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Post D&C bleeding question

Hi everyone,

so I had a D&C on Tuesday, I was 10 weeks pregnant but baby stopped growing at 8. This is my second D&C unfortunately. My first was 5 years ago before my Son was born.  My issue is that I've had really light bleeding until this afternoon. The bleeding got much heavier with small clots, but not so much that it is worse than a period like the doctor's instructions for when too call them. Of course it's Friday night and they are closed for the weekend too. When y'all had a D&C did heavy bleeding come and go? I don't remember anything more than light bleeding for a few weeks when I had mine last time, but with that one I was only 6 weeks along.

Re: Post D&C bleeding question

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    I’m so sorry for your loss.   I’ve had 3 d & c.  With my first I was 10 weeks and I measured 10 wks.  I bled a lot with that but my doctor said if I filled a pad in an hour to call and it was nothing like that.  I just bled for weeks.  I consistently bled for 2 weeks and then when I did physical the bleeding would increase.  I called the dr and they said it was my body’s way of saying it wasn’t healed and to take it easy.  After I stopped bleeding for the next several weeks when I would work out I would spot.   With my other two, I was 8 and 7 weeks and measured at 5 and 6 weeks.  With those I bled lightly for only a few days.  I was also told with clotting if it was bigger than a quarter I needed to call.  So if clots aren’t that big and you are not filling a pad in an hour I would think it’s normal but call dr when you can to confirm.  If it’s more than that I would get it checked out. 
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