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CNY fertility ny

Hi! We are reaching the point of IVF, we are about 3-4 hours from a CNY clinic, considering their good price. Has anyone went through them for IVF and traveled? How long did it take to get an initial appointment? 

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  • No experience with them yet, but I called in October and the earliest I could get a consultation was May. 
    TTC #2 since January 2017
    April 2017: spontaneous pregnancy (m/c at 6 weeks)
    February 2018: full testing by RE
    DX: Still unexplained (first DX'd in January of 2015)

    May 2018-Sept 2018:
    4 failed IUIs, all with Follistim + trigger + ICI + IUI + progesterone
    1-3 mature follicles and 60m+ motile sperm every time

    Nov 2018: Hysteroscopy; minor endometriosis found on and removed from right tube
    Dec 2018: another failed IUI 

    Jan 2019: Follistim 175iu (8 days) + acupuncture
    IUI cycle almost cancelled due to risk of multiples
    Follicles: 21, 20, 16, 16, 15, 15, 14, 14, 14, 13, 13, 12, 12, 12, 11, and 11mm 24 hours before trigger
    ICI + IUI
  • Hi @ispi! We just switched to CNY from a different clinic after a year of IVF and **TW** two early miscarriages. I had a feeling after a failed transfer in July that if my last FET didn't work I would want to switch, so I called in August for a consultation at CNY and made an appointment for December.

    So far it's been good. There is an office in our city so we aren't traveling, and we don't start our IVF cycle until March but I like it there. Private message me if you have any specific questions!!
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    @ellenarie7 aw thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry to hear about your MCs.
  • Of course! And thank you <3
  • I didn’t have a great experience withCNY. My ivf ended up being converted to another iui with a different clinic. If you have minimal issues, I would NOT suggest CNY, cuz they don’t have a protocol for us who don’t have a lot of issues. Hell, they only have 1 protocol for everybody. They think everyone has inflammation, so that’s the protocol they go with... I didn’t have a problem getting pregnant, it was staying pregnant. And dr k couldn’t give me any assurance that they could help with that and just said “u need Keto and have inflammation”. Bull shit, sir.... so I left.. so if there’s everything wrong under the sun, go there.. just know what ur doing and advocate for urself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
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    Thanks! What’s your diagnosis? 
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