’d be stabby and stay as super-painful when I am being totally still. Thx!
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  • Urgh y'all... I have the worst sinus infection right now. It's so bad I'm going to be calling my OB tomorrow because I can't function at all with my head feeling like it's going to explode!! Damn the guilt for wanting antibiotics, but I need them :/ 
  • @expatmom39 Thanks for the info. Seems I need to intake more salt and water then, the headaches have also been raging this week. More pickles, and I'll pick up some more Nuun tablets to put in my water at work.
  • @Bear14+ Don't feel guilty, you've got to do what's right for you. I had to go on Augmentin a few weeks ago when a bad sinus infection kept worsening to the point where it spread to my eyes. I'd tried doing saline nose mist flushes for like two weeks before I went that route but once it was in my eyes I didn't care anymore and I don't regret it at all. 
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    @hakele Based on various recent developments, I’ve more or less figured out/decided it’s a combo of RLP and discomfort from constipation, probably slightly exacerbated by the rest of me feeling like s***/abnormal from this URI. Thanks for your help/guidance on the first two.

    Also, googled RLP and in some other boards, people are saying theirs lasted a couple days. Hoping not mine.
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  • Man, my weight gain is in full swing.  I hadn't gained anything until week 18, I have gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks. I am just starving now ALL the time:/
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  • @Bear14+ I had a terrible sinus infection at 12 weeks, they were really hesitant to give me anything, but I was absolutely miserable. I think you’re far enough along for things to be okay. Take care of yourself mama! I hope you feel better! 
  • For those having extreme mood swings, how are you dealing? What helps you mellow out and chill? I feel like I’m wound so tight I’m going to snap at any second. DH doesn’t help matters when his reaction is “you’re acting crazy”. I just want to smack him. Like I know my emotions are all over the place, nobody is more aware (or miserable) than me. Having someone throw it back in your face really sucks. I forgot how awful the hormonal moods can be:/
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    Oh my god I thought I was the only one dealing with the headaches. Also how did y'all find out you had a sinus infection because I have been debating with myself between "It's just pregnancy blah blah" and "This has to be something worse because I am miserable!". I haven't been able to breathe through my nose in like 2 weeks + these nosebleeds/nasal congestion/head pressure have been unbearable. Other than that things have been relatively great. (sleeping sucks regardless since I'm having twins lol)

    Sorry, I'm pretty new here hello everyone!
  • Hey @nessanicolle usually it is considered a sinus infection if you have dark-colored mucus, pressure/pain in your sinus cavity (try tapping on the bone just below your eye), post nasal drip, and it has lasted for more than 7 days. Sounds like it may be time to contact your PCP to see if they think you need to be treated. 
    Welcome and congrats on the twins! 
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    @hakele the pressure/pain is behind my eyes, in my forehead, and the sides of my nose. As far as the mucus I can't really tell if it's dark because it's always bloody  :#  Definitely sounds like I should ask my Dr about it, maybe it's a mix of sinus infection and tension headache. And thank you!
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