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I debated whether to post this in the Questions thread or as its own post... figured it deserves its own chat!

Are you planning/ thinking about going on a babymoon? Where to? Have you been on one during past pregnancies?

Re: Babymoons

  • I don't think we will call it a babymoon (mostly because my family would judge us hardcore), but we are planning on going to either Palm Springs or Lake Tahoe for my 30th bday/babymoon. We are still looking into places. I am assuming we will want to go sometime in May or June, so that makes me think against Palm Springs since it will be too hot. 
  • With #1 we had an impromptu long weekend in Taos, in part to avoid in-laws and my parents seeing us and figuring out our news earlier than planned, and we had an official baby moon at about six months. We went to Hawaii for a week and it is one of my favorite vacations to date. Knowing that it's your last chance to have an adult-only vacation for years makes it really special, in my experience. This time we'll have our usual yearly vacation, but we're taking DS so I wouldn't really call it a baby moon. We're heading to San Diego for a week next week!
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  • We are planning on going to Maui for a week in June.  We'll stop in Denver for the weekend on the way home to visit family before heading back to Maine.  We plan on booking it soon.  I'm a little nervous to book the trip so far in advance but the hotel will be refundable up to a week before we leave.  We are going to use miles for the flights so we can always pay to have them reinstated if we have to cancel.
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    Oooh those trips sound nice! Things are different this time around since we have our DS, but I am planning a night for my husband’s and my bday about an hour away at a nice hotel (our birthdays are close). My in-laws are going to stay the night with our kiddo, and this will be the first time that we both leave him over night together (we’ve done separate trips with one of us staying with him). Maybe I’ll ask them to do it one more time this summer, and my husband and I can escape to the mountains or something. We shall see! 
  • The Hubs and I are going to Europe for 3 weeks to a month in May! We found a killer deal to London from LAX, so we're gonna hit up London, Paris, South of France, Italy and Croatia. I'm calling it a babymoon just because we won't be able to travel for months at a time like we are used to doing. I won't be able to drink (duh) but I'm excited to get back to London and takes pics at Kings Cross from Harry Potter! #photoshoot My midwife said that Italy and Croatia are awesome places to go for the food for pregnant women, so I'm super excited to get into the cuisine there! 

    Hawaii is amazing! I hope that you all have a blast there! 

    @kgg2241 PS should be lovely when you are thinking of going! I hope you have fun no matter where you end up though! 

  • I have been thinking a lot about a baby moon! We didn't do one for my last two pregnancies but I think it would be a nice treat for us. We generally get a house in Martha's Vineyard every summer, but thats with our kids...I am thinking of maybe cancelling that trip and booking one for just DH and me, somewhere special. but I've been feeling guilty about cancelling our annual family trip that my kids (6 and 8) look forward to... The MV trip is quite expensive so doing both isn't really an option...we'll see!! 
  • We really wanted to take one before we had #1 butttttttt I ended up having complications and was high risk so we couldn't travel. We didn't go anywhere with #2. This time we are going to the beach in late June but it's a family trip and the kids are going.
  • My husband and I went to kennebunkport in Maine for babymoon for our last pregnancy. It was so nice and relaxing. We will probably do something like that this time around. 
  • @septoctkids we went to Maine in sept.last year for our anniversary and loved it. We went to bar harbor and had a blast but we both got sick and had to cut our trip short. We really wanted to go back this year but it's a 10 hr drive for us :( 
  • @nightdreamr13 we love Bar Harbor!! We go every summer. We got engaged on the top of Cadillac mountain after hiking up in acadia park! Beautiful there! 
  • @septoctkids that's amazing! I could spend a month at the park itself and never get bored! I assume you must live in the general area? Most people around here want a vaca home in fl but Maine is our dream!
  • @nightdreamr13 we are a little under 4 hours away 
  • @septoctkids we are just under 2 hours from Kennebunkport!
  • So my husband and I have the opportunity to go on an all expenses paid trip in May to Seacrets in Jamaica. It would be a perfect babymoon and a wonderful way to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I am so torn, because, Zika. I talked to my doctor about it today and she said, technically shes supposed to tell me not to go. Her personal opinion is that, plenty of people have babies in Jamaica, and shes sure it existed well before it became a media hype a few years ago, and I would be on a resort where it would be well treated, not in a rural area. But I just don't think I could survive the stress & worry if I got bit by a mosquito while there... I'm so bummed. 
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  • I'm currently trying to convince MH to cancel out trip to the jersey shore and go to pensacola instead. it was going to be our first trip to the JS, but I'm slowly regretting it because the atlantic ocean at the end of may sounds miserable. I need some panhandle ocean that is the temp of bath water! haha

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  • With DD we were too busy between buying a new house that we took down to studs and remodeled in 4 months before she was born. It was crazy, but fun.

    This time around, we are going to Europe for 2 weeks. My in laws live there; so we figured it was a good time to go while its still affordable. Plus I can't imagine trying to fly with 3 small children later to visit. Plus our AS is scheduled for April 9, just 3 days before we leave. So we plan to do the gender reveal overseas so his family is able to participate in something baby related. I'm really excited. I have always wanted to visit Europe. My only fear is that the pre-eclampsia I had with DD will come back with the twins too. Don't need to get stuck on bed rest overseas.
  • @chichiphin Good luck with switching locations! Agree that the JS prolly isn’t going to be the *best* in late May. Panhandle sounds much warmer (and more predictable warm weather-wise).

    I think we’re going to do a trip to the San Juan Islands (and maybe Olympic NP?) in May/June. DH wants to kayak with the Orcas so too but I’m prolly gonna have to sit that one out. Boo!
  • @lillywonderland I have been thinking about doing our babymoon in early May to Olympic National Park too! I would love to fly out to northern California, see the redwoods as we drove up the coast. Stop over in Portland and maybe even Mount St Helens. Then head up to Seattle for the rest of the time. I've never been to any of it. But Olympic NP looks so amazing! MH has an interview for a supervisor position tho (which is amazing), but that means all plans are on hold until we figure out his schedule. Boo.
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  • Our "babymoon" will be our annual trip up North to ND. It'll be July and humid AF so I am kinda dreading that aspect of it, but everything else I can't wait for! Yummy food, family time, and lots of help with DS so I can actually nap and read! We're also likely driving there (13 hrs split into two days since we're stopping overnight at IL's house and then driving the rest of the way with them) so that'll suck, but it's $700 per ticket to fly there and DS has to get his own seat this year. We're not made of money lol. 
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