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Pregnant after IF

40 years old, FET of 3 day emryos. Poor quality

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Im having 3 day FET next week. It’s my 3rd IVF. I’m 40 years old. My husband has MFI - low motility, morphology and volume. 
1st I trasfered 3 five day blasts C/C , one stuck but had silent miscarriage at 8 weeks,
2nd - 2 five day blasts B/C - BFN
3d - I only had 5 mature eggs, all fertilized but one fertilized on day 2 and it was 1PN. By day 3 it became 7 cell grade B, I have one more normally fertilized (2PN)that is 7 cells grade 2 now, another one 5 cell grade 2, and 2 four cells grades 2 and 3. My doctor wants to trasfer two 7 cells. I’m really worried about the 1PN one, from what I read there’s very high chance it’s chromosomoly abnormal. Should I insists on transferring 3? Add a 5 cell ? Anyone had success with abnormally fertilized 1PN embryo or 4 cell grade 2 embryos in my age group?
I’d love to hear tote stories ! 

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