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Wedding Rings?

I've not been able to wear my wedding ring or engagement ring since about week 4. I really miss it and I feel so naked. 
Anyone else missing theirs? Have you gotten an alternative ring to wear? Any recommendations? I want something, but I don't want it to look chintzy either. 

Re: Wedding Rings?

  • Some days mine feel a bit tight but still wearing them. I also have silicon bands I wear. Got them on Amazon, Enso is the brand, they have a great selection! 
  • You could get a silicone band or a fake off Amazon.
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  • Mine still fit, but I told my husband he was going to have to get me a fake or something. I really want a birthstone band for this LO to put on my ring finger, I thought about having him buy that a size big and then getting it resized (I'm eyeing a half eternity, so it wouldn't be stones all around).

    I may try silicone again, I bought one to work out and it still bugged me for that, but if it's more for everyday wear, it might be okay. Enso makes some REALLY pretty ones now...
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  • Last time I had to buy a temporary band, I just looked for a cute hammered sterling silver band on Amazon kind of like this:

    I'd also consider those Enso silicone bands though, some of them are really cute. 
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  • @mamanbebe that’s cute! 
    @greeneyedgirl12 I love the idea of a cute little ruby ring! That would be meaningful. 

    Definitly gonna go check out the enso rings now. 
  • My rings were stuck for like a year and had to wait until winter to get them off. I asked dh for a  silicone ring for Christmas. He got it from qalo. I like it. It easily comes off but doesn't fall off. 

  • I love my silicone rings for working out! I also frequently wear them on the weekend so I don't have to worry about my diamond getting dirty.

    I have asked DH to get me a simple, ruby band. I want either eternity or the ones that are flat on the bottom. That'll be more like a push present, though 
  • Beautiful @hakele!!
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