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Group 3 Check In- EDD July 17-24 - Week of Feb 11th

Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order??

Re: Group 3 Check In- EDD July 17-24 - Week of Feb 11th

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  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 18 / 17W4D

    Baby is the size of a(n): tall as a Hershey bar

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): finding out

    Upcoming Appointments: 2/26 anatomy scan

    How are you feeling?: Great! Usually in a pretty good mood except when I'm tired or achy. Bending over is starting to get uncomfortable. :/ I'm savoring every morning I can bend over, pick up my cat, and carry her downstairs to breakfast. She can totally walk herself, but it's our special morning nuzzle time <3

    Rave: my cat was being supurr affectionate this morning. She even grabbed my face with her paw and gave me a big kitty kiss on the cheek :kissing_smiling_eyes:
    Rant: MIL just texted me asking about baby shower decorations. I told her I'd get back to her with my ideas but I'm 99% sure they'll be shot down like every other idea I've had for my shower. If she pulls that "well, I thought it would be cute if we did this instead" again, I'm going to have to put my foot down. Yes, she and DH's grandma are doing me a favor by voluntarily hosting the shower, but it's a shower honoring me, so my wishes should be honored. 

    Questions: @canuckmomma DH and I bought an umbrella stroller and pack n play on clearance, plus a few onesies from the thrift store. If I'm browsing the store and see something cheap we might use, I go for it.

    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order??
    Starbucks: tall hazelnut almondmilk latte (the VDay cherry mocha is good but super sweet. It tastes exactly like a chocolate dipped cherry.)
    Dunkin: small iced coffee with cream and one sugar, although I haven't ordered it since summer because there are 217 mg caffeine in a small! :astonished: I may have to order a half-caf of one of their Girl Scout Cookie coffees, though...

    @canuckmomma I assume you mean Tim Horton's? :) I lived in Michigan for a short time and couldn't believe how excited people were to have a Tim Horton's open up in the mall. I do like their apple cinnamon donuts in the fall! 
  • @hestia14 ... Yes Tim Hortons! haha ppl here call it Timmies. Its roll up the rim to win right now but I haven't gotten myself one yet.
  • @foodislove I'm sorry your feeling down and glad you're talking to Doc about it. Hopefully your vacation will help, sounds lovely! I'd do almost anything to get out of our dark, bitterly cold winter. This season definitely effects me too.
  • @canuckmomma I bought a grovia cloth diaper stash during the black friday sales. Then last week I got a free Solly swaddle from a promo they were running, that just came. Still waiting on the rest until after our ultrasound. 
    @foodislove GL at your appt tomorrow and I hope you all have an exciting and illness-free trip!
    @hestia14 I hope your MIL backs off on trying to do everything her way for your shower. 

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 7/19 - 17w+3d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Weighs as much as a hockey puck

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Green

    Upcoming Appointments: Prenatal 2/21; 20w US 2/26

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good, I have energy to clean again, which is great, but when I get too active around the house it causes BH. I have been having a lot of them lately, nothing painful, just tightening ute annoyances. 

    Rants/Raves: I really want to take a trip while I can still travel but I am having trouble committing. I lived in NYC for almost a decade and many of my friends are still there. I usually have a great time when I visit, but no one really asks me to visit, I don't text with friends anymore and no one visits me.. sooo, I think, why bother?

    Questions: Anyone have Valentine's plans? 

    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order?? I don't really do to-go drinks anymore but if I'm really feeling it, I'll grab a decaf cappuccino from a local coffee shop. We also have a tea shop around the corner where I'll occasionally treat myself to a mint tea latte. 
  • @mamanbebe I love NYC... must have been cool to live there for a while. We don't have any Valentines plans. My husband works nights starting tomorrow. But we tend to celebrate our anniversary more than Vday. I got my DS a little valentines day surprise from dollar store. Just stickers, some paw patrol gummies and a little "love bug" craft well do this weekend.
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 
    17+5 - July 17

    Baby is the size of a(n): 

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):
    Finding Out - 2/27

    Upcoming Appointments: 2/27 Anatomy Scan. 4/4 is my next OB appt which seems like FOREVER. 

    How are you feeling?: I'm feeling pretty good, but LOTS of aches and pains. Sleeping has become a challenge over the last week. Magnesium is my life-saver right now... it is keeping things moving. If you know what I mean.
    I've taken to saying, "We're having a dance party!" when the baby is moving and grooving because it is a LOT of movement when it starts up. I hadn't felt it for a few days, then yesterday, BAM we had a dance party for about 6 hours of total time yesterday.  

    Rave! Hubby and I had a tough conversation around boundaries with his parents. We both expressed a lot of anxiety around them. My rave is just that hubby has recognized that he is going to have to step up and really help put these boundaries into place. I talked with him about how I've felt like boundaries which I have tried to establish in the past have been blatantly disrespected which have led me down the path of avoidance. And my discomfort in being able to broach issues with his parents because his father is repeatedly disrespectful and flippant about it. And his mother just ignores things or sneaks around behind people's backs to do what she wants anyway. (This one has been a HUGE hot-button for me about my kids because I have heard stories of how his mom would just let her sons have whatever they want and then tell them to lie to their dad about it. The dad was an absolute a-hole about things, too. But I just see that pattern repeating now with my BIL's kids. And I will not have it and that will be the straw that breaks the relationship.) 
    All that to say, I'm so thankful that my husband is mine and that he really took the time to communicate with me this weekend about this anxiety that I am having with these boundaries and to help reassure me that he is going to be on my side. That isn't to say that I'm expecting it all to be perfect, but that at least I feel like we are a more united front and that piece isn't something that I have to worry about anymore. 

    Questions: Does anyone have skin discoloration on their breasts? Mine are like angry and red on the bottom half. Like a legit line and then the bottom half is red. 

    @canuckmomma - I have refrained from buying anything. I really feel like I need to know the sex. So far, received just one gift, some baby Chuck Taylor's from my best girlfriends. They are going to spoil this baby rotten. Haha. I did finally start working on my registry over the weekend. Having loads of fun with that! 

    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non-alcohol drink go-to order??

    Sbux - Grande Decaf Latte with Almondmilk, 1 pump of Raspberry, 1 pump of Mocha. 
    This is my normal go-to as I don't do caffeine when I'm not pregnant, either. 

    @hestia14 I agree that a lot of the drinks are way too sweet, so I always ask for at least half the pumps. I normal Grande Latte has 4 pumps of syrup! That is a LOT. If it is two flavors, that is 8! Each pump is 5g of added sugars. So that is why I usually stick to just one of each, and it flavors things PLENTY. 

    My go-to NA Bar drink - Soda Water with Lime. If I want something special, I ask for pineapple juice and soda water. That way, no funny business with HFCS and too much sugar. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 20 / 17w 2d (I was given a due date of July 24 at my 8 week us but July 20 at my 12 week. My OB seems to be going with this one so I am too...)

    Baby is the size of a(n): pomegranate

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): finding out

    Upcoming Appointments: scan on Feb 21 and will hopefully find out the sex!

    How are you feeling?: Fine. Still not showing and not feeling movements yet...waiting impatiently for both!

    Questions: is anyone else being sent for a biophysical profile scan rather than an anatomy scan? I’m not high risk and all tests have been prefect so far, but my OB checked off the biophysical option on my req form, rather than the AS option, and I have no idea why (I didn’t look at it until after I’d left).

    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order?? I’m hating not having caffeine right now. I make do with an apple cinnamon tea from Timmies or a vanilla steamer from Starbucks (aka hot vanilla milk).
  • @finnflan The AS is just a part of an overall in-depth scan that is done at 20 weeks where they check the well-being of the baby, so I assume that is why she marked that option. They will check all the organs and body parts, fluid and placenta, etc, in addition to checking the sex organs. 
  • @hakele that’s great that you and your H had a conversation about boundaries. It definitely isn’t an easy topic! 
    Side note, i may have to try your half raspberry/half mocha order tomorrow morning 😋
  • @hestia14 it is my FAVORITE! let me know how you go! 
    I felt so close to my hubby after that conversation. It honestly made me cry to feel SO supported and understood. It was just the best. Confirmed why I married him. 😍
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 16wk6d July 24

    Baby is the size of a(n): Avocado

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Finding out 3/13!

    Upcoming Appointments: Just had my 16wk appointment yesterday, dr. had trouble finding the heartbeat with the doppler, mostly she was lazy, the table wouldn't raise up and she didnt want to bend over to try to spend the time to find the heartbeat, so she just grabbed the ultrasound machine. We got to see the baby again, such a fun treat, baby is doing good! 

    How are you feeling?: doing ok, trying to be there for my husband and he grieves, got to remember that I need to take care of myself at the same time.  

    Rants/Raves: Annoyed that I'm having to wait until 21wks for my anatomy scan, the hospital is down a tech and this is the soonest appointment they had..  


    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order?? Starbucks I get a Venti iced soy caramel macchiato, 4 pumps vanilla 4 pumps hazelnut
  • @canuckmomma do you mean the city select lux? If so, we got that when we had our second and it's great!!! So far I bought the bassinet for the stroller, a lou lou and co knotted gown, a onesie to use for our announcement, a buffalo plaid romper for Christmas for next year, and little shorties to match with both of big brothers this summer (I already had the big brother matching outfits and the shorties were on sale so I couldn't resist!). Oh and I just bought a Ryan and Rose pacifier and pacifier clip. I'm just buying things here and there as I see them, but we really don't need much!
    @foodislove ahhh I am so jealous of your trip!!! We were planning a Florida trip for this spring but decided to postpone until next year. We used to live in Central Florida and I still miss it daily.
    @mamanbebe I was just trying to decide what to do for Valentines day. I think I'm just going to do a fun themed breakfast/lunch for my kiddos and then make a nicer dinner. We have a tradition to go out for crepes but we'll wait until Saturday for that! We include our kids now and even though it's not romantic it's a lot of fun!

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 23 / 17weeks today

    Baby is the size of a(n): video game controller

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): was green, but now I'm not sure!!!!

    Upcoming Appointments: AS/MFM appt next Tuesday

    How are you feeling?: By the end of the day I am feeling pregnant (just feeling the belly and sometimes crampy)!! Heartburn has also become a daily thing. 

    Rants/Raves: I'm still not sure I'm feeling baby... starting to wonder if I have an anterior placenta like I did with my first. Also, DS2 turned on last Friday and we had a great day!!! His party was Saturday and was so much fun. I still can't believe he's one!

    Questions: All you other team green mamas.... anyone else starting to waver on wanting to find out?! We'll be having monthly ultrasounds with MFM from here on out and for some reason as the AS is approaching I'm itching to find out!! 

    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order?? I love iced coffee! Must be flavored with something though lol. Oh, and always decaf.
  • @ccmama3 That sounds like a super cute idea for your little family. I'm still on the fence about what to do for DS. DH and I are planning on doing a Vday breakfast date though. On more serious talk, I definitely want to know whether LO is a boy or girl but I think we will stick to team green. We talked about it last summer and DH was 100% on-board with wanting it to be a surprise moment at birth and I think we'll still appreciate that the most. 
  • @hakele Hugs for the tough conversation, so glad you and your hubby are a team in this. Those conversations, especially involving parents and just just other family, are stressful.
    @ccmama3 Next year should be fun too! I can't remember, is this your first? Are you planning on taking LO? We tried to take M to Disney for his 1st birthday and he was misssssserable. We thought he'd be walking (nope, took til 15mo) and the humidity was higher than normal.
    @jennm0724 Just so many hugs for you right now, mom. Exciting you got to see the baby again though! 

    I forgot to mention in the appt thread, we officially scheduled my repeat c-sec if Dibbun doesn't come of his own accord. I'm hoping for a v-bac, but given we're having another boy and how big M was and how little I am, I have a feeling it'll be another c-sec. BUT - I did get the date I wanted since I figure, if I can schedule it, I'm doing it! Official due date if kiddo takes his time is 07/18/19, because that birthday date is aweeeeesome.
  • @ccmama3 Oops yes! The City Select Lux... we've used it a couple times but its been so snowy and harsh outside we haven't gone out much since I got it! Got it on a good sale around Christmas tho.
  • @canuckmomma you will love it!! Besides that it's a beast to lift lol!
    @foodislove this is our third! I also have a one year old and two year old lol. We'll plan to take all three whenever we end up getting to go! We want to do Disney for a day or two and then head to Clearwater/Siesta Key/other beaches! The humidity is definitely a downfall... we like to call it "swamp ass" hahahah.
    @mamanbebe I love breakfast dates for Vday! I was dead set to be team green just because I always thought that surprise would be fun but DH wants to know... and now I'm letting my curiosity get the best of me. Ahhh. I have 6 days to decide haha.
  • @canuckmomma we have purchased a travel system (baby jobber city mini) and graco sleeper/glider thingy because of some discounts MH had through work that were disappearing at the end of the year. even though it was early I figured i could sell them for at least what we paid unopened.  Other than that MH bought a diaper bag that was a lighting sale on amazon, MH is the shopper so i think that's it. 

    @foodislove I hope you don't get sick!! enjoy your trip. 

    @hestia14 A Tim Hortons came to Minneapolis (there might be more than one now) too and people go crazy for it. I still haven't gone but I'll have to try it some day. 

    @mamanbebe I hear you on trying to decide to go places on a trip while you can travel.  Do you like to go to shows? Maybe you could plan to go to a show and then let your friends know you are going to be in town? Or just use that money for a spa get away? Those are actually the two things trying to decide between. MH and i are going out to our favorite mexican restaurant, nothing too fancy but we have reservations and they have small plates so you get a nice variety of food.

    @hakele so wonderful you had a great discussion with YH. I don't have any specific discoloration around the breast, MH just stares at how big the nipples are getting.  :#

    @ccmama3 I would say MH is wavering on the team green. I think it more of a miscommunication.  He said he wanted to find out naturally...so i assumed that meant waiting until the kid was born.  And then over heard me say something to my mother and he was like "we are waiting"? turns out he just meant not from any of our IVF or NIPT testing. But if we see at the AS i guess he's fine with it. So now it's on me and since i hopped on the green team, i'm hesitant to jump off. (but i want to know because i think it'll make it feel more real?)

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 18th // 17+6

    Baby is the size of a(n): 

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): green

    Upcoming Appointments: AS/MFM tomorrow!!

    How are you feeling?: mostly good. sleeping is getting harder. i might breakdown and buy the big pregnancy pillow. but the energy is still there. 

    Rants/Raves:  I just can't wait for my AS tomorrow. as it's been getting closer there has been small amounts of anxiety creeping in.  I want to see a the baby.  I did get my quad (AFP) results yesterday which were negative/clean. I wasn't too worried about it because of the IVF and NIPT testing but still I'll take any good news. 


    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order?? right now it's decaf latte, a splurge is decaf white chocolate mocha no whip. 
  • foodislovefoodislove member
    edited February 2019
    @blackhottamalesToo late! Second day of sniffles. -_-  I think you should totally give into the pregnancy pillow, it is EVERYTHING. Are you gonna post U/S pic here? I hate digging through the pic U/S thread and I don't mind seeing our group's U/S.

    Anyone else for posting U/S inside our group? 
  • I actually like seeing all U/S pics from anyone, anytime!  So my vote is a yes.

  • @foodislove I don't mind posting in here, I agree its hard to sift through the main thread sometimes 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 21 / 17w5d

    Baby is the size of a(n): pomegranate

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): finding out

    Upcoming Appointments: feb 19 w/ midwife. hopefully a/s soon after!

    How are you feeling?: good! pretty much normal. by the end of the day i feel like my tummy is like a food baby. which makes it uncomfy to sit or lay down in any position at times. 

    Rants/Raves: rave - just came back from our babymoon, a week in the DR and it was a most amazing week away from the COLD and the SNOW.


    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order??

    sbux - tall wet cappucino w/ skim
    tim's - small 3 milk, 2 splenda
    tea - english breakfast
    non-alco ginger ale, or miami vice (1/2 pina colada, 1/2 strawberry daiquiri) no alcohol while i was in the DR :)

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 18th/ 18 weeks

    Baby is the size of a(n): bell peper


    Upcoming Appointments: anatomy scan 2/18

    How are you feeling?: okish, got a bit of a head cold

    Rants/Raves:  super excited, been house hunting for months, finally found the one and starting paperwork today. 

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order?? Pre pregnancy was two shots of espresso from Starbucks over ice with a carmel premier protein shake added to make a healthier carmel latte :) deff miss this, decaf just doesn't taste the same...currently no to-go drinks
  • Sorry guys I have been MIA.  My phone will not work with the app anymore for some reason so I am at work right now so I was able to log on.

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:
    7/14  18w5d

    Baby is the size of a(n): 
    Sugar Glider

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):

    Upcoming Appointments: 
    Regular OB check up and my A/S on Feb 27th! 

    How are you feeling?: 
    I got the stomach bug from my daughter that gave me really bad digestive issues for 2.5 weeks.  I thought I was going to die.  I am finally most of the way over it but still have to be really careful what I eat.  Starting to feel lots of movements and bigger kicks than I expected this early on.

    I had 4 losses between my DD and this one so I am still nervous.  I just wish I could enjoy this more than I am.


    GTKY: What is your coffee/tea/non alch drink go-to order??
    I love iced coffee, non-fat chai lattee, or an occasional pepsi but I have given them all up for this pregnancy.  Just water and milk and it is getting old!

  • @afterthestorms Hugs momma! We're almost halfway. Hopefully the A/S gives you some more peace of mind. <3 

    @blackhottamales So sorry the appointment felt like a let down, so glad your LO is happy and healthy tho! I think the little hand in front of the face is cute.
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