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Congestion relief

i haven’t found much on this topic in the symptoms thread so looking for any tips!

having severe congestion this time around. Anyone else in the same boat? What are you doing for relief?

i have to confess I’ve been using nasal spray such as Afrin, and though research is not that clear, it’s meant to be avoided? 

Just ordered some breathe right strips-anyone have success with those? :) 

thanks in advance for any help! :) 

Re: Congestion relief

  • Vicks Vapor rub & a humidifier saved me when I was congested! 
  • I am having this as well! It’s been consistent for the passed month and is driving me bananas! Any suggestions would be appreciated
  • I have too, along with some really nasty post nasal drip :( My mom said she had that all pregnancy with me and my sister, yay.  I've been trying sleeping with a humidifier, and steamy showers help. Other than that I'm just kind of living with it lol.
  • I've been dealing with this since week 6, and I'm now on week 15. I was trying to get by on a few cough drops, but it got so bad, I started gagging and vomiting. I ended up asking my doctor if there was anything she recommended. She's got me on a benadryl (normal, original kind) routine, and I'm only taking about half of the dosage she recommended so that I can stay property hydrated - it's a half pill 3x a day. It helps a ton! I'm not sure how long I can keep taking it, but it is also one of the three approved options she listed for use when my seasonal allergies start. 
  • I don't have it as a pregnancy symptom, but I had the worst cold (and congestion) of my life for two weeks during this pregnancy. Running a humidifier at night, and sleeping with 18 pillows to prop myself up helped me more than anything. That made a huge difference! Hot water with lemon and honey also provided good temporary relief. I read not to use Vicks, because it tricks your brain into thinking that your nose is clear and needs more mucus. Not sure if it was just a coincidence, but I got better a couple of days after quitting the Vicks.
  • I’m having terrible congestion that moved down into my chest that’s been going on for a week and a half. My OBGYN said Tylenol cold and sinus for the next few days and if I don’t see improvement urgent care to check for infection and the need for an antibiotic if it isn’t viral. I hope you feel better, this not being able to breathe stinks!
  • I’ve been taking mucinex (no DM, and the lowest dose) when I’m stuffed up. My OB gave me the okay. I did the neti-pot and got a sinus infection from it. (My nasal passages suck, I’ve had 2 nose surgeries.) Hope you feel better. 
  • Saline spray and breathe right strips are working ok for me. Not great, but ok. I keep waking up at night and need more saline spray. It's a pain. Hope you get some relief!
  • You're right that Afrin and most nasal sprays are not recommended, but Flonase is okay and available OTC.  I second the recommendations for saline sprays and a humidifier.  
  • @hinotes thanks for letting me know re Flonase! I don’t live in the US but have a friend coming in next month-will have her bring me some! :) 

    thanks everyone for for the tips! It’s gotten better the last week...maybe I had caught a bit of my LO’s sniffles before. I’ve also found that when I stopped using the nasal spray things have improved. I can’t wait for the breathe right strips to come in the mail! 
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    Saline spray and mucinex (non dm), were the  pregnancy safe options I used that actually gave me relief. I have also taken echenacia on and off to help bump up my immune system, which was also okay with my midwife.

  • My sinuses have been crazy since before I even tested.  I have gotten to used to sneezing and boogering all over basically every minute of every day.  I just never leave the house without a tissue. I have been fortunate not to be stuffed up, but have a constant runny nose and sniffles. 
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