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Girl #2 name poll!!

* same post as my previous post but I learned how to a poll on here lol 

I want my baby to have a sweet sounding name . My other daughters name is Leah . Which do you think goes with her sisters? I prefer A names but here is my list . 

NAMES : #2 💗💗💗

Please comment down below  :)

Girl #2 name poll!! 53 votes

7% 4 votes
35% 19 votes
11% 6 votes
11% 6 votes
20% 11 votes
5% 3 votes
7% 4 votes

Re: Girl #2 name poll!!

  • Melanie

    its fresh.

    Others are trendy or popular aside from Amy which is kinda dated not ready for comeback 

  • I like Melanie. Also suggesting Melody as it's the same vibe.
  • I voted for Allie. We just had our first little girl and named her Allison, nn Allie, so i'm probably a little biased.  :)
    Honestly I like the entire list with the exception of Avery.
  • I like Amy and Audrey. I voted for Amy because you don’t hear it as much these days. Both go nicely with Leah and sound sweet to me.
  • Amy got my vote - I think it would be unexpected in a nice way for her generation.
  • Amy works as a standalone name, but I think of it as a nickname for Amelia and I think Amelia is really popular these days, if that matters.

    I voted Melanie.
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  • I love Amy - but really like Audrey, Hailey, and Melanie as well.  The rest of your list is fine but not exciting.
  • I voted for Audrey but also like Melanie. 
  • 4N6s4N6s
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    I voted for Julie but prefer Julia!
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