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Baby measuring ahead

I had a follow up ultrasound at 24 weeks because they couldn’t get images of baby’s heart at the 20 week scan. They sent me to a high risk ultrasound practice to get it done so not my normal doctor. They said that baby was measuring 7 days ahead. Which they didn’t seem too concerned about but did anyone have a baby measuring ahead a week+? Was the baby bigger at birth? I don’t remember my daughter measuring anything but on schedule. Also they asked me 2-3 times if I had my glucose test yet. I haven’t and will in the next few weeks but it made me wonder if they thought I might have gestational diabetes? Or that since it’s not my normal doctor that they were just asking for more information? Totally just speculating and my checkup isn’t for a week so my mind is just worrying. I didn’t have gestational diabetes with my daughter. And I still have to have another follow up ultrasound because baby was still in a bad position for heart images. So just stressing out.

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    You’ve got to remember that baby measurements are a bell curve so when they say you’re 7 days ahead, they mean that they’re 7 days ahead of the “average” baby which means you’re probably just in the 90th percentile. At my last scan my baby measured 2.5 weeks ahead for its legs and arm lengths, on track for head circumference and 2 weeks behind for abdominal circumference, but all of the measurements are still on the bell curve so they’re still normal. 

    Also it might be worth knowing that ultrasounds aren’t overly accurate. I recently had an ovarian cyst removed that was measuring 4cm on ultrasound but 6cm when it was taken out. They’re also known to be up to 2lbs off when predicting weight of the baby during the 3rd trimester. 
  • And my little tacker is measuring on average 2 weeks ahead by ultrasound measurement and by fundal height, with his head circumference closer to 2.5 weeks ahead! My ObGyn was pleased as punch considering I am a risk for IUGR. 
    Doctor even said that the only real risk of larger babies (within reason of course) is a possible Caesarean section. And at this early stage things change fairly quickly. He said he's measuring ahead now, but in a couple of weeks he may have levelled out to be closer to the average on the curve.
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  • This is #3 for me and started measuring 1 week ahead at 21 weeks.  My doctor is also just pleased as can be.  A growing baby is a healthy baby. 

    Also babies do NOT always follow a perfect linear growth chart.  There are spurts and slows.  

    In my experience my very large babies (I have never had GD, they are just big), have all been very happy healthy (and unusually easy) babies. :-) HTH!
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