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Prenatal vitamin help.

What is a good vitamin. Is it better to have a good based one? I have seen good things about Honest Company. 

Re: Prenatal vitamin help.

  • Personally, I would stay away from store brands and random brands, as you never know what you're going to get.

    I don't know anything about the Honest Company's vitamins. I take Nature Made Prenatal Multi+DHA. 

    What's important and makes a prenatal different from a regular multivitamon is to have one with DHA and folic acid or folate (preferably folate, I plan to switch when I run out), which are important for the baby's development, and iron, which is important for you since many pregnant women wind up deficient.
  • I highly recommend talking to your OB before starting a prenatal vitamin. Your OB should run blood tests to see what specific vitamins you need and recommend one from there. You may need a multivitamin or just take folic acid supplements. 
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    It used to be recommended that you don’t take one with iron to start, but I’m not sure if that’s changed. The thinking was so they knew if you were actually anemic or not? This is a few years old. 

    I take garden of life and supplement with methylfolate. 

    And dont wait on at least taking a folic acid supplement. That should be started as soon as possible. Waiting until you see an OB is too late to start that 
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