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Nopegoat's baby prediction!

Nopegoat's baby prediction! 64 votes

50% 32 votes
50% 32 votes

Re: Nopegoat's baby prediction!

  • I thought we weren’t supposed to post threads that apply only to individuals. Anytime someone starts a gender guess thread, they’re always told that there is a place for gender announcements and that it’s not fun to guess the gender of strangers’ babies. 
  • So I read somewhere that after having two the same sex, then the chances of subsequent children being the same sex increase every time it repeats. Gotta go with boy. 
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    ETA: posted a study below
  • https://www.ingender.com/gender-info/odds-of-having-another-boy-or-girl.aspx

    Ok so if I understand this correctly, after 3 boys a couple is more likely to have a 4th boy, but after 3 girls a couple is more likely to have a boy as a fourth child. Weird!! Unfortunately they don't go up to 5 children in this study.
  • I just showed this to H. He's thrilled with the results so far 😂😂
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  • I honestly want @nopegoat to add a 5th boy, but I feel this turf is a girl :)
  • My friends have 5 boys and it’s amazing so I’m going to guess boy! 
  • I voted girl for no real reason other than, ‘wouldn’t that be interesting.’ I feel weirdly invested in the results already. Come on, anatomy scan!
  • My grandma had five boys and the stories they have are the best. But having a little girl after four boys would be so cute too!

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  • Is she team green or just hasn't had the AS yet? I know the answer is in one of the other mentions, but I'm blanking...
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 just haven't had the AS yet. It's scheduled for the 15th.
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  • The way I've heard it, if the first two are the same sex the third probably will be too. I come from a family of 4 girls. My husband has a younger brother then a sister. So you never know! We currently have two girls, so hoping for a boy this time. But really I'd be ok with all girls too😊 If you finally get your girl, she's going to be a tough one😉
  • I voted girl. Only because someone I know with 3 boys just had a girl. And that one little girl surrounded by boys...Gah. 

    I think 5 boys would be awesome though. And the adventures they would have...

    My cousin is a swimmer and she has 4 boys. When they had their 4th last summer her announcement was "we finally have our relay team!". Love it!

    It's so hard! Is it weird I'm more excited to find out what @nopegoat is having than I was to find out my own? 
  • I guessed boy!! My logical brain went the side of the statistics... @nopegoat I hope they tell you the sex early on in the AS and baby is behaving!!! 
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    I'm guessing girl. My mom had 4 girls and then a boy.

    @kingdommom with siblings the sexes came in  pairs. My oldest sister, 2 boys then 2 girls. My other sister, 2 girls. My brother, 2 girls. Everyone in my family thinks we are having a girl.

    Edited to add that poll it's tied right now haha
  • I hope it's a boy because I think @nopegoat 's little troop is the cutest.. but I voted girl because I just have a ~*feeling*~ haha
  • We're at 50/50 currently!!
  • think it is going to be a boy. 
    want it to be a girl. Muahaha. 
    I put my vote as boy because that is what I believe will happen. I am so excited. I have the 15th on my calendar to come and see! 
  • hestia14 said:
    "Will @nopegoat become the ultimate #boymom or have her own Ginny Weasley? Tune in next Friday to find out!" :D 
    Totally this, @nopegoat You realize we're all going to be refreshing constantly on Friday, yes?
  • I had a friend whose fifth was a girl after four boys, so I am going with a girl!
  • I have a feeling it’s a girl 👧 just broke the tie haha!
  • I'm with @hakele .. I voted Boy because something tells me #boymom but I secretly want it to be a girl!
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  • I’m team boy, but man what a strong little girl that would be!
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  • Wow!! I don't know why but when this was first started I never assumed results would be so close! Ha!! 
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  • *dirty lurker* but I couldn’t help participating!! Love me some @nopegoat <3

    I voted girl because I feel it in my bones!! Can’t wait to find out! 
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  • @zuuls_mom 😍 😘😘

    I've been lurking on your board too! 

    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
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  • Either way it’s gonna be awesome, but I’m gonna go with Boy! 
  • @nopegoat I’m team boy! After 4, I have a feeling it’s gunna be another little man. :) 

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  • And the boys pulled back ahead today! 
  • Haha! This is exactly the reason I came on here today. Patiently waiting for the answer:)
  • 57 minutes to go....not that I'm counting down the minutes or anything....
  • @Panaceia She's in Texas, but is it Central or Mountain time? I was assuming Mountain I think, plus she needs to leave the appointment...

    At any rate, @nopegoat it's not like we are all waiting with baited breath or anything ;)
  • Am I wrong to expect an update from the table?
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