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DD 2, please vote!

Big sis is Camilla Anne but goes by Millie. Celia is a family name, but it's not vital we keep it.

Thank you!

DD 2, please vote! 41 votes

Esme June
19% 8 votes
June Celia
34% 14 votes
Clara June
46% 19 votes

Re: DD 2, please vote!

  • Personally I think Celia June is beautiful and I like it better than Clara, partly because Clara and Camilla sound so similar.
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  • Agree with pp
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  • I also like Celia June best.
  • Esme only because I personally wouldn’t do two C names although I love both celia and Clara the most

  • I love Clara June a lot. I almost didn’t vote for it because Clara and Camilla are similar but if she goes by Millie all the time it’s less of an issue. Just hard to say if she will choose that nn once she is older. 
  • I like Esme most with Camilla, but I would prefer Esme Celia over Esme June.
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