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Product Spotlight: Nursing Bras and Clothes

Since there was some discussion about bras the other day, I figured I'd add this one.
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Re: Product Spotlight: Nursing Bras and Clothes

  • Thanks @meggyme! I’m so lost trying to find nursing bras and tanks for large chested ladies! Any recommendations would be appreciated! 
  • For anyone living in the San Diego area, the gift shop at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital is staffed by LC's and offers a great selection of nursing bras and other baby/nursing stuff as well as free weighted feedings and nursing consults. That's how I found my favorite underwire nursing bra:

    I can't vouch for the large chested compatibility of this, but for my 36C heavy nursing boobs it worked great. The cups are a little thin for my liking, but I had to wear nursing pads with it anyway so it didn't matter and it was nice to wear a "real" bra after months of wireless sports bra type nursing bras.
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  • I recommend waiting until after baby is born to buy most of your nursing bras. I bought one beforehand from Target so I could have something, but your size is going to change so much once your milk comes in. For nursing bras, I got all of mine from Motherhood (other than the Target one). I liked the sports bra feel better than anything that was super structured. 

    Regarding tanks, I have a few from the Gap, but they open way too easily so I only wear them to bed. I have a dress from Latched Mama that was good for summer, but most of my clothes are just "nursing friendly"- deep v necks, cardigans, etc.
  • I also leaned toward nursing friendly regular clothes as opposed to actual nursing clothes. I was a big fan of button up shirts with a tank top underneath. I could use the shirt as a bit of a cover for getting latched and didn't feel like I was completely undressed. Those pregnancy belly bands also make for good nursing tummy covers for when it's either too cold or you don't want to lift your shirt up and leave your tummy exposed.

    I mentioned these shirts elsewhere, but I received a couple as gifts and then made a few DIY ones with cheap forever21 camisoles. I liked these better than nursing cami's for when I was actually dressed for the day because I didn't need to undo the cami clip and the bra clip. These cami's stayed attached to the nursing bra pretty well and looked fine with just about any shirt over the top.
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  • I put some of those undercover mama tanks on my registry. So glad to hear good things about them.

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  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing
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    Well, I never had nursing bras with my daughter! I had one unwired one that I bought for those first few days, which I hated. I can not do nonwired bras. I tried on everything I could find locally (which wasn't a lot), even bought a few and ended up returning them a few days later. 

    My issue is that most wired bras have molded cups. Molded cups suck! How are they supposed to fold down and under the boob so the baby can feed?! What I want is thin flexible padding. Just enough to hide the headlights. But that so far has been impossible to find. The nonwired bra I had was the same brand as some of the wired ones I tried. The nonwired had just the right kind of foam, but the wired ones were molded and thick. No! It was so annoying. 

    My regular bras detach at the top of the cup so they can be cross-crossed in the back. So I just ended up using my regular bras. Unfortunately, I have only been able to find them on clearance racks lately, so I'm afraid they're discontinuing them. But of course, they still sell this strap style in nonwired. Grr! Bras make me so frustrated! 

    I would like to have actual nursing bras. Using my regular ones works ok, but the straps completely detach, which means I sometimes have to fish for it behind my back when it falls down behind. I've thought about trying to add a ribbon or strap of bias tape to hold it together, but haven't figured out how yet. 

    So if anyone has recommendations for inexpensive wired nursing bras with thin, soft foam - no push-up and no molded cups - I would love to hear it. 

    I noticed my local target has unpadded wired nursing bras. I think I'm going to try those on and take a nursing pad with me to see if the edges show through. But even if they don't, the issue is that I eventually (with my daughter, after nine months or so) don't need nursing pads except when I'm actively nursing. So then I'd still want nursing bras but be back to the issue of the headlights showing.

    Nursing clothing - I didn't have any with D. I used regular clothing and just pulled it up. Even with v necks, I don't like pulling them aside because it stretches them out. It worked fine, and I always used a nursing cover anyway. 

    This time, I recently happened across three Latched Mama tops at a thrift store. Super cheap and in great condition and all my size, so I snatched them up! Obviously, I haven't used them yet, but in general, they seem great. I'm impressed with the material. A lot of knit/stretch shirts nowadays are super cheap, thin material. These definitely feel high quality and are thick material, and I think I'm going to like them a lot. 
  • Honestly I was too cheap last time to buy much in the way of nursing bras. Like @lovesclimbing I often used soft cup regular bras and just folded the cups aside. I was only working 2 days a week and lived in camisoles at home. Also, I despised underwire while nursing, so I wasn’t feeling compelled to buy a nice underwire nursing bra when all I wanted to do was get it off!
    I mostly just used regular camis, but definitely noticed that pulling them down all the time stretched them out. So this time I’ve already been stocking up on nursing camis (particularly those that are maternity & nursing so I can wear them now!). I have a Target nursing cami from last time that I loved, and a sports bra style nursing bra from Target too. And thus far have 2 nursing camis from Amazon that I’m liking (both are pretty supportive and have removable nursing pads so you can wear them without a bra):
    I got a few more I don’t really like... but they were cheap enough not to bother returning them.
    Don’t have much in the way of true nursing clothes. Just layered things with camis. 

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  • I tried a ton of nursing tanks last time. I don't love any of them except for a pea in the pod one that was on clearance. This pregnancy I'm wearing the gap non-mat ones:
    The plunge ones seem nursing friendly. I'm hoping so, at least. They fit so well and are just crazy comfortable and actually flattering as much as you could expect.
  • I didn’t buy much last time but ended up nursing til my son was 35 months. I’d like to wean earlier this time but I’m pretty ok with extended nursing so I’m not going to feel bad about splurging a little. I’ll probably wait until babe is born for clothes so I can resize but I got this sweatshirt that I’m pretty excited about! 
    I also treated myself to a bra and some tanks from kindred bravely. They got pretty good reviews. The bra is comfy!

  • @flyingmombula I’m buying that sweatshirt now! Looks so comfortable!

     @litzi-2 I love the plunge bras from Gap. I’ve been wearing them this whole pregnancy too.
  • Last pregnancy I cheaped out and regretted it. This time, I bought a couple Bravado nursing bras, hands-free pumping attachments and tanks. They have a really great design where everything clips together and I've been wearing one of the nursing bras for a couple weeks now and it is soooo comfy. 

    They have ones with and without wires, and I am very excited to use the hands-free pumping attachment when it's time!  
  • @flyingmombula I second that - that looks so comfy!  
  • I bought this bra at Target this week and holy cow I love it. I'm a 38dd and got an xl. Its not a true nursing bra but has snaps so you can take straps from standard to crossed. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the back strap handy when it's unsnapped while feeding....
    Check out this item at Target
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