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Symptoms & Bodily Complaints w/o 2/4


Re: Symptoms & Bodily Complaints w/o 2/4

  • Told DH this morning I feel a little like a rotisserie chicken. I fall asleep on one side, but after a few hours my body wakes me up and insists that I need to rotate to the other one.
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  • Not really a complaint but something odd I noticed within the last week or two - I've been getting all of these small, circular, dark markings across my torso. They almost look like tiny hickeys. I can't imagine there being any harm to this but it is sort of funky. Has anyone ever experienced something similar?
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  • All the people with pregnancy pillows... I usually sleep with a few down-type pillows that basically sink into each other...are any of your pillows that way? Every pregnancy pillow I've touched is all hard and not sinking...I don't think I could sleep with that.. hmm 
  • @bear14+ The main reason I HAVEN'T caved is I prefer down, and when I felt the Snoogle at the Motherhood near me I just couldn't see it being comfortable...
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  • My U-shaped is pretty firm, and too firm for my head, so I’ve been sitting on it on the couch like a throne, trying to break it in. 
  • @Bear14+ I use a memory foam pillow. I use the L upside down. I put the fat part between my legs and hug the end. But I still have my head on my normal pillow. 
    I flip it around for lounging around in bed. 
  • I think I’ve been feeling my first sciatica pains- like a bad pinch inside my butt cheek? I never had that with DD. 

    My vericose veins are also being just terrible already with DD they became bad but not for a couple more months I’m pretty sure. Compression allllll the time. 

    Last but not least, i feel like the ligaments and muscles around my hips are really quick to tweak- especially while working out. Not like a pain that stops me, but uncomfortable for sure. Guessing all that stuff is already working on loosening up and it just doesn’t take as much for something to slip to the wrong place? Wondering if anyone else has noticed something like that? 
  • @Bear14+ I just bought a cheap body pillow from Target. It isn't down but super plush and soft.
  • Heartburn, headaches, not sleeping, and my chest and tummy are so itchy. The heartburn I’ve grown used to, I’ve had it my whole second trimester but this whole not sleeping thing has got to end. Just thankful everything I am complaining about if it gets bad enough I can take something for it.  Will not take heartburn meds but have taken a few Tylenol’s to get ride of my headaches to make it through my work day
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    @mom2b77373 if you mix 1-2 tsp of unfiltered apple cider vinegar with around 4-6oz of water, it’s highly effective for heartburn. I find better results with that now than tums or zantac.
  • Bought a down body pillow. Hoping that will work. Main spots I need a new/special pillow so far are between my knees and to help me lean back off my stomach while on my side...
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  • @mamanbebe thank you so much!! I will try that out. I have been trying my hardest to avoid OTC meds unless I have too
  • I have so much pain in my pubic area. It's an achy pain thats super annoying and hurts worse than RLP. I can't seem to get comfortable at all. 

  • Sciatica and RLP are starting back for me too. Yay... 
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  • Could someone define RLP for me? And how is it different from other growing pains?

    I have aches that are like ovary pain during ovulation (for those who can relate) in different places around my uterus, but particularly near my bladder. It’s a swollen, painful ache bad enough that last week I had to stop walking and take a pain med my doctor recommended.
    I don’t know the difference between the pain of RL and just having pressure pain from the growing uterus. 
    Some of you have mentioned your pain is worse when your bladder is full and also when you empty it, me too!
    Is that RLP? Does RLP occur anywhere around the uterus or does it have specific spots? Thanks! FTM here! 😅
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    @expatmom39 RLP can be felt along the groin and upward. As the uterus expands upward, the ligament stretches out and can become both overworked from activity but also sudden muscle contractions from coughing or sneezing can put additional strain on the ligament and cause sharp pain. When the bladder is full it pushes the uterus further upward, which can magnify the RL sensitivity. 

  • Thanks, @mamanbebe! It’s more specific than I thought! Seems like I’ve got multiple types of growing pains going on! 😂
  • Anybody have experience with sciatica pain? I felt fine this morning then all of a sudden I had this shooting pain in my lower back down my legs. I started crying it hurt so bad and thought something was really wrong. I called my dr and they basically said it’s sciatica and not much we can do for it. I was in so much pain at work. I’m a teacher and literally taught sitting down all day. It was terrible. It hasn’t eased up at all either 😩
  • @sarahtram2018 I had mild, constant sciatic pain for a week.  I made an appointment with a  chiropractor (trained for prenatal adjustments, of course) and it seems to have helped.  She even helped me with some other pains that I was just attributing to regular old pregnancy pains.
  • I have fainted twice so far in public and lost consciousness. I addressed it with my doctor and she did an EKG and it alerted her bad enough, that now I'm scheduled to wear an heart monitor and got a referral to complete a echocardiogram along with seeing a cardiologist. I'm at the point where if she's this concerned, should I even be driving myself to work? Baby's fine and my blood work came back fine except hemoglobin just below 'suggested' at 11.9 and also my carbon dioxide total at 21 and BUN at 6. Not that I know what any of this means, waiting to speak to her at my follow up scheduled on 2/19 but if anybody had any fainting episodes during their pregnancy, what did you do ? and what was the cause? 
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  • @babyginjuly no advice to offer, but I almost fainted today. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again, but I’ll be talking to my dr either way.  I hope you find out what’s causing it and everything is ok. 
  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at my last appointment (1/29) and was put on meds. This week I have started having swelling from me knees down. I’ve mostly noticed it in the evenings until this morning when I noticed it as soon as I got to work. My calves feel like a constant contraction. Sooo uncomfortable! My left one seems more swollen than the right which I have sciatic pain on my left side as well. I drink a ton of water every day and don’t have much salt in my diet. Called my OB this morning to see if I should be concerned. Still waiting for a call back for a response. 

    I know swelling is somewhat normal. I just didn’t have it until mid-late 3rd trimester with my first pregnancy. 

    Anyone else with the swelling? What are you doing for it?
  • @abmeier I'm sorry you're dealing with that this early :( 

    Anyone else having lots of BH? I don't remember when I started noticing them with DS. Not sure if it's because of how I space out my water intake but I'm going to ask the midwives about it next week. 
  • @mamanbebe I definitely noticed them sooner with my first than my second, and have already had some with this pregnancy. I think I’ve noticed them earlier, because I already know what they feel like. I just up ny water intake and make sure and rest as i can when I notice them
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  • @hakele Braxton Hicks contractions where your whole uterus tightens up like a basketball 
  • @hakele Braxton Hicks contractions 
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  • Ah. Thanks! 
  • @nolemomma14 Do you get them with increased activity? I think with my first I didn't really have them much until 3rd tri, but this pregnancy is way different than that one so far. 
  • Fuck. My boobs hurt so bad today. Excruciating pain. 
  • @mamanbebe yup. Increased activity or not enough water tend to bring them on. I do remember getting them in the 2nd trimester with my 2nd pregnancy, but farther in then now, probably around 24-26 weeks.  
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  • Anyone  else having so much discharge  they feel constantly wet? Im  not 100% positive it isnt pee but sometimes by lunch i have already  soaked  through a panty liner
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