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Stroller advice

Recommendations for a stroller system for 3 kids... ages 5, 3, and newborn?

Was thinking either... 5 yo can walk and the other two in a double stroller of some sort... or newborn in a baby stroller alone & the toddlers in a double umbrella stroller? They can both walk otherwise (grocery store,etc)... 

What do you mommas sugget??

Re: Stroller advice

  • Hi, and congrats on your pregnancy! 

    This is is a board for moms who are due in September 2019. If you’d like to stick around, please take the time to read the board organization thread and add an introduction to the Introduce Yourself Here thread. We try not to clutter the board one-off posts like this in an effort to keep things organized and build community. There is a weekly (on Fridays) product spotlight thread where we typically ask questions about baby products. Next week’s atopic will be strollers. If you can’t wait that long, you could ask your question in the Great Question Thread. 
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