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Please help decide name!

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Hi all,

I am 8 months pregnant and we have still not decided on baby boy's name. 






Please help decide name! 50 votes

36% 18 votes
34% 17 votes
16% 8 votes
6% 3 votes
8% 4 votes

Re: Please help decide name!

  • All of your choices are solid names, but I ultimately chose Edward.

    I like Michael the least simply because I can’t stabd alliteration in names.

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  • I voted Edward. I think it flows nicely and is less common but I understand how it might be out of your comfort zone on a baby. Teddy could be his nickname which I love
  • Edward.
    Sorry, but a name sticks with a person their entire life, adult life takes up most of the time and when job seeking - it sounds very professional (as does the others).
    I like this name the most.

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    I like Alexander the best followed by Edward. All of your names are names that he could be proud to own. My daughter's name is Alexandria and she loves that it means "defender of men."
  • Another nickname for Alexander could be Xander.
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  • Edward

    Its classic and not super popular and you are a baby such a short time of your life. I would rather have a big name as a child than a childish name as an adult. 

    I went to school with an Edward who used the nn Ward not really my favorite but it avoids the Eddie

  • Also voted for Edward and Alexander was my second choice. I understand that you dont like the short names as nicknames so I wanted to add that a nickname can be whatever you and when he grows up he wants it to be. DH's name is Christopher his family calls him Mo.. absolutely zero relation to his name but from a fun story when he was a toddler and it stuck. Some people call him Chris but he usually asks to be called Christopher so he could always prefer his full name as well. Good luck!
  • Ryan is my top pick followed by Alexander. Edward is too old man for me and not a fan of the nicknames. Ryan Edward is a strong name.
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