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FFFC! 2/15


Re: FFFC! 2/15

  • I'm really sorry to see so many of you are feeling so bad  :s  I do hope everyone gets a little more active once we all start feeling better, and it does look like some more of these GTKY threads are bringing people out a little more!!  

    As for busy due date months, with DS, I went in for my induction on Oct. 5 and ended up having to wait in the waiting room for over 6 hours before they had an open bed for me because so many women were coming in in labor... and I actually had a (not very close) friend of mine tell me that I must have had a REALLY GREAT *wink wink* new years after I told him when I was due with #1.  Gross dude.
  • I never thought about how Christmas/NYE would mean so many September babies. Makes sense, I guess. We HIO every day from Christmas Eve to when I O'd on the 28th so who knows which time we got lucky! DH is convinced that it was on NYE. I've tried explaining several times that that isn't possible since I O'd several days before then, but he insists. Oh well, I'll let it go if it makes him happy lol.
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