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Appointments Week of 02/18

What does everyone have scheduled this week? 
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Re: Appointments Week of 02/18

  • I had a checkup today. I got to hear baby's heartbeat. She also kicked the doppler a bunch of times.  :D
  • Had a checkup today. Heart rate was a beautiful 150! Nurse said baby was moving around. She tried to determine its position, but couldn't. 

    More exciting, the AS has been scheduled for Wednesday!!!
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  • I have a prenatal checkup on Thursday w/ a full physical. 

    @cindler That IS exciting! 

  • I have my AS/MFM appt tomorrow morning!!! Gonna be making a last minute decision on if I'm staying team green or not lol. Can't wait to see baby but also anxious/nervous!
  • I have a regular OB appointment on Thursday and we're also going to go over the results of the AS. I can't wait to hear baby's heart beat again:)
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    AS Friday. 
    ETA: Much more content now, DH got work coverage (no small thing on three days notice).
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  • Ultrasound & finding out the gender on Friday!! I cant wait! 
  • Leaving for my AS in about 40 minutes and I'm a nervous wreck.

    Not even trying to eat, especially since I puked last night. I'd like to not puke again 12 hours later, I did that enough 1st tri.
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  • Clean anatomy scan, at least for baby! Big thing, besides the normal, was baby's heart has 4 chambers. They looked at it forever and from every angle since I have a CHD. It's minor, but still enough to slightly raise baby's risk of issues/defects.

    Minor case of placenta previa for me, but MFM doc thinks it's minor enough it will resolve w/o intervention/issue. Also one TINY fibroid, but he's not even worried.

    Giant pile of stress, between getting this thing scheduled and the clean bill of health, suddenly off my shoulders...
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  • AS results were perfect. We don't even have to go back to repeat any images since baby was moving so much they got everything they needed. She was measuring 2 days ahead at the time:) With DD1 we had to get another scan as they didn't get the pics they needed of her spine. Then they found an issue with her kidney so we had scans every few weeks to monitor this. So it's crazy to me that they said everything looks good and I don't need to repeat anything!
  • I had AS on thursday this week. Baby boy wasn’t cooperating for face/chin shots nor as many heart shots as they wanted, so I’ll be back in 4 weeks for more imaging. Oh darn, I get to see baby again in 4 weeks, I’m so upset. ;) 
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