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Miscarriage 2/12

Hi everyone... I’m hoping I can get some encouragement and feedback from you lovely people... this is my first miscarriage and hopefully my last .. I’m anxiously awaiting a call back from my midwife right now... the bleeding started last night about 6 pm . I was exactly 5 weeks pregnant - SUPER early. Then became heavier all during the night and clots were left behind too... when i first called my MW yesterday she sent in labs to test my hcg levels today and then I’d go back again Thursday to see if they’d doubled. Now that I know I’ve miscarried would I still even need to do those labs do you think? And will I likely need a D&C? Thank you for any advice in advance... ❤️This is awful

Re: Miscarriage 2/12

  • Sorry for your loss @jessie072817 . You should continue with the labs since you want to track down your levels down to 0. I believe you will need to see if you would want the D&C or that it happens on its own.
  • Our timeline is so similar! I started bleeding (tissue, clots, etc.) last week at about 6 weeks pregnant. The bleeding kept up for about a week and started slowing today. I also did the 2 blood draws last week, and my levels confirmed I did not have a viable pregnancy. I finally met with my OB today - my uterus is totally empty.  BUT, they did one more blood draw today to make sure my levels were dropping. If not dropping, then I may be dealing with an ectopic pregnancy. So either I miscarried and the bleeding was my body's way of clearing out my uterus (I thought for sure I'd need a D&C, or that I'd have contractions and pass an intact gestational sack) OR it's actually ectopic and nothing was ever in my uterus. I hope this helps?

    Sending lots of hugs your way - you're right, it is awful! I am so sorry you are going through this too.
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  • Update: HCG levels confirmed it was a miscarriage. I guess the loss was early enough where the bleeding (much like a period) was all that was needed to clear out my uterus. So I guess in some cases, D&C is not needed, and you won't necessarily pass an intact gestational sack. I'd still consult your doctor, but I hope this helps give a little insight.
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