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2nd Trimester

Anyone else's eyes bugging out?

This is nuts! The past week I have been having the nosebleed/severe sinus pressure thing going on and it has left my eyes so wonky feeling. I can still see (I do wear glasses) but it's a struggle. Between the blurriness and weird bright spots I just want to sleep all day. I told my Dr. about my incredibly horrible headahes and how everything feels foggy-ish and he didn't seem concerned whatsoever and prescribed me something for migraines that I have yet to pick up. Said it's just because of my hormones and circulation I guess

Anyone else have crazy vision stuff going on or is it just me??

(I am having twins btw, my body is all over the place lol)

Re: Anyone else's eyes bugging out?

  • Did you tell your doctor about your vision issues?
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  • Yeah I mentioned it but he's not really the talker type and barely speaks english so it's kinda hard to really talk about things
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  • Did the doctor take your blood pressure? Horrible headaches and bad vision can be a sign of pre-eclampsia and shouldn’t be ignored.

    Agreeing with @harpseal135 though- if you can’t talk with your doctor, please try and find another one.

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  • You very seriously need to see a competent provider who you can effectively communicate with. This could be symptoms of a migraine but could be a number of very serious conditions. Please. See another doctor. 
  • What everyone else said. Visual disturbances should not be brushed off. That is not a normal pregnancy symptom. You should find a doctor who you can really talk with. This isn’t a podiatrist. You need someone you really click with. Pregnancy is awesome. But it’s also weird af (I’ve had two wisdom teeth appear since I gave birth) and does weird, sometimes dangerous stuff to you. Do not screw around with this. Call a new OB in the morning. I would send you to the ER but those doctors are often so-so when it comes to stuff related to pregnancy. You could go to Walgreens or whatever to buy a home blood pressure monitor and check yours. 
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  • Hey everyone, just checking in real quick! I did indeed find a new (and really great Dr. I adore her). My blood pressure has been taken many times at this point and has always come back 110/60 which is pretty good. From what I've gathered it's my sinuses that have messed with my eyes a bit. Been feeling better lately except for my head feeling really full and heavy which I will be mentioning to her at my next appointment.
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