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My partner is awesome bc...

Inspired by recent conversations. Since early pregnancy and our partners annoying us seem to go hand in hand, let's celebrate the good stuff. What has your partner done lately that has been awesome?

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Re: My partner is awesome bc...

  • He gets me any food I ask for, and fast!

    He remembers to tell me that my body is working hard, so try not to be so frustrated with my lack of productivity. (He’s good at this when he’s in a good mood, but I’ll take it!)

    He took care of our sick son on his own all weekend, and let me sleep in both days. 
  • @blitzybee yes to the gets me food I want. DH has been very sympathetic to my Indian food cravings. 

    DH has been awesome at keeping the house clean and tidy when I'm not feeling well. He just does it and doesn't need to be asked which has been so nice.
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  • Unprompted, he gave me a hug and an ice cream sandwich last night.  <3
  • Hooray for helpful partners!

    MH has been incredibly patient with me. He's been doing all the chores around the house and tries to bring me food that he thinks I'll like (I usually don't want it but it's the thought that counts haha).
  • My H has been really helpful with DS since I haven't been feeling well. I complained in PGAL yesterday that he was being an ass and thankfully he got over it pretty quickly and was really nice the rest of the night. He isn't one to really apologize, but he actually did yesterday. Twice! He made me dinner (Creamy Jambalaya Pasta - YUM) and told me to take a sip of the wine since he knew I missed it. It was AMAZING tasting wine again lol. He also asked if I wanted to listen on the doppler which was really nice and we got to hear it together! It ended up being such a great night.
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  • My husband has been awesome at having supper ready every night. And since I got pregnant and been feeling nauseous alot he has helped out so much more with our daughter. I know he is going to be awesome when number 2 arrives. 
  • Love this thread!
    H has been really awesome about food lately, morning sickness has been kicking my butt and he's really picked up the slack without complaints. From making lunches for DD and DS to getting me any and all food requests I can think of, cooking for me when I can't stand the kitchen...I just really appreciate the man.
  • Ugh, my husband is seriously a Saint! Thursday night I had a MELTDOWN that I was exhausted, sick, tired, cranky, and just felt like an awful mom to our 2 yo because of it. Friday night, I was sick as can be. DH basically gave me a fully free 48 hours Saturday and Sunday to do anything I wanted with 0 obligations. I slept in Saturday, went out with friends for lunch, came home and napped, then went out with friends at night. On Sunday I slept in again and he took our son down to the in laws for the day so I could just have me-time in our house, alone, uninterrupted, with 0 things on the to-do list. Our son is potty training, refusing naps, and requires so much attention because he loves human interaction which is amazing, but can be so draining when you’re constantly on the go! My husband never keeps score and hasn’t said anything like “alright, I need a ‘me-day’ now too!” or anything of the sorts. He’s just so wonderful and always knows what I need without asking for anything in return. He’s a phenomenal partner and steps up as any parent should, and since it seems that’s not always the norm, I’m eternally thankful, grateful, and blessed! 
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  • Oh man, I really don't deserve my husband. He's naturally a very thoughtful, emotional, compassionate, talk-about-your-feelings kind of person (and I most definitely am not any of those things), so he tends to put me first even before TTGP. Just yesterday he flew home from a wedding, west coast to east coast so a long flight and lost most of the day because of the time difference. He stopped to pick up food at TWO different places because he didn't know what I'd be in the mood for and didn't want to ruin the surprise by asking me. I may have actually teared up a bit.
  • @cammie0526 That is so sweet and thoughtful! He sounds really great. 
  • Even though this is mine and my husband's ands first baby, he always makes it a point to talk about the things that frustrate us so that we can better grow in understanding the process and angry moodswings as a team. He even gave me an ice cream sandwich while we talked because he knew how easily I get worked up. Im so grateful for our little family and Im definitely looking forward into coming closer and learning to rely more on him. 
  • I feel like most of the time my DH doesn't understand what I am going through. Not that I entirely expect him too. It is our first pregnancy, and he has no way of knowing everything that my body is currently going through. But I wish he'd take a little more initiative to help out and learn and ask me what he can do to make this time easier for me.

    But he really steps up on those days that I am very sick. He gets me a cold cloth for my forehead, ice chunks to chew on, water to sip. He massages my hips on the days they ache. He's very responsive when I am visibly not feeling well. And I really appreciate him for that. We have a lot of unknowns to navigate through yet, and I am sure we will figure out a way to work through it together!  :) 
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  • @kaceyallan I agree with partners not understanding. I voiced aloud for the first time this weekend (and not even to MH) about how incredibly alone I feel, and almost got emotional over it. But MH is doing his best, and has been super understanding about me basically just laying in bed when I'm at home. He goes and gets us dinner and tells me sweet things which is my love language lol so I appreciate him being there.
  • @klpv415 the first trimester is SO isolating! Some days I barely get through, but I think back to finding out I was pregnant around weeks 6-7 and how I am already at week 10, and hope the weeks keep passing by until things start to even out a bit (and I can start telling family). I am really hoping to get the support I need from them.
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • He’ll go to Kroger 4 times in one night if need be to get food to help with nausea. They know him there now 😂
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    @klpv415 and @kaceyallan I agree with feeling isolated. Dh is so understanding of the nausea, exhaustion, eating habits, etc. But noone understands my insane fear of something going wrong. I was so excited at first and now it's like I'm terrified all the time that something has gone wrong. I'm afraid to tell people or buy things. I've been sick recently with a cold and I was worried of a fever. I took my temp and it's super 96.5 when it'snormally in the 97 range til I ovulate then in the low 98s. So that's not helping with the worry.
    At the same time I'm so overwhelmed bc I feel like we have so many home projects I want to finish and there just seems to be such little time.

    However dh did let me sleep from the time I got home yesterday until I woke up for work this morning with the exception of waking me up with some oj and a grilled cheese to help with my cold. Oh and he's bought me icecream and chocolate covered pretzels without being asked :)

    Overall dh is truly amazing. I just wish anyone would understand my fears.
  • My husband is awesome because he lets me sleep in some mornings and wakes up with our son! He’s awesome for several other reasons too :) 
  • My husband is awesome because he’s never complained about the house being messier since I’ve been pregnant. He also continued to work overtime so we can go on this upcoming two week vacation, gone 12hrs a day, comes home knowing I’ve laid on the couch most of the day, and still tells me how amazing I am and flirts with me & my greasy mom-bun 😂
    He also doesn’t get upset when I tell him his feet stink and ask him to get them off the couch 😆 ...anyone else feel like everything smells 10x worse these days?
  • DH is awesome because last night he warmed up my side of the bed (by just laying in it) when I was taking a shower. I got a nice and toasty transition to dreamland!! 
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