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Randoms w/o 2/11


Re: Randoms w/o 2/11

  • @bartonolivia ooh ok!!! I hope whatever you order will work out well!
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  • Congrats @indulgentgypsy!!!! 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Congrats @indulgentgypsy

    My cat (the one in my profile) just had a photo shoot with a recognized pet photographer for special food company. I can't wait to see them! 
  • The company I work for keeps serving me ads. It’s really annoying. They should save their ad dollars. 

    (It IS called randoms...) 
  • @indulgentgypsy Congrats! You rock, teacher mom! <3

    We made it five weeks before we all got sick again. DH kept me up all night with his moaning and shivering - PUT ON SOME DAMN PANTS BOY. He has been getting worse and worse with his colds. UGH. I'm mostly upset that we're all sick and set to leave for our trip to FL Sunday. Q_Q

    (I will give DH credit for taking on parenting last night in spite of being sick and allowing me to go get my nails done guilt free. He's awesome, just whiny.)
  • @pizzaplz hahaha my little sister suggested the same thing 😂 
  • @bartonolivia I love it! Your sister sounds fun.
  • @indulgentgypsy Congrats!  

    Sorry for everyone who's been sick! I'm crossing my fingers that i can keep my household free until at least March so the weather should be slightly warmer then.  

    I've been super busy with work recently but i do follow along and try to love tit often!
  • @foodislove I've only just heard about this today! Never knew about Galentines. Someone wrote it on a group text earlier and I thought it was a typo😊 This is the third time I've read it, so it must be a thing! So happy Galentines!
  • @kingdommom get yourself on over to Netflix and watch Parks and Rec. 

    @foodislove I am really loving this group. It has been amazing! I think we are an amazing group! 
    Happy Galentines to you all! 
  • Aldi has some sparkling Rose (I can't make the correct on my phone) grape juice that's delicious and it satisfies my wine craving. 
  • Over here trying to be awesome spouse, but my DH just majorly effed up at work. Possible firing effed up. He's freaking out. We are suppose to leave on our vacay Sunday. I have no idea if we need to cancel and he needs to work next week or what we will do if he IS fired. My income can't even keep us in a one bedroom. I'm trying to be calm, but I know how serious this type of fuck up is because it's one I semi deal with in my work. Can't panic him more though. If he loses this job... Omg, I can't imagine what he'll do, his self esteem is already shot because he forgot to apply for a promotion.

    I'm praying this is easily fixed and he only gets a reprimand. Just.... Pls pray for us. 
  • @asupernovablizzardstorm oooh I'm going to have to look for that!! I don't know if ours will have it... we can't buy wine/alcohol in most grocery stores in PA :cry: 
  • @foodislove how scary! Will you have to wait for Monday or later to discover what's going to happen? I hope things work out and that he keeps his job!
  • @foodislove oh nooo. I'm so sorry!! I hope you at least have some feedback before your trip so you can get an idea of what you need to do. Praying for the best for you guys!!!
  • @foodislove oh no :/ i’ve been there before (right before we moved into our house) and it’s terrifying. Hoping it’s just a reprimand for you and your husband’s sake...
  • I’m 0/3 on good boneless wings over the last couple days. Send help 😭
  • Oh no @foodislove. I've got everything crossed that he doesn't lose his job. Huge hugs!!! 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @foodislove, hope all settles down soon! And that it’s not all as bad as it feels.

    @hestia14, stop your search. They don’t exist.

    My insomnia is bad.... I’m tired. 
  • For anyone still dealing with the weird taste in your mouth (not necessarily metallic, but otherwise gross/weird), try CHANGING YOUR PNV BRAND. I mentioned the taste to my OB and she and her MA both suggested I change and they gave me a pile of samples, and the next day it was gone...
    Babysizer Cravings Pregnancy Tracker
  • @foodislove hoping everything works out. 
  • @foodislove I’m sincerely hoping things aren’t as bad as they seem and that your husband can salvage the mistake and move forward with job intact. (And that you can still go on your vacation!) Any updates? Sorry you’re dealing with this stress—that’s about the last thing you need at this point!
  • @foodislove I hope everything works out! That’s so scary. Has he heard anything yet?
  • @foodislove, I hope everything works outs! How scary.

    I am over the bump errors the forums were not working for the last few days on my phone (app or browser). I'm hardly on my laptop or desktop unless it's work related. 
  • Got this "fact" today, which is clearly inaccurate! The midway point between 3 weeks completed and 40 weeks completed is 21.5, not 18.5!

    Proof of that is the statement below it! They have it backwards. Someone is not good at reading a calendar on the bump staff.

  • @CBeanz I got that too. For the record, I got my BFP at 3w1d, so clearly I’m a superwoman 🙄
  • @foodislove glad to hear that things don’t look as bad as they could’ve been. Enjoy the baby moon! 
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  • Great news @foodislove! Enjoy your baby moon.
  • Great news @foodislove! Enjoy your baby moon.
  • @foodislove I'm glad you all are able to take your trip without too much of a dark cloud hanging over, I hope you have a nice relaxing vacation. 

  • So glad to see this update, @foodislove! Hope you have a great trip!
  • I was really, really bad this weekend. I just ate like crap. Didn’t feel like eating much after our extravagant dinner on Friday at my fav restaurant. 
    Today i went to a housewarming party. And ate too many cookies and had taco bell for dinner... I feel guilty about it today. 
    Oh well... onwards and upwards to the next day. Start anew! 
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