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GTKY 2/13: Galentine’s Day!!

Happy Galentine’s Day!!

How long have you know your BFF?  What do you guys usually do together? 

Re: GTKY 2/13: Galentine’s Day!!

  • My college BFF (omg, 16 years we’ve know each other - I’m SO OLD!! 😆) moved across the country and now we live super close! We usually brunch together! 🥞

    My adult BFF is DH’s BFF’s wife! We’ve known each other 7 years. We usually chat about crafting, our kids and food. 😂 We traveled a lot together as couples and look forward to doing vacays with our kiddos!
  • Since I was born. My BFF is my older sister and she's amazing. 
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  • My twin sister! We are extremely close. I do have other close friends, but I wouldn't say I have a best friend besides her. I've never needed one! I love that we can just do absolutely nothing together and it is still fun. There is no pressure to make big plans or anything.
  • @kgg2241 as I child, I used to fantasize about having a secret twin sister who was raised by a different family. I imagined she would appear at our doorstep one day and we would be BFF for life. I didn't always like being an only child :lol: .

    @lillywonderland my BFF is my husband's BFF's wife too! I met her through DH when we first started dating. It's been close to 8 years now. DH and his BFF were roommates in college and both met my BFF at a rave (they were freshmen and she was only 16 lol). They've all known each other for so long (they're all in their mid 30s now), but I fit in right away. Her husband HATES planes but she has always wanted to travel, so we went on a girls trip to Paris last year. We were planning to go somewhere annually, but now I'm KU. I'm a little sad because she and her H will likely never have children.
  • @40momma, @kgg2241 Well ya’ll are making me feel guilty I didn’t say my two sisters!! 😬 But in all seriousness I do consider them my BFFs also. They’re the best. They’re both basically me (but less science-y). 

    @themadcamel I just watched “It Takes Two” on Netflix 😂 It holds up!! 
  • I have two - my little sister (we've been friends since she was born 27 years ago) and my non-related BFF who has held that status for 17 years!  We met in high school.  With both, fun consists of playing games and playing with our babies.  My BFF and I also travel together with our families, which is wonderful! :)
  • I have 2 bestfriends, my SIL who I've known for about 6/7ish years and my BFF from high school who I've known for 9 years. SIL and I love to shop, talk on the phone and just spend time together, she's pretty much the little sister I never had. BFF from HS and I love to get together, drink coffee and laugh about our husbands, life and cook good food. I'm so thankful for both of them in my life
  • I’ve known my bestie since she was 11 and I was 12, so nearly 20 years now! We played soccer together and then started hanging out and became inseparable. We both have a love of Harry Potter and even got our tattoos together. She was MOH at my wedding and is definitely my ride or die. We’ve been through so much together. 
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  • My BFF and I met in preschool when we were 3, so going on 27 years this fall! I’ve moved around a lot but we always kept in touch and made our friendship stronger with great communication through snail mail and phone calls, even in the prehistoric days before cell phones and Facebook and such! 
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  • My bff is my twin sis, she and I have always been super close! Unfortunately, she doesn’t live close to me anymore. @kgg2241 twins sisters are the best!

    Here, I have a couple best friends that I have known for a couple years, mostly since our kids were babies.
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