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Re: GTKY: Favorite TV shows?

  • @cmbt2 yes, I tried the new Charmed this year but honestly couldn't get into it. I honestly tried to remove it from the original (let it be its own thing), but it's just not that great of a show in general
  • @nnaelilak Awesome, I'll give Roswell, New Mexico a try then

    @ceclarlinetlo YES I love Skin Wars (and that makeup artist one, Face Off, reminds me of it and is great too)
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    The Great British Baking Show and Masterclass
    Bob's Burgers
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    The Office
    Call the Midwife
    Game of Thrones

    @marbellie @cmbt2 Charmed is an old favorite for me. I haven't watched it since high school, but I loved it. We don't have cable so I was out of the loop that they remade it!

    ETA I can't believe I forgot the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! It is my all time favorite! I was totally born in the wrong decade.
  • I could watch The Office any time. Other current shows are

    The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel
    Yummy Mummies (So stupid its funny)
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  • I love crude humor so my favs are: Always Sunny, Teachers, Those Who Can’t. I also am really into the Good Doctor and How to Get Away With Murder. 
  • I totally forgot the Marvelous Mrs Maisel! And Gossip Girl and Bob’s Burgers (a lot of alliteration there)

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  • So I just checked out Call the Midwife. I'm hooked!

  • So I just checked out Call the Midwife. I'm hooked!
    Its so so good! The first 3 seasons are based on real life memoirs written by the lead character Jenny. There are only 3 books though so after thay they start making stuff up but its still good!
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  • It's so weird. Like there's shows I like but have problems with because I want them to be PERFECT:
    Marvelous Mrs Maisel
    Project Runway
    Sex Education

    Then there's shows I enjoy watching but don't need to hold up to my standards
    Siempre Bruja
    Say Yes to the Dress
    Glitter Force
    Tidying Up
    Criminal Minds
    Pioneer Woman

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  • I absolutely love Call The Midwife! It's one of my all-time favorites. Also, if you like British historical shows you would love Poldark! Another all-time favorite. 

    My faves:

    Call the Midwife
    The Crown
    A Million Little Things
    This is Us
    Friday Night Lights (Oh Tim Riggins!)
    Vikings (This is a favorite for husband and I to watch together....SO good.)
    Suits (also a couple fave.)
    Home Fires
    Gilmore Girls

    Shows I "watch" while doing stuff around the house:
    Last Man Standing
    Trisha's Southern Kitchen
    Pionee Woman

    I watch an embarrassing amount of TV. 

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  • @katylady09 TIM RIGGINS yessssss <3 
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    You all have good taste :)

    Currently watching:
    The Americans 
    The Good Place
    Jane the Virgin
    The Crown
    This is Us

    Old favorites:
    How I met your mother
    Gossip Girl
    Parks and Rec
    Battlestar Galactica 
    Downton Abbey

    I’m sure I’m missing some. 
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  • @greenbean-2 We loved "The Americans!" We finished it and miss Philip and Elizabeth so much.  
  • @nyshopgirl152 We just started the last season!
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  • @greenbean-2 We were screaming at the TV and clutching onto each other during the last episode. I'll be here for you once you've finished it, you know, to fill the void...
  • nanner26 said:
    @wintersong Have you seen the show Travelers? I feel like that might be something you would like based on your shows. I just binged watched it and loved it!
    I have! It's ok, I enjoyed the first season more than later episodes. 
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  • @longhairdntcare OOOH I just swooned a bit. :p ;) He's the best!

    Son 4/27/12, Son 10/15/14, Daughter 9/29/16....Baby #4 due 10/09/19!  Apparently we get really bored in January ;)
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