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Funny Friday: 2/15

Happy Friday! Share something that made you laugh this week!

Re: Funny Friday: 2/15

  • DH and I have been binging Kim’s Convenience on Netflix. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at a TV show in a long time...or ever had to pause a show and run upstairs to the bathroom. 😅
    Umma: “You’re not a cutie pie. You’re more like cutie...bread. A big, round, crusty loaf.” 
  • I legit posted in UO Thursday because i thought it was Thursday.  

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  • @blackhottamales that's okay! It made me feel good because almost no one else posted :)
  • My boss informed me that he fell asleep during a conference call we were both on.  He was my other boss's office at the time (with my other boss there, on the call), just snoozing.
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