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UO 2/14/19

What are you lame unpopular opinions? ;)

Re: UO 2/14/19

  • I pretend to be on the "Valentine's Day doesn't matter" bandwagon, but it's usually we end up so broke and never have a sitter that we do nothing for Valentine's Day. 

    So my UO is that I would love to get a romantic night and date night with DH but it ain't never gonna happen - at least until the boys are old enough to watch their sister and let Mom and Dad go out. 
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  • @indulgentgypsy mine is like yours. I know flowers are a waste of money, especially on valentines day but i still "make" MH get them for me.  When i say "make" i talk about how i like them so much and how he doesn't have to send them to me but he can pick some up at a store and bring them to me. I love it so much.

    I LOVE sweet pickles. They are delicious and i could eat them at every lunch and dinner. 
  • @indulgentgypsy My DD is very angry at my husband for buying me flowers.  She said "but you can't eat them, they go in garbage."

    I bought him a Keto Krate subscription.  My 2 y.o. approves.
  • I approve too. If I was still keto it would have been beef jerky and cheese :)
  • @ameliabedelia-2 You sound like my husband!!!!!!!!  He goes on this rant about how much better "anything Asian" is over "anything non-Asian".  We are on a Korean kick in our house, too.  Mostly stews like seafood jjigae mmmmmmm
  • Yes! +1 for all Asian cuisine over all any other foods :)
  • @frenchbaby18 I totally agree!  Your teen years and beyond are so dominated by relationships and dating, why would you want to start that as soon as possible? 
  • @cindler I agree.  But, when I didn't sign my 2 year old up for dance lessons, she came home from day care crying because all of her friends are in ballet. So $500 later, she is taking ballet.  She is already asking about adding gymnastics next year.  At three years old. 

    We also do baby science classes because I like them.
  • @ketomommy I have no complaint when the child wants to do something or join a group, even if it's just because that's what her friends are doing.  Also, joining something to get exposure to something new isn't a bad idea either.  There is certainly a tipping point when it's too much, though, and it seems like the trendy thing is to do it all.  It's like FOMO for children.

    With $500 just for ballet, I can't imagine how all these parents can afford all these activities!  Craziness!
  • @frenchbaby18 - Yes! I definitely agree with you on the flirting/dating thing with toddlers! Let toddlers be nice without sexualizing it!

    And yes to Asian food being the best! On a related topic, I have literally shed tears about not having access to Korean tacos during this pregnancy.

    My UO - I distrust anyone who doesn't love dogs. 
  • @strickland8052 I'm with you and I will add I do not like people that have to tell me repeatedly that they hate/don't like/don't get cats. You don't like cats, fine - I have 2 and I would have more if we had a barn - I don't need to be told over and over again how much you hate cats, and how inferior they are to dogs :rage:  

    Have a "friend" (I have other issues and mistrust stuff with her) who literally tells me every time she comes to my house how much she hates cats - and for a while she ate every meal and spent 10-12 hours a day in my house. And kept telling me she hated cats and was allergic (she's not, she just doesn't like them). 
  • @cindler I have DD in a million activities but we do everything out of the local rec center so 3 months of classes is only 20$. That way on any given night we have somewhere to go if she wants to and when she doesn't want to go we don't. Because it costs next to nothing I don't care if she goes or not. It also gives me a great indication of things she really likes so that we can pursue those. Lately she is only into swimming so we end up skipping all her classes to go to open swim almost every day:/
  • @ameliabedelia-2 can’t we like all the food? 
    I love both Asian and Italian. But I get what you are saying that people act like the only place to go out to eat is Italian. My FIL will only go out to Italian restaurants. When we first were dating, Hubs family loved going to Olive Garden. Let me tell you, I ended that real fast. I HATE OLIVE GARDEN.  It is absolute garbage. 

    But i love real Italian food. 
    Im not a huge fan of Newyorkese because it is boring and way too easy to make at home. 

    But. I grew up with a BFF from Indonesia. So... yeah. Asian is my comfort food. 
  • @cindler I am done with the cost of these things.  Baby stem is $10 a class, so that I don't mind.  Everything else is out of control.  Ballet is $350 for four months, but that doesn't include the $100 costume/recital fee and $50 for shoes and uniform.

  • @ketomommy That's ridiculous! I understand the teachers and programs have to make money too,  but that's definitely cost prohibitive if your kid wants to be in more than a couple activities. 

    I experienced the financial limiting factor on extracurriculars when I was a kid. My parents told me I could play sports or join band, but they couldn't afford both. I appreciated their honesty, even at a young age. Thankfully, I chose sports and grew into an athletic person. I think my athletic ability has served me better in life than musical ability. I'm biased, though, since I still can't carry a tune. 
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