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Breast Pump Poll

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I hope no one minds me polling outside of the discussion thread.

Breast Pump Poll 30 votes

Spectra S1 or S2
70% 21 votes
Medela PISA
20% 6 votes
Symphony - rental
0% 0 votes
10% 3 votes
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Re: Breast Pump Poll

  • Disclaimer: I never tried Spectra, but I voted for it. We have a moms mailinglist at work, and Spectra got lots of love there. I'll try to get it through insurance after the baby is here. I have a PISA from last time, plus I also tried a Symphony for a few months (rental covered by insurance because of low supply). Symphony > PISA, hands down. But it's not portable, if that's something you care about.  
  • I got the spectra for my last. Love it. As much as you can love a pump/ pumping. I have two, kept one at work, one at home/ for travel in the car. Used them with the freemies. Love the gentleness of the suction compared to the Medela ones. And no issues with the pump itself.
  • I’d love to try a different pump this time but insurance will only cover a Medela pump. 
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  • I have the pink spectra from last time and this time I’m getting the freemie
  • I had the PISA last time, and it was effective, but loud! I am going with the Spectra this time because I have heard that it is much quieter.
  • @maggiemadeit, you’re right-the Spectra is super quiet! I’m a FTM but spent plenty of time with my sister when she was using her PISA and I remember the sound of that pump so well.  🙉
    When I got my Spectra and first turned it on, I thought it was broken because I couldn’t hear it running, ha. Turns out it’s just THAT quiet! 
  • @hlmtnmama That’s awesome! I work at home and being able to take a conference call and pump at the same time is key! 
  • Hey ladies, hope it’s ok to ask here. I’ve been confused about the difference between the spectra s1 and s2. Is the only difference the fact that one has a battery option? For people who’ve tried one or the other, is the battery option worth the price difference (my insurance covers the non-battery one). Thanks!
  • @navete I believe the only difference is the battery and possibly a night light. I haven't used it yet, but I'd say the battery is big if only because you can pick it up and take it with you, ie. if baby starts crying or you forget your water/phone across the room, you have to let the dog in/out, etc. I remember being in the middle of pumping sessions and not able to pick up DD1 because I was stuck to an outlet, so for DD2 I wanted to have the portability so if either of the two of them needed me (especially since DD1 is kind of potty trained) I could still get up and help.
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  • @navete What Meggyme just said! Mainly difference is battery / portable vs being plugged in. I got the pink one that has to be plugged in since insurance covered it. I figure if becomes a hassle then I'll get the blue portable one. You can also get special outlet thing so can use while driving if needed so it would work semi-portable that way. 
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  • @navete I had one of each with DS. I kept the S1 at home and the S2 at work, since I didn't have any need to be mobile while pumping at work. Theoretically there's no difference between the two but I liked the S1 better - for some reason I had fewer issues with the suction on it. I gave away the S2 since we weren't planning on another baby, but thank goodness I still have my S1. I'll get the S2 again through insurance and do the same hing - it will be interesting to see if I have similar isues with the S2 or if I just got a finicky one last time. 

    Either way, I preferred both Spectras to the PISA I started out with. I hated that thing.
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