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Funny labor/delivery stories

I could use a good laugh today. Who has a funny/embarrassing/awkward labor or delivery story? 

Re: Funny labor/delivery stories

  • So mine is embarrassing but when I got my epidural, DH and the nurse had to turn me on my side and I farted really loud. Since I couldn't feel anything, I thought it was my DH 😂 After the nurse left the room, I was like dang what was that?! When I found out it was me, he was laughing so hard I told the nurse to kick him out of the room, jokingly of course. He still makes fun of me for it.
  • By the time I got to 9cm my epidural had worn off (my labour stalled after getting it so it took forever to get that far) and I experienced the “ring of fire” au natural. I was screaming I can’t do this, I can’t do it! And DH was super silent, he told me afterwards the entire time I was screaming all he could think was “I see the baby’s head, you’re doing it alright” but the nurse didn’t say anything and he didn’t want to ruin my momentum by telling me.

    I always laugh when I relive it, me screaming like a psycho that I can’t do it while he’s totally frozen watching the baby come out. 
  • After DD was born (ECS) SO went with her so I didn't get to see her until she was all cleaned up and swaddled. SO brought her back in to show to me. They way they had her swaddled had sort of squished her all together so the first thing I said when I saw her was "She has so many chins!". 
  • I was being induced at 39 weeks.  The doctor said "judging by the monitor you are about two cm dilated. I am going to check the patient across the hall, then I'll go into the office.  I'll be back around 2 and we will decide what to do from there."  I started texting my dad, telling him to go into work because there was no way this baby was coming before five pm.

    The doctor comes back and says "I think I should check you, just in case the monitor is wrong."  He then checks me, looks at my husband and said, "suit up, we are going to the OR, the baby just grabbed my finger."

    And that is how I ended up in an emergency c-section.
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