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Week 2 Check In - Week of 2/4

This thread is for those due March 10 to March 16

Due date: 

Any appointments? Questions?:


How are you feeling?: 

GTKY: Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Any plans for celebrating this year?

Re: Week 2 Check In - Week of 2/4

  • Due date: 3/12, RCS scheduled for 3/7

    Any appointments? Questions?: My weekly appointments start this week. Have my GBS test this week, too.  No questions!

    Rants/Raves?: I think DD1 is starting to realize that this baby will be here soon, because she's been EXTRA whiny and clingy lately.  Part of me loves it (the clingy-ness, NOT the whining) but I need her to get it together because it's exhausting!  Luckily DD2 is out of her final leap and back to being her normal sweet and hilarious self, so there's some balance.

    How are you feeling?: MH and I were both up sick the night of the superbowl, and I'm still throwing up occasionally from the heartburn, but otherwise feeling ok.  Huge, but ok.

    GTKY: Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Any plans for celebrating this year?  We don't really celebrate, but MH brings the girls gifts for v-day, and occasionally he'll bring me something hilarious (one year he bought me a framed photo of Mike Ditka flipping off the camera. I love it).  Otherwise, MH's grandfather - who is a huge pain in the ass - will be in town, so I'm sure I"ll end up spending time with him.  I look forward to him telling me how fat I am.  Ugh.

  • 1. 3-16. Scheduled induction on 3-11

    2. Too many appts. 2x weekly NST's a type of ultrasound every other week and the regular mfm every other week until the 22nd.

    3. Rant: tired of all the appts but thankful for my open availiblity so we only have to work dw's schedule around all of them.

    4. Tired, big, feeling winded going up stairs. I don't seem big from my perspective though...if that makes sense?

    5. We will probably go out for a date depending on dw schedule. 

    @dtspmama glad you are feeling better for the most part.

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  • @dtspmama I feel you on the heartburn. So wretched.

    Due Date : 3/10

    Appointments / questions : next appointment is in a week for GBS test. 

    Rants / Raves : our dog is having his remaining teeth extracted today due to significant decay and to take care of it before he gets much older. Really broke my heart to hear DH decided to go ahead with it. Cried about it in my cubicle. Thankfully nobody walked by.

    How are you feeling?: sad. Pregnancy wise, heartburn and feet swelling is annoying.

    GTKY: we usually have dinner out for Valentines Day and I'll get DH something small. I'd like to get him something related to parenthood but haven't found anything yet. :)

  • @dtspmama so sorry you guys were sick, that’s extra miserable when pregnant! Glad you’re feeling mostly better.

    @kenneylynn3 you do have a ton of appointments to keep up with, but glad you and baby are doing well!

    @govanalyst86 sorry to hear about your pup, hopefully he’s feeling better once that’s dealt with. Pet health stuff is so hard! 

    Due date: 3/12

    Appts? Questions?: Next Tuesday is my 36 week and GBS test, after which I move to weekly.

    Rants/Raves: DS is currently refusing to nap (I mean... he’s almost 4, we could probably stop them, but he’s sweeter in the evening if he’s had a nap, and I need the down time) and I’m trying not to be irritated.

    How are you feeling?: irritable, big, and everything/everyone is getting on my nerves.

    GTKY: Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Any plans for celebrating this year? We typically keep it low key and do a fun or fancy dinner at home. We even rolled our own sushi a few times pre-DS! I do insist on a card and flowers (I love flowers and only get them on holidays I insist on - Valentines, our anniversary, Mother’s Day and my birthday). I’ve already made a card for DH on one of the photo sites, and I might get him some fun beers or something. DS and I will probably make valentines together for family on Friday. And I’ll get DS a card and a little treat from DH and I, as well. 

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  • Due date: 3/16

    Any appointments? Questions?: Just hospital tour on Thursday, nothing else until 2/20.

    Rants/Raves?: Rant: I would have loved the snow days if I could afford to spend vacation days left and right. So I took DS1 to work today morning. Can't wait until the daycare opens again!

    How are you feeling?: Had a bit of heartburn yesterday, no issues otherwise. 

    GTKY: Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Any plans for celebrating this year? We usually exchange little presents with DH. I'm making a coupon book for him this time, customized to our situation (some private time without kids, massage, etc.)

  • @lucysmom2016 HOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!!!!!
  • Due Date: March 11

    Any appointments: today, ultrasound scheduled for next Monday to check size of baby

    Rants/Raves: Well I was feeling good about my health and weight gain (no weight gained one week, lost a pound another week) then bam 6lbs in 2 weeks. The doctor says it’s fluid and baby..wedding rings still fit. This is my second pregnancy, I gained a ton with my first. So a little bummed about my weight goal, but baby has the steering wheel and he’s healthy:)

    How are you feeling: Since it’s my second time around I know the last month is the worst, staying busy and positive! But I did forget about the constant heartburn and aches/pains...so those memories are coming back.

    Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Hubs and I typically go to a new restaurant we’ve been wanting to try with 5 courses or more, it’s our splurge meal! However this year with limited appetite, heartburn, and not partaking in wine..we may do a rain check this year! 
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