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  • @littleredm I folded all of our clothes the Marie Kondo way. It looks so nice! I’m hoping we can keep it that way lol.

    @prpl11butterfly so exciting about the house! 
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    @inthewoods23 it's really not much but .75 acres or so. It was originally listed as 9k square ft so big difference. We have 1.3 acres now but a lot is unusable due to a natural overflow/swamp. It's got neighbors close but nothing a fence won't fix.

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  • @prpl11butterfly I had to do the conversion haha 9k is 0.2 acres. Are you flippin' kidding me?? If a house was on a lot that small you're practically on top of each other! We're on almost an acre with a wooded area in the back that's usable, but mostly left as is but there's so much yard it's great.

    0.75 acres is nice and spacious!
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  • @begging4abump - I am an Assistant Director at a daycare yes! We are a big center with ages 6 weeks to school age. So on days where school is canceled in our area all the older siblings come and its always a mad house!
  • @inthewoods23 most of the yard is on the side. Neighbors to the right are almost literally on top. Neighbor in back is decent ways but still close. I think once we cleared the trees on the side and put up a fence it would be perfect. Our mutt would have some much space to run!
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