FFFC 2/8 — The Bump
September 2019 Moms

FFFC 2/8

I'll start! I'm judging the sh*t out of the moms posting on the WTE message boards. This woman in my area just asked if the hospital will pierce her baby's ears after she delivers.

Also, I miss wine.


Re: FFFC 2/8

  • @klpv415 Hmmm, you don't think the umbilical stump will get in the way of a postnatal belly button piercing do you?? ;) Man, some people are ridiculous.
  • @mamaber2204 bahahaha
    @klpv415 my brain misses wine, but my stomach couldn't handle it right now.

    My FFFC: I threw a wad of napkins out of my car window this morning. In my defense, I encountered a spider on my dashboard and was too scared to keep the napkins in my car for fear it would still be alive and come crawling out to exact revenge.
  • @themadcamel I think there’s a one time litter exception for spider napkins. 😖
  • @themadcamel props to you for getting it in a napkin! I would have crashed my car.
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