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Boy or girl ?

Would this be considered a nub pointing up or down ? 

Re: Boy or girl ?

  • nopegoatnopegoat
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  • I recommend deleting this before you see my favorite side of the bump. 

    check previous threads asking the same thing to see how those ended. 

  • I know you are excited to find out the sex of your LO. The wait is killing me too but these kind of posts are severely frowned upon on this site especially since we are not experts. Though there have been studies finding some truth to this method, more than likely if your ultrasound tech didn't tell you most likely a group of women on the internet aren't qualified to tell you either.

    Also I would suggest you look at the pinned posts at the top. There are instructions to change your name so we can recognize and get to know you. There's also a post specifically to share ultrasound pics as well as the sex of your baby when you do find out. 

  • ....there’s no nub? Am I crazy? I think there’s no nub visible. 

    (That’s right. I won’t give the Bump the satisfaction...) 
  • Looks like a light saber to me.  Congrats on the Jedi on the way! 
  • jenniferjoy37jenniferjoy37
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    The young Jedi. Ha! 
  • Looks like a flame thrower. May want to check into that.
    July 4th
  • A firefly or glowworm perhaps? Sorry, but you really should read the directions and guidlines first!🤷🏼‍♀️
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