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Stomach bug!

Re: Stomach bug!

  • Not me, but my husband. You best believe I quarantined him and bleached the crap out of everything in our house! I don't even like using bleach, but I was scared it was norovirus and my usual cleaners won't kill norovirus. I'm DONE being nauseated, lol.
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  • It went through our house a couple weeks ago.  Pretty sure it was norovirus.  My husband and the baby were spared, but my two toddlers and I were puking our guts out for 2 days.  Hope you feel better.  Be gentle on your stomach - ease back into liquids.  Ice chips and sipping slowly helped me, once the vomiting seemed to be over.
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  • Just got over it. All 4 boys, then me, then my H. 

    It lasted about 48hrs for us. Lots of fluids and rest as much as possible.
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  • My favorite recommendation for the stomach bug is 100% grape juice (ONLY for those who don't have it as a preventative). Also activated charcoal capsules. I'm not sure if the capsules are safe during pregnancy or not, but they also are amazing for preventing it and keeping it short lived for those that have it. I absolutely hate the stomach bug and will do anything to prevent it! Both my kids have only ever had it once at different times, and I've only had it once in the last 9 years! 
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