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Group 1 (Sept 1-7) Weekly Check-in w/o Jan 28th

Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days:
Baby is the size of a(n):
Upcoming Appointments:
How are you feeling?:
GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year?

Re: Group 1 (Sept 1-7) Weekly Check-in w/o Jan 28th

  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/6, 8w3d
    Baby is the size of a(n): raspberry
    Upcoming Appointments: 1/30, first OB appt and u/s
    How are you feeling?: still have nausea and am tired, have started feeling sore (especially in my hips) from time to time and wondering if the relaxin is starting to kick in. I've also been gagging/dry heaving every time I brush my teeth and it's getting really annoying!
    Rants/Raves: Was asked to get bloodwork done prior to my appt, so went last week and got surprised with a glucose tolerance test! My face must have been a picture when I saw that orange drink waiting for me, lol. I had DS with me and wasn't prepared to entertain him for an hour in the waiting room so they let me wait outside (once I promised not to go anywhere/to head inside if I felt faint). Not really a rant (definitely not a rave!), though I think someone should have mentioned it to me ahead of time!
    Questions: not really
    GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? Where we are now the seasons aren't too pronounced, so I'm nostalgic for the seasons changing generally and especially for fall in the NE (where I'm from originally).
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: Sept 1st/9wks+1d
    Baby is the size of a(n): Blackberry
    Upcoming Appointments: Feb 11th for my 2nd appointment
    How are you feeling?: Less nauseous now - thank goodness. Still sensitive to smells, tired, and my stamina is lower now when I work out. I'm also having a lot of vivid dreams about my future little one! 
    Rants/Raves: I want to rant about all the mood swings I can't control! I cried for chocolate cake the other day and I can't watch the Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix because I keep thinking how awful it would be if those were my children. I also want to rave about my husband for being a good sport when I get emotional and hangry.  
    Questions: What do you do to keep your mind off the 12 week wait?
     GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? I love the fall because I enjoy the cold, sweaters, scarves, and the start of the holidays. 
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  • yoshi882yoshi882 member
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    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/4; 8w6d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Piece of popcorn

    Upcoming Appointments: 2/5 for glucose tolerance test; 2/7 for an ultrasound; 2/13 for follow up with my OB.

    How are you feeling?: Horrible. I've been nauseous more than ever, super tired, boobs are sore... I'm just ick. 

    Rants/Raves: I dread taking my medication for my blood sugar levels at every meal. It makes me even more nauseous. I do it, but then I'm constantly running between desk and bathroom at work "just in case". 
    I've been spotting now for almost a week. Very light, only noticeable when I wipe and light pink in colour. This is my second pregnancy, the first I miscarried at 5-6 weeks 2 years ago. I can't help, but freak out a little every time I go to the bathroom. My OB keeps telling me it's normal, but my MiL keeps telling me it's not which only makes me worry more. I'm just tired of feeling brushed off by the nurses/doctor each time I call. It may be normal, but it doesn't feel normal to me and I keep being told to wait until my scheduled appointment.
    DH has been wonderful through all of this. He's used to my mood swings when I'm PMSing, but he says this is a whole new ball game. Last night I cried because we were low on dog food and I was afraid the dogs might starve, he promised to go get the dog food tonight to make sure that doesn't happen. Gotta love him.

    Questions: None right now.

    GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? Fall/Early Winter. After Christmas I would prefer if the snow melted forever, before it turned into crappy grey slush on the roads.

    @p912019  I've been trying to do anything I can. Going for walks, distracting myself with favourite books/movies. My mind is still there though, but I'm also a very impatient person. 
  • Oops, definitely responded on the wrong thread before, sorry!

    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 8+1
    Baby is the size of a(n): raspberry
    Upcoming Appointments:2/5 with an OB coordinator, then my OB two weeks after that
    How are you feeling?: Nauseous daily, extremely tired, but good other than that.
    Rants/Raves: Nothing really just trying to keep up with my morning workouts
    GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? Fall is by far my favorite time of year, cooler weather and college football!
  • @lilyclover that sounds really rough, and sucks the nurses/dr are handling it like that in light of your history. For what it's worth (not much!), my pregnancy with DS I was told that spotting like you describe was normal by my OB, though that didn't do a lot to calm my nerves. She also warned me I could have similar spotting after the t/v ultrasound (and I did).
    @p912019 @lilyclover I've been so emotional lately - I cried last night because I was so tired I went to bed earlier than usual and then was so uncomfortable I couldn't fall asleep.
  • @ternsetc That helps actually. It's my MiL who continues to spike my anxieties. She's a tough cookie to say "stop" to though because this is her first grandbaby. These first few months would have been easier if my mother was in town, but my parents being snowbirds have gone to Florida for the remainder of the winter. 

    @p912019 @ternsetc I'm already a super emotional person, so these hormones have everything in overdrive. I just had a good cry when DH was playing the Spiderman game and Stan Lee made a cameo in the game. I bawled for a good 15 minutes because he passed. I'm not a huge superhero fan, but Spiderman would have to be one of my favourites. Watching Grey's Anatomy is near impossible at this point.
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9w1d
    Baby is the size of a(n): thumbnail
    Upcoming Appointments: no OB until month but waiting for the genetic counselor to call me so i can NIPT ASAP. 
    How are you feeling?: hungry or nauseous all the time. i'm making a point to buy some hard candy this week or I'm going to gain my 30 lbs all in the first trimester :).
    Rants/Raves: perfume wearing people on the bus
    GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? spring!
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/4, 9 weeks today 

    Baby is the size of a(n): cherry 🍒 

    Upcoming Appointments: First appointment is finally on Monday, been a long wait!

    How are you feeling?: Sleep is getting better, counting down to 2nd tri!

    Rants/Raves: Boo for insanely cold temps (20 below zero with windchill here in CLE) but yay for working from home today 🙌🏻

    GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? I love the transition from summer to fall, so basically all of September, for as nasty as our Ohio winters can be, the late summer early fall time is just 👌🏻
  • @mrsp2613 Hello EDD friend! The cold is terrible right now. If it's not freezing here, it's snowing tons! But that's Canadian winters for you. I had trouble sleeping initially, mainly because everything is just sore and tender, but body pillows have been a sleep saver along with this soothing pillow spray for some aromatherapy. I try to avoid drinking right before bed as well to attempt an uninterrupted sleep. 
  • edited January 2019
    Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/4 8w+6d
    Baby is the size of a(n): Popcorn 
    Upcoming Appointments: 2/20 for NT+Panorama
    How are you feeling?: Les Mis. I'm tired, cranky, emotional, hungry and nauseous. I need to get a handle on my eating because it's getting a little out of control with me giving into my craving and then feeling incredibly sick after. 
    Rants/Raves: I'm just so irritable. Also, am feeling really impatient for my 12-week which seems like so far away. I really want to know that we're on track for an unremarkable pregnancy. I'm tired to this being a big secret, I'm a very transparent person and keeping this secret is effecting my overall mood. Also, the fact that I feel like crap most of the time, but nobody can tell why - is kind of annoying - especially on a crowded subway when there are no seats available. END RANT.
    Questions: None right now aside from how is everybody else feeling/coping/managing?
    GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? Fall. Best season hands-down. I love the changing colors of the trees, the mild weather, being able to wear boots and a leather jacket, but not having to bundle up, and trekking to the Hudson Valley to enjoy the scenery.
  • @laurenmicheley I feel the exact same way between symptoms, bus commute, and waiting for NIPT/NT. I want to tell everyone because it's all I think about. I hate wishing time away but damnit I want to fast forward a couple of weeks.
  • @dahliasanddogs have you heard from the genetic counselor? It always makes me nervous when I'm told 'you'll get a call about this' with a vague time frame, and hope you hear from them asap!
    @laurenmicheley yes, looking forward to 12 weeks and it does feel like ages from now. I know after that I'll start to worry about some other aspects of pregnancy/delivery a lot more, but having a lot of trouble with the uncertainty of these early weeks and with the nausea. So much sympathy for you and everyone else doing a commute through these symptoms and keeping it a secret at work.
  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days: 9/7 (My original estimate was 9/5 but went for my first appointment and they are sticking to 9/7 - almost bumped out of Group 1!)

    Baby is the size of a(n): Gummy bear

    Upcoming Appointments: Second appt on 2/25 for 12w (this will be the first time meeting the doc, the first appointment was with the NP)

    How are you feeling?: Not too bad, mostly super tired. Just got a call from the doc office saying I have a bladder infection - a big surprise as I'm usually pretty good about noticing those. 

    Rants/Raves: Rave: Just had my first u/s at 8w. I'm not a super emotional person, but seeing that little guy/gal on screen for the first time made me gasp. Rant: maybe TMI but I have breast tissue in my armpits (found out a long time ago cause armpits would slightly swell and get sore during my period, nothing you can really see from the outside) and so now my armpits are swollen and sore along with the boobs  >:(

    Questions: This is a very personal question, so I very much understand if people don't want to answer. But what are people's thoughts on genetic testing? My NP just gave me some paperwork telling me I needed to decide soon if I was doing it, and I'm totally lost about it. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite season/time of year? I love summer. I love the heat and sunshine. In every other season I'm always super cold, so summer is my time to shine and actually enjoy!

    Third kid: Due 11/6
    Second kid: Dec 2021
    First kid: Sept 2019
  • @bluepeach565 I'm AMA so I'm definitely pro genetic testing for major chromosomal abnormalities. I want to know sooner than later and not a big one for surprises. I'm not interested in carrier testing as we thankfully don't have any strong family histories. I'm not sure insurance would cover the screening and I imagine it's $$$. 
  • janat1717janat1717 member
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    @bluepeach565 So I'm the opposite. I'm AMA too so it really comes down to personal preference. We would not make decisions based on the testing so I really just see it as a tool for worry for myself and possible extra tests, u/s, amnio pushing (I wouldn't do amnio). Lots of people get news that freaks them out and then have a totally healthy baby. I'll do the anatomy scan at 21-22 weeks to catch some abnormalities and be able to plan for doctors, procedures needed after birth, etc if necessary. Of course you could test, have perfect results and feel great. 
  • @bluepeach565 I'm AMA as well. I personally wouldn't pay out of pocket for the testing, but as it's available we've decided to do it because we would rather have what information we can. For me the big questions were would I be willing to consider a diagnostic test if the blood test came back high risk, and how would it be emotionally for us to get that high risk result vs finding out something later on. As you say, this is such a personal decision and it really is about what feels right for you. Did your NP give you some informational stuff to review in the paperwork, or talk you through it at all? I was provided with some basic but detailed info on what the testing does and doesn't do, reasons women might want to take it and reasons women might not, and some suggested questions to ask myself/discuss with DH. That helped get me started.
  • Sept 1 is my due date. I am a FTM and we have been trying to conceive for  almost exactly a year so we are extremely excited!!! 

    I have already had 3 appointments and 2 u/s. I assume it is because of my endometriosis history that she is checking me so often, but I have super high anxiety about everything so I am okay with it.

    I have been absolutely exhausted, can't sleep on my stomach because of sore boobs, and the nausea has been real. I am doing my best not to complain because it is such a joy. My husband is having a hard time understanding all of it because he thinks it should be just like PMS. 

    When are yall planning on announcing? I hate keeping this secret so much because it is eating me alive, but I want to be cautious. I have an appointment feb 11 and I will be 11 weeks, but i feel like that is too early to announce.
  • @Knottie1432152134 First of all, welcome and congratulations. You should take a look at your account settings and choose a personalized user name to help us get to know you better.

    I'm a FTM too, it's so exciting isn't it? As for the nausea, I've been drinking either ginger ale (though it is high in sugar), also  I found a ginger tea that has really helped, but it has caffeine so I would reccoreco finding one that doesn't if herbal teas are your thing. Body pillows and sports bras have been a saving grace for me while sleeping.

    We plan to announce on my birthday which will be just a couple of days shy of 12 weeks, but everyone's different so I believe you have to do it when you feel most comfortable.
  • @bluepeach565 so with my first we didn’t do any genetic testing because it is what is it. With my second we did because we wanted to be able to prepare if we needed to being we already had another child, with the third I never got around to getting the bloodwork done with two kids and with this one I guess I’ll play it by ear. Lol 
  • Thank you so much @dahliasanddogs @janat1717 @ternsetc @blondie1314 . I really appreciate all of your answers and explanantions into your thinking. It's helped a lot!

    and @ternsetc - to answer your question, no our NP gave us nothing informational, just a one pager that explained that it was available and there was an office to call to figure out pricing/insurance. I was really surprised! 
    Third kid: Due 11/6
    Second kid: Dec 2021
    First kid: Sept 2019
  • @knottie (i'm sorry i couldn't remember all the numbers), I'm beginning to leak to news now that I got my NIPT testing back, have seen an U/S, and heard a heartbeat. I'm 11 wks right now. I'm just so excited, it's hard to keep it in. I've told my entire immediate family and my partner has told his mom. I'm also feeling like a major flake at work with all my appointments so not sure how much longer I keep it a secret. 
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