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Week 35 and we can't decide between 3 different names.

My husband and I keep going back and forth between 3 different names, mix and matching them for first and middle names.  There are other names we both like, but these are the only 3 we both agree on.  We haven't asked family/friends for help, because I partially want to keep it a surprise, partially want it to be something special just between my husband and I since its been a journey for us to get to this point, and finally because I don't want any judgement or opinions.  We do, however, ask and welcome your unbiased opinions and help! 🙏🏼

These are our top 3:

1) Jonathan Luca 

2) Luca Mateo 

3) Mateo Luca 

Thank you! 

Re: Week 35 and we can't decide between 3 different names.

  • I've got a week to go and a list of 3 girls names that we're taking to the hospital with us. I'm hoping that when she gets here she'll help us figure out which one! So I can totally sympathize. We're not sharing with friends or family either. 

    From your list, my favorite would be Luca Mateo with Jonathan Luca second.
  • I love Jonathan Luca! 

    I feel like Luca is becoming very popular so that's why I like it as a MN
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  • I love Mateo but I think Jonathan Luca sounds best together.
  • I love the name Luca Jonathan, though it's not one of your choices.
  • To me, both Luca and Mateo sound like they fit an Italian or Portuguese or Spanish family. Not sure if that is the origin just my vibe. So to use both of them I’d say it only works if it fits your heritage.  Otherwise I’d say Jonathan Luca.
  • Luca Mateo has the best flow in my opinion.

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  • Jonathon Luca
  • Jonathon Luca 

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  • Thank you all for your suggestions!  I think we've at least narrowed it down to Jonathan Luca or Mateo Luca. 😊 We are both Hispanic, and our baby boy was conceived on our anniversary trip to Italy, so that's we are gravitating towards Mateo and Luca, and Jonathan is just a great name.  I really don't think we can go wrong with either of these names, in any combination.  💙
  • Mateo  Luca!!!!! I love mateo its one of my favorites!!! and i love luca...mateo is less popular so id go with that.
    Johnathan while a nice name is so over done

  • +1 for Jonathan Luca.
  • Mateo Luca is a fantastic combination!
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