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Skincare recommendations for rosacea?

I have mild rosacea and rosacea acne, and the Clinique redness solutions line does a great job for me. The moisturizer, however, seems to have salicylic acid. Anyone have some pregnancy friendly products for rosacea they recommend? 

Re: Skincare recommendations for rosacea?

  • I also have rosacea. I have a prescription for Soolantra cream, but there haven't been enough studies about it during pregnancy. I've decided to forgo it. I've read that the IT Cosmetics brand is safe. Metronidazole and azelaic acid are less dangerous than oral medications like antibiotics, but you should check with your doctor or dermatologist first. It looks like the safest strategy is to avoid the things that trigger flareups in general. For me, that's spicy food, chocolate, wine, and direct sunlight.
  • *Lurking Congrats @sorarose! I currently have a prescprtion for a cream but my derm told me if I get KU to switch to a water-based benzoyl peroxide cleanser. 
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