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Just for Fun: Gender Predictions

I know it’s too early for most (all) of us to know the sex yet, but do you have any feelings, suspicions, old wives tales, etc.?

Re: Just for Fun: Gender Predictions

  • I think it’s another girl (2 girls already) my husband is convinced he will have 3 girls. I have some nausea and lots of little pimples/acne. Also always want lots of sweets, I still like my burgers but I could eat sweets all day. Chinese calendar I think says boy for me. It cost $7.99 but I did the gender experts on my 6 week ultrasound and they say girl. So I’ll see. 
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  • septoctkidsseptoctkids member
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    I am dying to find out the gender! We will be ecstatic either way but I can’t wait to find out. I don’t have any suspicions this time. When I was pregnant with my son I had a feeling it was a boy at our 10 week ultrasound. So we’ll see what I’m feeling at 10 weeks. 

    @satuttle1014 I sent my ultrasound to “the gender experts too!” Figured it would be fun lol. They predicted girl for us as well. We’ll have to update each other when we find out to see if they were right or not. 

    Has as anyone else sent their ultrasound to the gender experts from this pregnancy or a previous pregnancy? 
  • I very strongly feel that this baby is a boy. MH hopes I’m wrong because he wants a girl, ha. We’ll find out in a couple of months :)
  • @septoctkids for sure!!! I did the gender experts with my second at 20 weeks to see if they were right and they were. I know it’s not 100% but I think they are generally right. I want to see if they are right this time too. 
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  • @dolewhipper ^_~* <3 

    my sex prediction is boy--the chinese predictor says so & my mom's symptoms were = to what the myths indicate--she was super nauseated with me consistently & then not so much w/ my brother. i predicted to DH seedling is XY-- i haven't been super nauseated (week 8 starts monday) & not drawn to sweets or anything. we'll see!
  • I have no predictions as far as sex goes. DH and all but one of the people I’ve told “have a feeling” it’s a girl. 
  • I have a “feeling” its a boy for me and the Chinese predictor agreed with me, but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • I feel like this could be a girl. I have 2 boys and 1 girl already....would love a 3rd boy. I won't be disappointed either way. 
  • DH and I both think it's a boy. The Chinese calendar predictor also says so. Either way we won't be disappointed, but April/May seems so far away to find out.
  • I’m predicting boy! We have 3 girls already and our babe that we lost in Oct was a girl. I feel strongly that we would get a boy so as to differentiate this baby and pregnancy from our loss. Im such a girl mom, tho, that I sort of would love another girl. My only fear being that people will view a girl as trying to ‘replace’ our angel. We will find out via Panorama at 10w but now I’m curious to try this gender expert thing!! 
  • septoctkidsseptoctkids member
    edited February 2019
    @yoshi882 I agree.. seems so far away! 
  • @kiddiesandkitties so sorry to hear about your previous loss. We will be doing the panorama screening too but I just had to try the gender experts haha. Dying to see if they are right. I’ve read mixed things about their guesses. Obviously 50/50 but figured I’d play along. 
  • @septoctkids thank you. We lost our daughter @ 2 months to SIDS. Today is 3months since. Our first ultrasound is 2/12 so i will definitely try it!! I had never heard of it before!
  • @kiddiesandkitties I am so deeply sorry for your loss! Hugs and love to you and your family ❤

    I'm guessing boy. Chinese calendar predictor says girl, but I have a feeling it's a boy. No nausea yet (🤞) and craving salty food are "old wives tales" predictors for a boy.
  • I'm guessing boy. My cravings are much more similar to my pregnancy with DS versus DD. Chinese calendar says boy too. 
  • I have a feel it's a boy this time already have a little girl. Also the 1sr tri this time has been so different. The needle test, Chinese gender predictor and Mayan gender predictor all say boy too. 
  • Question! For these predictors, it’s based on age and conception month. If my last period was Dec 17, and my cycle is 33 days, is conception month Dec or Jan? 12/17 plus 14 days would be 12/31... but if you add a day or two for the length of cycle, it’s 1/1 or 1/2. First world problems.
  • I feel like I’m having another boy. I have two boys and one girl already. I have almost identical symptoms to my second pregnancy(boy). Always nauseous at dinner time and unable to eat.
  • My previous 2 pregnancies I just knew from the beginning that they were girls and I was right both times.  This time I truly feel that I'm having a boy.  I'm really hoping I'm right a 3rd time.  DH and all of our parents want a boy so bad.
  • @kiddiesandkitties tricky one! Haha i’d go with when you December 
  • for those that use the Chinese calendar— do you go by the one that asks your lunar age and lunar date of conception?

    ive been having fun with too. You enter the baby’s heart rate and age and it tells you boy or girl based on the bmp average for that week in pregnancy. 
  • I think it’s a Girl... 
    we will be finding out as soon as possible. I definitely want to know!!
  • I think girl, but I have zero basis for that. :) 
  • I think girl. Fast heartbeat and pretty similar symptoms as with my daughter. Just a little sicker. Original plan is to not find out... we'll see :) lol 
  • @Jwilliams777 we keep going back and forth about finding out or not. I can’t decide! Lol did you find out with your daughter? 
  • Has anyone tried any of the old wives tales or prediction tests out there? Baking soda.. ring test etc. obviously there’s a 50/50 chance for it all but it’s fun to play along! :) 
  • We were Team Green with Henry and will be for this one and all future babes :)
    Married 6/5/14 in Ireland
    1st Baby 5/12/17, Henry
  • I feel like this may be a girl, but have 0 basis for that.

    We may do the “Sneak Peak” blood test in another week just to see what it says!
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  • I'm going with girl again. I would love a son since I have 2 girls but either way I'm excited 
  • I am team green, but I'm guessing that this is another girl. I never put much stock in the ramzi theory but first ultrasound pics look identical placement from my first to my current... and my symptoms are pretty much spot on that they were with #1. It could just be how my body does pregnancy, but I'm guessing girl. 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • @MsBeachNJ did the Ramzi Theory hold true with your first girl with placenta forming towards the left?
  • The most accurate gender prediction for my other two was the day of conception to ovulation. So going off of that theory (the boy sperm swim faster but have a shorter lifespan & girl’s are slower but live longer) I think it’s a boy. DTD on day of ovulation and hadn’t DTD except a week prior(too long for girl sperm to stay swimming haha).
    However, my daughter is 5 and son is 3, and I’m honestly trying not to get my hopes up, but I really want my dd to have a sister that’s semi-close in age. I love my sister, & all the examples in my family show that there’s really nothing like a sister’s friendship. ☺️ But then I look at my son’s baby pics and gush over them! haha, so either way I’m obviously okay with 😁
  • Okay, I totally paid The Gender Experts $7.99 last night after learning about it from you ladies :smiley: and I had them do the Ramzi test since my US pic was only 8w5d. I wasn’t sure how to read it because it was a vaginal US and thankfully they had that option to select when giving the info with the pics. It came back GIRL! So we shall see come May if they were right!
    Side note: I like how they actually highlighted the area and explained why they thought it was a girl..and they gave some credentials of being an US Tec since 2015...although anyone can write that on a non-legal document. ;)
  • @jessfrezz so fun! We will know the sex in 2 weeks. I’ll let you know if our gender expert prediction was correct.
  • @septoctkids yay, excited for you! And thanks, I’m definitely curious!  :)
  • FTM at 10 weeks and out of nowhere I have a really strong feeling it’s a boy! We’re going to find out the first week of March and I’m so curious to find out if my feeling is right or if I have no idea what I’m talking about 😂 Will come back & post results! 
  • DH surprised me with a Sneak Peek blood test. I mail it out tomorrow and we should know in 3-4 days. Since I have a son and hubby here, I'm nervous I contaminated it with male DNA, but who knows! We shall find out for sure in due time!
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  • @Sunshine2214 that’s awesome!! Keep us posted! I debated buying that. We have our panorama blood work on Thursday so we should know in a couple weeks. Ekk!! :)
  • @septoctkids I'm actually kind of wondering if it was silly of him to do this because we may be getting a panorama and all of that stuff in two weeks since we have a long history of recurrent MC's.
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