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2 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages

I am 25 years old and otherwise healthy.
I got pregnant June of 2018, went for an 8 week ultrasound at one of those 3d studio type places and heard my babies heartbeat at 8 weeks. When baby and I went in for our first prenatal appointment with my ob/gyn at 10 weeks, baby had no heartbeat. My ob/gyn and I decided a d&c would be our best option. 
I then got pregnant January 2019 and am currently experiencing a miscarriage. I had went out for dinner on Friday, February 1 and when I arrived at the restaurant I went to the restroom, as I always do, to wash my hands before dinner and felt like I peed myself. I went into the stall and sure enough blood, everywhere! It went through my panties, through my jeans, dripping into the toilet and all over the floor. I rushed to the emergency room from there and hcg levels were low so the doctor recommended an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed a sac but not much else. She said it might have been too early or a miscarriage was already in progress. In order to know forsure she ordered lab work to have my hcg levels checked in a couple days.
On Sunday Feb 3, I went in for blood work and sure enough my hcg levels dropped drastically. So the doctor contacted me to confirm that I was in fact experiencing my second miscarriage. I was 6weeks.
Both are so different from one another but still none are easy to deal with. The only similarity is that I had no signs or symptoms for either, which scares me because I feel like I won't be able to see it coming if this were to happen again.

Re: 2 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages

  • Sorry for your losses. I've had 5 pregnancies and 5 miscarriages, so I understand the pain. If you get PG again, I'd call your doctor and ask for beta tests. You can still get a MC out of the blue, but at least the hcg levels can help with your anxiety where you can see if they're rising correctly or not.
  • Im sorry for your losses! I cannot imagine going through the physical and emotional strain as many times as you have. You are so strong! Thank you for the suggestion, that is something I will bring up with my dr. Wishing you all the best!
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    I had the same experience and about the same timeline. I found out I was pregnant with my first May 2018 went in for my 8 wk appointment and was measuring at 6.5 wks. They saw a heartbeat and things were looking good for the most part. I was spotting and my levels weren't rising. I went in for my actual 8 wks and they couldn't find a heartbeat, the baby stopped developing around 6.5 wks because it didn't change in size. 
    I let my body naturally let things happened and it was the worst pain I've ever been in. I had cramps that felt like a 20 and was heavy bleeding, I had to change my pad every 2 hours. It also took about 4 weeks from finding out the baby stopped developing to actually having the miscarriage.

    My second pregnancy was similar but also different. I found I was pregnant Jan 2019. Things were fine and around 7.5 weeks I started spotting but it very minimal that I didn't think it was anything serious. Then on Feb 10 I started bleeding more and this was a Sunday so the office was closed. I waited until Monday to call and they were able to get me in on Tuesday. Tuesday morning I woke up and my underwear was soaked in blood and I went to the bathroom and something passed through and I knew I had miscarriaged. Went in for the appointment and they confirmed there was no sac or anything. 

    For both pregnancies I noticed I didn't have any symptoms at all, maybe some fatigue and my boobs were slightly sore but not super noticable and second time around I knew something was wrong. 
    I feel like because I had no symptoms and for my first pregnancy my levels weren't rising the way they should be so there were some red flags which I guess makes sense in it ending in MC.

    One main difference is the actual miscarriage process between the two. The first one was a very painful and what passed felt heavy where the second one the pain was at a 6 and the passing was lighter so I would assume the baby stopped developing sooner than the first one .

    It doesn't get any easier and I'm hoping my doctor and I can find a solution and I'm able to have a healthy long term pregnancy.

    Best of luck. 
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