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Name choice too strange?

 I am a lawyer and noticed an opportunity with the new baby's name. We chose Evan as the first name. Hubby's last name starts with "Q" and with the first name Evan, baby could have the initials ESQ if we choose a middle name with "S" as the first letter.

Name choice too strange? 39 votes

Don't do it! Your child will hate you forever.
15% 6 votes
Love it!
25% 10 votes
Meh. It works.
58% 23 votes

Re: Name choice too strange?

  • I feel like as long as initials don't explicitly spell a 'bad' word, then they don't matter much. If you're into monograms, the last name will go in the the middle most of the time.
  • @nerdtoyourmother So no "David Isaac" in my case? ;) Thanks for the feedback!
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  • I don't think initials really matter. I can tell you that I don't think I have ever written my 3 initials on anything, and it is totally insignificant in my life. If you like it and it means something to you, go for it! I definitely don't think your kid will have a problem with it.
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    I don't think that is strange in the least.  We have some really unique names and my kids have dealt just fine. 
  • I'm also a lawyer and my three initials are utilized daily in my job.  As for the use of ESQ for initials, I'm kind of meh.  Our child will have the initials TJ and my sister suggested Judge or Justice as a middle name.  To me, that's like a banker using the middle name of Money. It's too over the top for my taste.

    Ultimately, it comes down to whether you're comfortable with the thing you're toying with. What if your son also becomes a lawyer, is that the kind of thing you're comfortable with bestowing upon him? Just like thinking of how kids will make fun of a particular name, you should consider how those initials will potentially affect your child.  If you consider it and are ok with the result, then go for it! 

  • I don't think people will notice, TBH. And if they do, they probably won't make the connection.  It's not like spelling out something really obnoxious or obvious. 
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  • Will you want to monogram things? If so, don’t do it. People will think you did it on purpose because of your occupation. If you aren’t the type to buy monogrammed backpacks and things, don’t worry about it. 
  • @cindler I have friends whose middle names are "Liberty" and "Justice" and I always loved it.  Their parents were hippies, though, not lawyers. 
  • @LandS2016 I actually love the middle name Justice, but give our chosen profession (DH is an attorney too) it's just too over the top.

    Those sound like perfect names for the children of hippies!
  • My BFF's initials spell out REAR. We thought it was awesome and I still call her that sometimes even now:) With us initials are important to SO and we make a point of being aware of any negative connotations that might be associated with initials. We have avoided names because of initials before but honestly I think ESQ is kind of cool (we don't use it for lawyers here so I had to look up the US law connection since I only know it as a term for higher born males that is used in the UK). I say if you guys like it then go for it! DD's initials spell out the name of a character from Shakespeare so I kind of like when initials spell something out:)
  • @Panaceia Your DD's initials spell out MACBETH? That's a lot of names!  ;) (Kidding)

    Initials are important to DH too, so much so that I haven't had a choice but to look at TJ names. I wish I had more freedom but I understand and support the connection, so I'm happy to work within the requirements. 
  • @cindler Ha!:) It spells MAB like Queen Mab from Romeo and Juliet. The reference is made in passing (a speach given by Mercutio right before the Capulet dinner party) so it's pretty obscure and most people wouldn't even get the connection...but I teach English lit so I noticed it. We picked the names before checking the initials (we didn't do it intentionally) but definitely would have changed it if the reference was something that we didn't like;)
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    I doubt people would notice. And your kids friends likely won't know what you do for a living so I don't think they'd put it together. I've actually never once thought about my friends' kids' initials or my kids' friends' initials. So if it makes you happy, go for it!
  • LandS2016 said:
    @nerdtoyourmother So no "David Isaac" in my case? ;) Thanks for the feedback!
    I laughed so hard at this! 
    Our last name is L or LP, so we could do like Hannah Elizabeth (HEL or HELP) or Keith Isaac (KIL). Totally something I've thought about. 
  • I think it’s actually kind of awesome! One or two of their close friends might notice at some point, but that would likely be it (unless they follow in your professional footsteps—ESQ, Esq. would definitely turn heads!).
    That said, I’m a lawyer too, and I’ve loved the name Justice for years, but I will never use it. I just can’t do it.
  • My initials are my favorite champagne.... mmmmm!! I feel like they made it for me!

    But honestly, if it wasn't my favorite champagne... I would never see all three of my initials, ever or probably care. 
  • At my old company your code for everything was your 3 initials.  I worked with a lady who was known by the entire company as VAG....  :D As long as you do not spell something bad I think you are fine.  (I was JAR at work until I got married)
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    I don't really think ESQ is a huge deal. I only had one friend whose initials were ever a huge problem.

    Iranians don't give middle names (I didn't have one growing up, I took one on when I got married), and so her initials were just MP. She's a British Citizen who went to Israel to visit our holy site in Haifa. She was arrested on trumped up charging of spying because she's originally from Iran. They had her sign all these papers, and asked her to write her initials next her to name (MP), and freaked out thinking she was trying to pass herself off as Member of Parliament, calling her a fraud. She was like... YOU SAID TO SIGN MY INITIALS. Eventually the British gov got involved and she went home, but she said it was the first time she ever hated her name.
  • @foodislove That's a crazy story!  I'm happy she got home ok!
  • @cindler This was sometime in the 90s she's a bit older than me. But yeah, it's crazy hearing it 
  • Eh, as others have said, I think it’s fine. Our daughter’s initials will be OMG because we have loved our first name choice forever and her middle name will be after H’s grandma. I figure it’ll be fine because it’s not “bad” and we won’t stress or monogram anything. If you love the name, go for it, but I also wouldn’t pick a name I didn’t love for initials I wanted if that makes sense. 
  • @wineandcoffee can I ask your O name?  You don't need to tell if you're keeping it confidential - I totally understand.We were also toying with an O - middle name after a great grandmother and I wondered if it was the same (Opal).
  • My only tie to initials is that if my kid gets called by them, I don’t want to hate it. My first initial for my son will be A and I’m still debating middle names. I don’t want him being called AJ,or AZ (because it’s my home state, but AB, AP, AC, AT, AX,and AK all sound fine. Other initials I don’t think people would likely shorten it to or sound bad so they’re all fair game. If you named him ES, I doubt anyone would call him that. 
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    @cbeanz It's not Opal. Its much more common, but I LOVE Opal! Our middle name is very old school though :)
  • Thanks, ladies! The "S" middle name will likely be my last name (I didn't change my name when we married). All the women in my family share a middle name. I also figure this will be the only way at least one of my kids will share a name connection with me. We plan on going for a third in a few years, but with my luck it will be another boy. 
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